How to Make a Floral Photo Backdrop

Create a beautiful flower backdrop for your next event.

Photos are a huge part of our social scene nowadays.  Although I think the "photo booth" craze is waning, due to the fact that everyone takes selfies on their phones, the option of standing in front of a fun or beautiful backdrop still has appeal and lure.  

Recently we helped host a "Sip and See", basically an party where the family introduces a new baby to their friends.  It was meant to be an elegant brunch, so we wanted a really special backdrop that would not only match the decor but serve as an accent piece in the room.

I knew I wanted to stick with a floral theme in my client's colors of lilac, purple, peach, pink, and white.  Being as we were in the midst of a crazy party spree, I opted for ordering all my supplies from Amazon.

4 Large Paper Flowers - These were gorgeous.  They came completely assembled and packaged with such care as to protect each petal.

2 Small Paper Flowers - although they matched the above flowers perfectly, they were not assembled when they arrived, so we didn't use them.

2 Large Crepe Paper Flower sets in peach (actually light orange, but it looked peachy enough)

2 Mixed set of white and light orange crepe paper flowers (in 3 sizes)

2 Sets each of 4 inch crepe paper flowers in light orange and dark purple

2 Sets of assorted purple, lilac and white crepe paper flowers

1 Set of assorted white and lilac crepe paper flowers in assorted sizes

For our base we used the simple pipe and drape system from our photo backdrops.

We ordered 10 sets of sheer purple curtain to form the background. I was going for a flowy, sheer feeling, but didn't want to see the wall behind the photo op which is why I ordered 10 so we could really scrunch it up.  It actually was very pretty all on its own, without the topper.

Steve, my warehouse manager, created a box out of 4 x 8 cardboard that slipped snugly over the top of the pipe stand.  At first it was a simple box.  However, I wanted the flowers to swoop more, so we cut part of the front away to make a swooping path for the flowers.  Freda then glued 7 foot long ribbons across the backer of the front piece.  Each ribbon was 2 1/2 inches wide, so she ended up using 33 strips - in 3 colors, peach, white, and lilac.  All total she used 26 yards per color.

Freda then began gluing the flowers on the topper with hot glue.  She has a great eye, so she was able to work freehand, however, I would suggest laying them out ahead of time to make sure you have enough flowers, and get the look you want.

To make sure that the topper made it to the location in one piece, Steve made a special box for transporting it.  We were concerned that the ribbons would get messed up, so each one was hand rolled and held in place with a paperclip.  It was a time-consuming task, but it assured us that the piece arrived intact.

Once the piece was done it made not only a lovely backdrop but a great piece of decor as well.  I made sure that the team boxed it up as nicely and Freda and Steve did.  Hopefully it will be a piece that we can use time and again for our future parties.