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In past blogs I've mentioned my involvement in a Mission in Mexico that has an incredible children's outreach program.  In 3 short years Pastor Saul Garcia Orozco has done something nearly impossible: out of nothing but hard work, the love of his family and support from a small, dedicated group of neighbors he has created a thriving, caring, productive, and engaging church.  Every Saturday morning, the streets of our village echo with the sound of children

Valentine's Day is just around the corner.  As a kid in school, I used to love the prep that went into this day.  I remember going to Woolworths and pondering over which box of 32 cards I would purchase. Would it be the Fonz with his thumb up saying "ehhh, be my valentine" or Speed Racer wishing you'd "race on over" to be his valentin? I remember sitting at our dining room table laboriously filling each one out, diligently writing each child's name on those mini envelopes, my tongue raw and tasting of gum paste after sealing each one.

I’ve been working with a lot of Millennials lately. I can tell you one thing, at least about the ones with with whom I’ve had contact, they love to craft.

22 Jan 2018

When my husband and I moved to San Francisco in 1992 we lived in this wonderful little neighborhood called Bernal Heights.  We lived at the top of a hill in this funky, most likely illegal, little in-law apartment.  It was the perfect home for my husband Scott and I.  We loved our 'hood and quickly became part of it.  I started babysitting some of the local kids and slowly progressed to becoming a local fixture at the corner bookstore, where I did story times, and at the Branch Library, where I started teaching crafting.