Only few things work at all, and nothing works well. Not so bad after all then, despite years of DSLR owner criticism. Lightweight, compact and sturdily built, the α6400 is loaded with impressive capabilities and features. in a different better world genuine cameras would not judged for their prowess as selfie cameras.ever, an articulated screen is used by serious people for other reasons ..cellphones already work great for this so i could care less, yet since you ask if i ever get a hankering to do a sellfie, i would sensibly use my fujis camera remote to frame and fire, and while connected could instantly transfer said selfie to post to instaface or selfbook, to your second point about not having selfies would have relegated photography to a hobby?umm no , for portraiture [ real] for documentary use , for reporting forlegal for creative aesthetic, for art itself,..... photography has had, and will have a genuine use, selfies make cameras more relevant for current trends , but better to have instant connections to ones phone and a clearly accessable library as convenient as ones own cellphone album for social media use ... a mush more important and blatently missing feature in cameras. umm it was dpr in the latest comparison between fuji and sony midsize models where we were reminded of sonyys weaks poorly orginized menu, ok??? As someone who wasted way too much of his youth writing config files by hand for his Unix desktop environment, I feel somewhat qualified in claiming that the last thing we need in a camera is a user-editable config file. Since its release in late 2019, users have been unable to recalibrate or fine-tune their Apple Pro Display XDR. sony 6400 bagged both EISA and tips awards. Noise reduction is particularly effective in the frequently used medium-to-high sensitivity range. How long can it continues shooting video without hit issue or the issue still exists. Learn more about Sony and the Environment, This product is also known as ILCE-6400, ILCE-6400/B AP2, ILCE-6400L, ILCE-6400L/BAP2, ILCE-6400L/SAP2. What’s the best camera for less than $1000? Customized Sony A6400 controls., We're glad you asked. Image-processing algorithms inherited from full-frame cameras have led the way to more lifelike colour reproduction. @FlyinDoc,Rolling shutter reported with those lenses on the A6500. Read our Sony A6400 Shooter's Report; The Competition. and unlike the crippled Fuji X30, it has an indispensable selfie LCD to shoot video... great Sony. Two of the 12 lenses have already been launched; the 24/1.4 and 135/1.8. Most people getting the A6400 will get the Sony 18-135/3.5-5,6 OSS ($500) or the Sony 18-105/4 OSS ($550) as their kit zoom. Again, very different strategies! It is about $150 cheaper but shares the same sensor and autofocus performance including real time tracking and Eye AF for … "We generally keep AF-C enabled, enable face and eye detection in the menus, then select the Tracking: Flexible Spot M focus area. No, it's not really a similar strategy. The sharpness of the results is hard to believe, you can see the tiniest detail of a painting that occupies a minuscule area, akin to a FF. The 12 new lenses could be anything, and this is last year's news.Because Sony has only released 2 new APSC lenses since 2012, why should this suddenly happen now?The new lenses, if any, might be FE lenses and lens converters. Now they are going to return their focus to APS-C. And Sony made the right move. That is certainly not the case with Sony's mirrorless system. Last time I had to create "Huawei crap" folder and move there non-removable apps ("out of sight"). (movie) Audio Recording Audio Rec Level Audio Level Display Wind Noise Reduct. I don't want to start anything that causes arguments. AF vs IBIS. I just realized that the camera has only an SD UHS-I slot and lossy compressed Raws with no option for lossless or uncompressed Raws. I rarely use them for actual selfies, but I do use them very often when filming (especially talking heads / interviews) as the talent prefers seeing themselves while filming. Newly introduced interval shooting, which is continuous shooting with a pause of 1-60 seconds between still shots, can be carried out within the camera. AF, with 425 phase-detection AF points, Real-time Tracking and Real-time Eye AF, to detect and hold onto moving subjects, 24.2-megapixel Exmor CMOS sensor with outstanding light sensitivity, High-resolution 4K movie recording to support serious video production, 180° tiltable LCD touch screen for easier self-portraits and high- and low-angle shots, Professional Products & SolutionsCorporateCareersContact Us, Terms & ConditionsPrivacy policyPrivacy Collection Notice, Fast continuous shooting with AF/AE at up to 11fps, Sophisticated eye recognition and tracking, Prioritise your subject's left eye or right eye, Stunning animal images with Real-time Eye AF for Animals, Persistent tracking for subjects on the move, A new subject-recognition algorithm holds onto moving subjects, Seamless transitions from body to face and eye tracking, Enjoy beautiful, remarkably detailed images, Natural-looking images that match what you see, Take advantage of various movie functions, A high-resolution LCD monitor with handy touch-screen functions, Touch Pad provides smooth focus-area selection, Touch Tracking turns on Real-time Tracking at any time, Customised buttons put frequent operations at your fingertips, My Menu and My Dial features put you in control, Visualised setup screen for customisation. Including the FE 28-70 kit lens, which weighs only 295 gm. Sony A6400 features a Tilting only screen which is mostly only good for shooting from waist or over the head levels. Plus I have many "pro" or "top amateur" lenses in my arsenal. FWIW I don't own either Sony or Fuji. S&Q Motion: Exposure Mode File Format (movie) Record Setting (movie) S&Q Settings Proxy Recording AF drive speed (movie) AF Tracking Sens.