Exposure to a wide scale of design issues ranges from the layout of towns and the restructuring of inner cities to the shaping of streets as settings for public life. For those students who did not receive their Baccalaureates at NUS, a preparatory course is mandatory. Environmental performance and sustainable architecture: A critical review in the context of Singapore public housing. Lilian Chee is History Theory Criticism Cluster Leader at the Department of Architecture, National University of Singapore. Singapore’s National University of Singapore (NUS) is ranked 10 th in the world for architecture this year, achieving a very strong score for the number of citations per paper. Enter your email address to subscribe to the Kent RIdge Common and receive notifications of new posts by email. I have also observed that many young and fresh tutors, who are able to teach modern technological skills, leave the faculty after just teaching for a while. Its become a hub for neighboring countries who send their students to study there to learn about this.”. In Master Classes, trips abroad, and in the studio, students expand on their knowledge about scale, on an individual building level as well as an urban level. Dear Jimbo and J, have you given feedback to Mr Wong Yunn Chii, your Head of the Arch Dept? Nus architecture thesis for business plan word template. CS2010: Data Structures & Algorithms II This module is one of my favourite modules in this semester. Therefore, putting loads of pressure on oneselves. You would probably understand why it is so hard for them to even say “whatever” and go hang out with friends. It is no mistake, then, that outside the studio, dissertation, and Architectural Practice, the curriculum has only two other courses: Renewable Energy and Architecture and Special Topics in Architecture. Perhaps allow me to clarify what this read is trying to bring across. 10th percentile refers to the A Level grade which is higher than 10% of that of other A level students who entered the course. The students are too caught up in day to day living, in hopes of getting that prized internship/job and deluded into thinking that one day they too might land the next big project. In conjunction with SDE’s 50th anniversary celebrations in 2019, the NUS Clementi Bus Stop Student Design Competition was launched, inviting all SDE students to envision a new proposal for the NUS School of Design and Environment Bus Stop along Clementi Road. whats with the negativity of TAS tt everyone seem to have? The Master in Architecture, Design Technology and Sustainability MArch(DTS) approaches sustainability and design from a construction and management perspective. And where is a better place to nurture & experiment that other than in a school? Congratulations to our NUS Architecture students for winning the NUS Clementi Bus Stop Student Design Competition! Watch this space for more updates. The annual City Exhibition showcasing the works of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design students form the NUS School of Architecture is back! But even that is not true!! Those areas include Design Technologies, which explores sustainable urban development in an Asian, tropical context. What is the Entry requirements for NUS Architecture 4 year course? Students who are still in the midst of trying and failing, and have yet to stumble upon success, would become increasingly disadvantaged as they continued in this harsh and rigid results-driven system. I am a recently graduated NUS student currently in practice, and although I may have my gripes about the education I had, I have witnessed the contributions of various individuals – both student and staff, who are sincerely trying to build a community. Furthermore, with tutors coming in on consultation hours, ever checking on their phone and leaving us hanging to pick up a phone call while we are explaining our design, really disheartens me, and trashes the expectations I had in NUS Archi. I suggest you stop playing the role of armchair critic, identify yourself, get your hands dirty and take responsibility for your school and education. The MArch Thesis review is just over. Given the amount of scrutiny and supervision—twice every week, sometimes more ­– one wonders whether any architectural student can even find the creative space for thoughts and exploration. dc.identifier.uri The Architectural Review is the only global architecture magazine for the 21st century. – ever heard of the impossible trinity? Definitely not in line with the image of a decent Architecture School. ... Well done NUS for making this come to life and using it as a study opportunity for students. Her work is situated at the intersections of architectural representation, gender and affect … But there, sustainable architecture is passive. It is true that at times, there is a need to give what our tutor wants. However, what you are experiencing in regard to how the course is carried out is similar to what I am having now in oversea. On the other hand, the NUS architecture course gives an impression of trying to cover too many genres without a specific direction. While these may just be my observations on the ground, I sometimes wonder – if a formal survey is carried out within the School – how many senior Architecture students would echo the same degree of frustration as I have. Innovation & Design Programme (2nd Major) Biomedical Engineering >>>>PS: This is how the faculty and the people in charge have decided to resolve the issues — A Survey form with your usual vague open ended questions with names listed of those who offer opinions. Hello non-nusarchi, im also from SDE but not from Arki. We had a fascinating guided tour covering social history and architecture of the late 19th and early 20th century period in... Read all 116 reviews. Here, students learn that thinking about the issues surrounding the built environment are fundamental to the design process. Nus Education Cs2010 Cg2023 Cg2271 Ee2024 St2334 NUS Second Year | Second Semester in Review. Additionally, the carbon footprint resulting from producing these devices and systems can be significant. The professor who slammed the writer as “cowardly” is Mr. Florian Benjamin Schatez. That’s about 4x what it cost 20 years ago. I am sad to see so many negative comments regarding TAS in the comments section of the article, even sadder to see other people posing as TAS and commenting. Good luck making money then. dont just sit there and whine when you didnt put in any effort, and cheer when you get a free meal. MINUS = minimally – us It hopes to achieve this with a team of international academics and practitioners: 1. Definitely not professional or competent. Thanks MINUS for providing great software workshops to help the weaker students catch up on digital skills. Unfathomably, students seldom, if ever, receive adequate feedback on the other (non-DESIGN) modules’ assignments. With unreasonable deadlines and workloads ( I have to agree with the writer), It does kills whatever energy left to pour into our design processes. i applaud them for their efforts so far and having the initiative of conducting the workshops as mentioned, great job! Then you shoot the locals down and worship the western education. Either one grows a nonchalant resilience to criticism of failures, or he learns to survive the system by “giving what the tutors want”. He is a charismatic figure, I have to say and thus popular with some of the students. The program focuses on four broad areas of investigation beginning with the Asian Context, which “asks what it means to design and build for Asia.” That means that students learn not just about design or environmental modeling programs, they must also understand cultural, social and economic factors as well as the unique regional environmental conditions. Greyish. Fourth, NUS could review and appropriately amend University policy to better address cases of sexual harassment, provide redress for survivors, deter … Professional Development Yale-NUS College is the first liberal arts college in Singapore, offering four-year undergraduate degrees on a campus that integrates learning and living. Be inspired and provoked by incisive critiques and the thinking behind the buildings shaping architectural discourse. Here i mean buy literally; the school fees for the faculty gets raised frequently, while the school doesn’t undergo any change. Please visit our disclaimer page for our terms and conditions. The goal is to understand and promote a sustainable built environment. In all NUS Libraries, we use the Library of Congress classification scheme, and these are some Subject Headings you will use to locate materials relevant to your study: N class: Fine arts. 1,271 reviews. One may suggest that a sense of openness is intrinsic to architecture under the tropical conditions. 4. She shares, “I was struggling with going against norms of getting a degree and a stable job but mostly they were just negative voices that I had trapped inside my mind.” 1. You must be enrolled in the course to see course content. • Portfolio Review and Interview for Discretionary Admission: Continuation requirement for M.Arch final year leading to M (Arch) (DTS specialisation): • Min B- average for AR5803 Architectural & Technology Design 1 and AR5804 Architectural & Technology Design 2 • Min CAP of 2.50 For a long time that was the only form of gathering cum chillout space for Archi students and they had to give that away as well. Data on Bachelor of Science (Architecture and Sustainable Design) graduates will be obtained from a follow-up survey on the graduates after they have completed their practical training. First you criticize the school for adopting western principles in design and not providing us with local contextual design. Location. Schools like SUTD are already embarking on technology-driven architecture education, while NUS Architecture seems to place little emphasis on keeping up with the times. Writers comprise largely of current undergrads with select alumni contributing to the paper. Have you been through other architectural academic systems in other countries? Inconspicuously engraved in the code of conduct, architecture students are implicitly “advised” not to have a life outside design work, and should reside in studio all day long as part of the de rigueur of the curriculum. If you want to voice out, let some tutors know, I am sure you know that who are the tutors arnd who will listen. This new institution, jointly created by Yale University and the National University of Singapore, will enroll up to 1,000 students. Because it’s a tropical climate, you have to do this. As part of efforts to revitalise the site while retaining its rustic character, a group of National University of Singapore (NUS) architecture undergraduates are rebuilding Madam Lai's Ah Ma's Drink Stall. but whats the deal with the TAS – MINUS “rivalry”? Since 1896, The Architectural Review has scoured the globe for architecture that challenges and inspires. By combining lectures with discussion and hands-on workshops, the course prepares the mindset of participants to review the proposed mobile security architecture for businesses. Alas, like many the article resonated with the majority of us. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. He is, if I’m not mistaken currently the year one coordinator of the sch. Architecture is always political – it is first and foremost about people and our interaction with the world around us. An emphasis on critical thinking, learning how to ask the right questions at the outset, complements this holistic approach to design. Preamble/Issue. Give others a chance and you will give yourself a chance, give life a chance and you will feel better =). The full salary and employment data of NUS graduates can be viewed here. After all, you do need to eat. In so doing, the school firmly rejects the idea promoted in western schools that architectural solutions are universal. i just do what they ask and suck a big thumb. Each of those areas highlight the unique conditions that arise from the history, economy, and environment of Asia. I just found out about this article and was reading through the comments. 12 certifications for enterprise architects Enterprise architect is a vital, growing role for aligning IT strategy with business goals. Write us a months supply of power. Is this truly written by a Yr 4 student, or someone else? I have friends in their final year who lament not having learnt anything significant in the course of architectural study. She is a writer, academic, designer, curator and award-winning educator. Course End. If he knows the ground, then … perhaps he is resigned to the status quo. come back as a prof and change this situation. 1. Study at National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore. P.S. but they dont (not within their powers/objective?) Landscape rounds out the last of the research cores. The existing architecture education in NUS has some long-standing deficiencies that I wish to highlight. Sherin Wing is the writer of ArchDaily’s Architecture School Guides. Limit all teaching staff to max 3 contract terms. Posts: 19 NUS architecture. Once in a long while, we hear passionate tutors talk about the need to expand our knowledge beyond architecture. When they come to the same thing a way to record them. Environment, Climate, Envelope. Kenneth Ho, Design Director and Co-Founder of Hopscape Design + Architecture and NUS alumnus, says, “Everything here [in the U.S.] is about sustainability like HVAC or solar panels. Several female students during my time also openly expressed similar sentiments that Tan Teck Kiam openly flirted and showed favouritism to foreign exchange students! For instance, the teaching of prefabrication machinery and computer simulation skills or Building Information Modelling –which are widely used nowadays in the industry – is only restricted to a limited group of students who choose the specific studio in their final year. Journals are the equivalent of magazines with one important difference: it is a scholarly publication with specific aims for a narrow readership. Architecture and Sustainable Design (ASD) at SUTD has been conceived to serve the emerging critical needs of a world in transition and a profession evermore engaged with the evolution of business, technology, and socioeconomic institutions worldwide. If the US president can only stay for 2 terms in office, why should mere mortals in the dept settle for more in their rice bowls till age 65? For the unfamiliar, let’s break this down more clearly: twice every week means Monday and Thursday. Compare 3 Architecture Universities & Colleges in Singapore. Name him on the Net! Well-known architecture schools model their education programmes with a specific direction in mind. For me, I knew things were going downhill when I heard they were actually removing the Student Lounge in the studio and capitalising on the limited space by using it as a studio for an external university. After spending 4 whole years here, I have finally made up my mind to voice out what had been my observations and experiences. And this Tan Teck Kiam is still going around claiming he is the main designer for the SMU. Not only tt, every senior also hates him to the core. I was a thesis student under Tan Teck Kiam. It is not something that would come naturally to many. How many tutors actually spend time to look through our process portfolio, and scrutinize our part models if they have discovered that our final product is not as wonderful as they envision the potential to be? Something about the system has killed quite some passion or curiosity to learn. Now, the irony: For all the emphasis on spaces, ventilation, creativity and aesthetics that NUS Architecture has taught us, NUS Architecture students have had to put up with a badly-ventilated environment for years. NUS: DSBE001x Data Science for ... Syllabus Data Science for Construction, Architecture and Engineering. the thing is if you are like me, someone who is just plain lazy to voice out anything, then why all the sudden hate when theres a new “club”? Full view. Nus Education Cg3207 Cs3244 Eg2401 Ee3204 Cg3002 NUS Third Year | First Semester in Review. NA 1-NA 9428: Architecture. For example, in tropical climates, the use of such technology is both impractical and ineffective. The latter due to the school and nation’s preference for hiring foreign professors and architects in hopes of garnering international recognition and accolades. To stay away from this course by all means. 3. Anyone can share experience and what is the chance if my DS’s A level results (GP)-A, … 13-03-2011, 09:07 PM #2: yys_YYS. What the fuck has this guy done to deserve to teach in the school? Join Date: Jan 2008. What strings did Tan Teck Kiam pull to be there and deserving of the position??? Clearly this program is committed to educating students in the fundamental relationship between technology and sustainability. "A visit to … If you dont like it quit. An Analysis of Existing Architecture Education in Singapore. SINGAPORE - The National University of Singapore (NUS) launched Singapore's first net-zero energy building to be built from scratch on Wednesday (Jan 30) at its School of Design and Environment (SDE). I’m a y1 student and don’t want to be discouraged so early. Finding a balance in school life comes with the price of being labelled the “phantom architecture student”– with all obvious reasons. Environmental performance and sustainable architecture: A critical review in the context of Singapore public housing. NUS architecture HardwareZone Forum Insider on Facebook LinkBack: Thread Tools: 07-02-2011, 12:22 PM #1: ellsworth_boy. Are you just going to ignore the client’s wishes? Different financial aid options including tuition fee loans, subsidies, and work-study are available to international students. i am thinking of studying architecture in NUS... Any reviews? How can 50% of his students fail? No one bothers asking why, cos the students know even if they did it wouldn’t make any difference. As Singaporeans are brought up in an education system which expect perfection for all works, rather than focusing on the important items, Singaporeans tend to focus on getting an overall perfection which usually is impossible given the time we students usually have. It’s directive is to “promote advanced research, training and resource in architectural design, design technologies, and urban and landscape studies and critical studies in history and theories of architecture,” in four different arenas. Sustainability, Integrated Design Sustainability, Architectural Environment etc. One may suggest that a sense of openness is intrinsic to architecture under the tropical conditions. there is a Arki students’ impossible trinity I heard before. Check fees, eligibility, scholarships and accommodation details to study Architecture in Singapore at Shiksha.com. However, deadlines in this country are too important for another less forgivable reason—not meeting deadlines means failures, and failing in this country(or in this Course) is hard to redeem. After Monday’s review, the student has to further rush his/her work within a short span of two days to produce something by Thursday’s review. I left the sch few years ago and am currently practicing overseas, and am saddened that it has come to this state. 19 November. Having been to others schools and near the end of my education, I’m sad to admit that NUS simply doesn’t measure up. The research-based Master of Science in Integrated Sustainable Design or MSc ISD is a full-time, year-long program. 2. Application for the August intake opens on 1 st September and closes on 15 th December.. Visit here for the detailed application process and instructions. If we have a mundane academic life, we have even less of a social life. Let him explain himself to the Head and the Dean and the Vice-chancellor. It is simply far too conceited and resistant to change. History, Theory and Criticism investigates Asian Modernity through cultural identity, post-coloniality, and subjectivity alongside architecture and space-making. Estimated annual tuition is S$16,700. NUS Faculty of Engineering. jiayou bro! P.S. The National University of Singapore (NUS) Department of Architectureis addressing these very issues. they can only choose two out of these three things – academic excellence, sleep, social life. The author of this article is a final year architecture student in NUS who wishes to remain anonymous. Too much are at stake or at times, they are just simply too tired to do anything else. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. After all, having such a rigorous system ensures students are ready for a future career in architecture which demands strict adherence to deadlines. Insular, cold, stuffy, lack of chill-out spaces, even ugly. From the environmental—tropical to conditions such as borderless economies (i.e. Talk to them. Personalize your stream and start following your favorite authors, offices and users. Just like Ericsson ‘s 10,000 hours principle, the more u practice thinking out of the box, the better you get at it and the better you are as a successful creative architect. It is pretty clear from his activities outside the school, he is not interested in the academic side and merely using the school in an opportunistic way. Ecological design is rapidly becoming a staple in architecture school. There is simply not enough time to strike a balance in life in this field of study. My thesis group has 6 students and 3 of us failed the thesis. I’ve been seeing TAS asking for feedbacks, the question is did you participate with useful feedback?. #16 of 382 Sights & Landmarks in Singapore. ... 4 Architecture Drive, Singapore, 117566. The lack of technological skill courses is also a major concern. As a fellow singaporean, I understand the pressure you are going through. That makes me an old fogey! The first NUS programme, to be launched in January 2020 on the edX platform, is a professional certificate programme, “Spatial Computing Thinking”, taught by Associate Professor Patrick Janssen from the Department of Architecture at the NUS School of Design and Environment. Consider the fact that on the day the article debuted, there were professors instead of listening to the writer and the issues brought up began making personal attacks on the writer, calling he/she a “coward/cowardly” simply for choosing to remain anonymous. Among them was Ong Ker Shing from Lekker Architects who cited the Yale-NUS campus landscape as “one of the largest and longest projects” the firm has undertaken to date. Required fields are marked *. Of course, given that architecture students have to stay in school for the bulk of their time, it would seem reasonable that we are provided an ideal environment that is comfortable at least. NUS Baba House: Lovely architecture - See 115 traveler reviews, 48 candid photos, and great deals for Singapore, Singapore, at Tripadvisor. Acronyms like HVAC and PV are now part of the mainstream architecture lexicon. i kinda agree on the point being made that the response from the school for something that has reached Archdaily, (the most read archi website in our community) and garned so much discussion is quite disappointing. As i know its hard to escape from this grind. The multi-year, multi-faceted Sustainability Strategic The rapid urbanisation of the Asian landscape and the equally swift transformation of its cities create an urgent need in the region for design professionals, especially practising architects and planners, to deal with problems of designing within existing urban fabrics and in the periphery of rapidly growing cities. The National University of Singapore (NUS) Department of Architecture is addressing these very issues. This cycle goes on for 13 weeks. Perhaps with competition from SUTD, NUS architecture school will finally lose its glamour of being the sole accredited architectural school in the country, and clean up its act.