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I love it when I find vendors and artists that that are pursuing their passions and making unbelievably cool things!  Which is why I’ve just got to gush about my newest discovery - cookie caricatures!  These are about the cutest thing you ever did see!  Think personalized animal crackers, and you’ve got the concept.  

There’s nothing prettier than a nicely folded napkin gracing a table.

I’ve always loved fancy napkin folding techniques. I think of it as origami for fabric.  And let’s face it, with less of us sitting down for dinner each night, isn’t it sort of a fun idea to do something fancy when we actually do make the time?

Luckily, Good Housekeeping has come up with 9 astounding napkins that will perk up any family gathering.

04 Sep 2017

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have lunch with a Lemur?   

How about snacks with a Slow Loris?

The other day at summer camp we held our very own Chopped Junior competition. It was a total blast.  We divided the campers into 2 groups and handed them a bag filled with 9 ingredients.  Their task was to make a starter or side dish, an entree, and a dessert all in an hour’s time.  I've done this before for parties and it's always been a huge success.  

Back to School comes earlier and earlier each year!  As summers grow shorter and school looms large, I thought I would take a moment to highlight some of the 2017 projects made specifically for those students looking to spice up and personalize their first days of school.  I have also included a few favorites from years past. 

Here's to a great new school year!