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I have a dear friend, Ana, who lives in Mexico.  Her birthday is the 4th of July. As my husband, Scott, and I regularly travel there a week or so later, I ask her what I can bring to belatedly celebrate her special day. 

This year the response was immediate.  "Can you make Monkey Bread?"  

09 Jul 2018

Ahhh America.... 

We have become such an impatient nation.  Quite frankly, as much as I praise Amazon, (I admit to being an avid user of Amazon Prime) I curse them.  Nowadays, clients can't seem to grasp that they need to give me time to order supplies.   They can't quite understand that I can't snap my fingers and have hundreds of items overnighted for free.  Case in point, my recent effort trying to procure 1000 flower pots for an upcoming corporate event.  

I'm not really a jewelry type of gal.  I wear my wedding ring, a watch, and this surfer girl necklace that my mom's dear friend made for me 3 years ago.  That's about the extent of my personal bodily embellishments.  However, I am a big fan of how people adorn themselves, especially when the embellishments are created by the wearer themselves.

25 Jun 2018

A few weeks ago, the father of one of our beloved employees passed away.  Even though he had been ill for quite some time, the loss was a hard one.  Our employee was now tasked with organizing multiple public and private events to memorialize his father.  When he asked if we'd be willing to assist by lending a few items, like tables and shade tents, we were happy to be able to help.

Little did I know that with that one small action I would become a part of something incredible.

Years ago, when my husband's nieces were younger, my mother in-law used to give them money trees for Christmas.  They were these adorable little trees decked out with lollipops and cash leaves.