Teak, acacia, zizyphus, tendu, dhak and flame of the forest, as well as tamarind, karanj and banyan, are some of the trees in this region. Winter: Winter is in fact a great time when the trip can be planned to the National Park because Best time to visit Gir Forest National Park. The sanctuary lies in the peninsula of Gujarat that is India's south-western part with terrain that has low hills, is rugged and filled with mixed deciduous trees. 3. Tourists can easily through 7 hours journey on either private or public means of transportation can cover on road. The Lion Breeding Programme creates and maintains breeding centres. The plan is earning money for getting new birds … Birds : The exotic flora of Gir National Park gives shelter to more than 200 species of birds and moreover the sanctuary has been declared an important bird area by the Indian Bird Conservation Network. Closed Period: 15th June till mid of October as monsoon hits Gir during four months. However, the one thing that makes Gir really renowned is the fact that Asiatic lions are reserved in it. Literally, it is a sanctuary for the birds! However deciduous and mixed forested belt occupies major portion related to the park that consists of teak trees mainly. [citation needed], The plentiful avifauna population has more than 300 species of birds, most of which are resident. Since 1884, the year, This Park has been the only habitat naturally for the Asiatic lions that are now endangered. Saurastra region of Gujarat situated on extreme west of India. springs are found near temple and it is considered as one attractive location. 3. Gir National Park and Sasan Gir Sanctuary, Gujarat. that booking is done way before, in advance, particularly during winter months. Summary: When Kiisa is sent to boarding school, little does she know the adventure that awaits her. [5], In the 19th century, the rulers of Indian princely states used to invite the British colonists for hunting expeditions. Patna Bird Sanctuary is small but unique, it is a protected area and comprises of a fresh water shallow wetland, which is popularly known as Patna jheel. It is all about enjoying the nature and beauty this place has to offer. Sasan Gir and Ahmedabad are well connected by Road and Rail network. The Gir National Park and wild life sanctuary is located at a) Madhya Pradesh b) Gujarat c) Rajasthan d) Uttar Pradesh. Tulsishyam temple/kankaimatateple:This is considered to be one of the most famous All their hunting activities were done with the help of locals and Maharajas as well as the nawabs that are obliged them. 8. The sanctuary is open from 6 am to 6 pm. A heron wades at a bird sanctuary. Desert cats and rusty-spotted cats occur but are rarely seen. The Gir National Park is located at a distance of 65 Kms from Junagarh and 40 Kms from Veraval railway station. Ensuring the availability of water during peak summer is one of the major tasks of the Forest Department staff. For tourist seeking for airline services can take the flights to Rajkot and Keshod airport from Mumbai Airport. British viceroys brought the drastic decline of the lion population in Gir to the attention of the Nawab of Junagadh, who established the sanctuary. Sasan Gir National Park Area: 1413 Square Kilometres is situated 65 Km south east of Junagarh District of Gujarat. Gir National Park and Sanctuary faces a number of threats to its ecosystem. Bird Sanctuary needs a manager to run this lovely place! Vadodara to Sasan Gir - 313 Kms ... Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary b) Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary c) Ranthambore National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary d) Govind Wildlife Sanctuary. 6. Pune to Sasan Gir - 464 Kms [9], Even though the Gir Forest is well protected, there are instances of Asiatic lions being poached. A bird sanctuary is a place that birds are attracted to. Snakes are found in the bush and forest. The reason believed to be behind this is the Gujarat High Court ruling of 2000 against such a use of animals. Comfortable room very pleasant conscious staff. Natural threats include recurrent drought, cyclones, and forest fires. I certainly wasn’t aware of the issues facing chickens and their feathered relatives (let alone a “bird sanctuary”) until I learned of the Little Red Bird Sanctuary in Temescal Valley, California—a recent 50 States for Good recipient. 3. Minnesota is full of wildlife! Best time to visit: November to January as winters is pleasantly cool. Situated 64kms away from Ahmedabad and near the Sanand Village, Nalsarovar is the largest wetland bird sanctuary in Gujarat.