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Normally in my "You Made It, I Love It" blogs I feature one site or craft.  But this week, with Thanksgiving just days away, I thought it might be fun to showcase a whole bunch of super cute treats from various sources.  Being that I'm a bit of a bumbler in the kitchen, I am so appreciative of how creative folks can be when it comes to making food fun.  So without further fanfare, I give you my picks for super cute thanksgiving treats.

I realize it’s almost Thanksgiving...and I really should be focusing on all things that gobble and get gobbled up...but I just couldn’t wait until next October to share my most recent zombie decorations.  

If you have children, you know how quickly trends come and go.  There have been shaped rubber bands, rainbow looms, lokai bracelets, and fidget spinners just to name a few.  What's mind-boggling is how quickly something becomes a trend.  Granted, most come and go pretty quickly, but there are some trends, like

“I used to have a life...then I listened to Hamilton....

I love seeing the newest homemade Halloween costumes!  I've always been a big supporter of the handmade attire that those few adventurous families don each year.  With the internet making it easier and easier to pick up a premade costume, and the catalog of possibilities now out there, it's rare that you see a good costume that's been made with love.  

That's why I love Good Housekeeping's round up of 33 Easy DIY Costumes