The R1700BT comes in a very plain retail box. Edifier R1700BT Review Key Features . Best Speaker Picks The Best … It’s only because I regularly listen to very expensive speakers that this stands out. Enter the Edifier R1700BT. So after doing lots of research and speaking with my speaker supplier, I kept being pointed in the direction of Edifier. To be honest, I don’t expect the Edifier R1700BT to even come close to the C3’s performance at all, because the C3 has a separate amplifier and another dedicated 8-inch subwoofer – effectively a 2.1 speaker. The speaker comes with a built-in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and … Both of them sound great for the money but there is so little in it that it’s impossible to justify the increase in price to buy the BT1700. This genre is coastal Colombian ballads with emphasis on guitars and vocal. These speakers feature an angled design where the transducers are aimed at an upward angle compared to the surface they are sitting on. Edifier R1700BT review shows that this speaker is made solidly, but some find that the sharp corners on the volume controls are a bit overwhelming. Inside is equally unremarkable with basic packaging materials and no presentation. Covering headphones, IEM, amps, dacs, cables & DAP's. I bought them all, compared them, and decided to keep the 1700’s. Guitars also sound fantastic with higher than average detail pickup and the decay throughout the midrange was very impressive as most notes seem to just tail off into the distance. To start with, the R1700BT has three knobs at the side to control treble, bass, and volume. The bass is where all fail with these speakers; they don’t provide the very best. The controls and connectors, again, impress immensely. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up. Crystal clear stereo sound performance with very good sound stage, the audio is good enough for TV watching, gaming and also to listen to your favorite music. Another great thing about these bookshelf speakers is that they are Bluetooth compatible. The highs are very reserved and lacking the sparkle you get from true audiophile speakers. The speaker just offers decent sound for a good price. We also like how the rotary controls for treble, bass, and volume ar… the thing that stands out most is the wood side panels in contrast with the speaker mounting plates which are black. In addition to all the above features, these speakers have built-in Digital signal processing or (DPS) and dynamic range control (DRC) to ensure that the sound is clear and free from distortion. Of course, you get the two speakers as well. We were riding to some pretty extreme and isolated areas and when we popped our heads back into Salento for the night we got wind of the impending lockdowns that were being imposed around the world. The Edifier R1700BT is a 2.0 speaker – but a very … The R1700BT speaker is equipped with bluetooth as well as PC and Aux in. Two parts of the sound really stand out. This particular model of the edifier does not have other settings such as optical input and stereo-to mono switch. It makes them look better and additionally, it directs the sound better when you have them on the floor or are standing with them mounted on speaker stands and worktops. To do this, go to Device Settings, then scroll down and select "About Phone. " In terms of I/O you are looking at a dual RCA output as well two AUX inputs that can be connected to any device with 3.5m jack. Some prefer speakers that have grilles one because they look nicer and cleaner, but users can pop them off in order to show the bass port and the drivers port as well. When you take off the grilles you reveal the eagle eye tweeter sitting above the 4-inch bass driver with a forward-facing bass port at the bottom, we find that the speakers look better and way more high-end without them. But for most home theatre and studio applications, it does the trick. The build quality is extremely impressive. The R1700BT comes in 3 different finishes white, black and wood. The control pots are smooth and bear some resistance. Yet I put my own money into the R1700BT, this is in no way sponsored. You can now use Bluetooth for music streaming wirelessly. The Edifier r1700bt which is available on Amazon with real buyer user reviews stands out as the best desktop speaker system over the Logitech Z623 THX 2.1 Speaker System with Subwoofer. The faithful sound production and performance of the R1280T are any audiophiles dream. The R1700BT Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers - Active Near-field Studio Monitors - Powered Speakers 2.0 Setup Wooden Enclosure - 66w RMS is a great speaker with bluetooth, more power and a great price. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon (.com,, .ca etc) and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program. You will have the urge to play each device that works flexibly than the others. So after doing lots of research and speaking with my speaker supplier, I kept being pointed in the direction of Edifier. From there, tap on "Software Information" and locate the "Build Number" entry. Whether it be your computer, TV or gaming console, you can plug it in to get the best experience. You also get a diversity of connections, two aux inputs, and Bluetooth. The speakers use digital signal processing (DSP) and Dynamic range control (DRC) to limit distortion. Immediately we headed for the Medellin and got him on the next flight out. For this price, I simply could not believe how well made these are. This Certified Refurbished product is tested & certified by Edifier to look and work like-new. The wood finish makes them look like they are expensive and can complement a variety of interior décor. Edifier R1700BT Pdf User Manuals. Improvement wise I would like a different remote option and the ability to control volume from my phone, other than that, with the price considered, I can’t see a downside. It doesn’t matter if you are using Bluetooth or echo, you will get to hear all the nuances in every song. The Edifier R1700BT is a solid active bookshelf speaker with Bluetooth capabilities. The vocals are prominent and detailed and the entire midrange sounds airy and open. amzn_assoc_linkid = "bfedfadc540b74cf5f5161e8c6607971"; All around in terms of styling and design, I have been blown away. Unfortunately, the set of speakers doesn't have an optical port. If you need more refined general purpose bookshelf speakers, these are something you should add to your shortlist Check Price on Amazon. amzn_assoc_default_search_phrase = "Home theater"; First, enable developer options. Which is enough for the regular user. A bonus is the LED light that changes from green to blue to let the user know what is the input source; blue is for when it is connected to Bluetooth and green is when you and using a wired connection. Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A1 Bluetooth Speaker Review - Is this the best portable speaker? In 1996 Beijing, China Edifier was created by “a small group of enterprising music lovers”. is a review site for high-end audiophile headphones and earphones. But for me it was not the softer more natural sounding performer that the R1280T is. Edifier R1700BT Review Key Features . The setup is also simple, connect to a power source, and connect the two speakers. Enter the Edifier R1700BT. Its exactly what I wanted and more. I can rave about the build and styling and talk of how it punches well above its price point but its the sound that is truly the star of the show. As a primary speaker on a budget or as a non-primary speaker to have in another room I think they are unbeatable. Edifier R1700BT review shows that this speaker is made solidly, but some find that the sharp corners on the volume controls are a bit overwhelming. They deliver 15 watts RMS each and come with a 0.75-inch silk dome tweeter and a single driver with two-band EQ on it. Pair your smartphone to the chic bookshelf speaker through Bluetooth. the remote control also does not have an option to change the equalizer settings, Another downside is that the button labels can be difficult to see in low light but it is easy enough to remember where the volume up and down buttons are. I love the look of these. Minirig 3 Review - Why this is the Bluetooth Speaker you should buy! Everything works and sounds perfect. Although they have a good level of audio clarity, they lack bass response and require a dedicated subwoofer add-on for more depth. Yes, that’s why they pay me the big bucks. I have bought the Edifier R1700BT Bookshelf Speakers, but I am left a little bit wanting in the deeper bass department. Connect the active right speaker to the passive left speaker with the very thick fat 4-pin proprietary interconnect cable, choose your RCA input cables (or not, and use Bluetooth all the time) and just plug in the speakers to a wall socket. The edifier R1700BT bookshelf speakers are beautiful and come with an added convenience of Bluetooth. The MDF walnut vinyl covering on the sides coupled with matte black that sandwich a composite core is a match made in heaven. Edifier R1700BT is a versatile pair of speakers that are designed to offer you great performance. These bookshelf speakers are considered as one of the most in-demand bookshelf speakers today because of their aptitude and frequency. For instance, the speakers are built with a 10-degree upwards slant, which Edifier claims is to ensure the sound is directly aimed at the listener. Enjoy your classic vinyl's while enjoying the advancements in modern day audio technology. The edifier also put the port at the front which is probably necessary due to the angle. The Edifier r1700bt is a pair of active speakers, meaning that you will not require purchasing a separate amplifier for these beauties. That’s fine it keeps the cost down and makes sure they will survive being shipped to you. I was specifically looking for the best sounding active Bluetooth speaker under $200 and all roads led to … And they sound great too, I'm only selling because I'm getting bigger speakers. I must have been enamored enough to write a review of the Edifier R1700BT. The tone is full of warmth and clarity especially in the trembles; you are subjected to a great balance of girth when it comes to the midrange with excellent layering and separation. uTorrent is one of the popular and most used BitTorrent clients right now. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; The house I’m currently renting has lots of very high-end furniture and these don’t in any way look cheap or out of place (other than the Edifier badge). View online or download Edifier R1700BT User Manual The beautifully presented midrange and clarity. There’s nothing fancy its just a bog-standard cardboard box with some pictures of the speakers on the outside. Bluetooth, bookshelf, portable and more. So I managed to find an open box of the R1850 and 980 and a great price on the BT1700’s. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "headphones29-20"; The BT1700 sound is incredible and distinctly better than the 980. the sound is far clearer, richer, and has a more pleasing bass tone. These are very clear sounding speakers with very little overlap between the different frequencies. This is a decent product and a worth for your money as it provides a loud sound that can fill up a room with quality amplification. The edifier r1700bt is a great product from a company that is well- known and was founded in Beijing China with a group of enterprising music lovers. Are you a fan of listening to music or watching movies from your computer like I am? To get the most they really would benefit from a subwoofer. Once you've found it, tap on "Build Number" seven times in rapid succession, developer options will then be available on the settings menu of the phone. The R1700BT Bluetooth bookshelf speakers allow for clean aesthetics without losing quality or performance. Got a Question? The adjustment range isn’t too high, only going from -6db to +6db. They are made like this to direct the sound directly towards the listener’s ear for a clearer midrange and treble instead of their chest. Edifier Canada - Enjoy great sound with Edifier quality speakers. So after doing lots of research and speaking with my speaker supplier, I kept being pointed in the direction of Edifier. But all in all, being a 2.0 audio system the bass is adequate for most users. Let’s take a look (and a listen). The mid and high are amazingly well balanced and offer an extremely flat response. You only get one finish option with the speakers, but we don’t mind as the contrasting walnut vinyl and black body looks quite smart. Obviously, the pictures do a better job of describing these 8.34-inch high, 8.74-inch deep, 4.8-inch wide speakers tha… best uTorrent settings. ... Edifier - R1700BT 4" Powered Wireless 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers (Pair) - Brown/Black. Having left behind my Dali Lektor and Mangepan speakers and not wanting to splurge on something I didn’t need (speakers, amps, and cables) led me to seek out a budget-friendly set of Active Bluetooth speakers - the Edifier R1700BT. I have been so impressed by these that they definitely deserve a full review. The knobs are made of aluminum and move smoothly when rotated when adjusting. At the start of March, I was on my motorbike happily showing my friend around Colombia where I live. On the right side of the speaker, you find the knobs from top to bottom that control treble, bass and volume controls and a LED light in a countersunk panel. At the back of the right speaker we find the dual RCA inputs and in the left speakers out and power switch while the left speakers just have the single interconnect jack. The experience is excellent, but not perfect with the R1700BT speakers from Edifier. What makes the Edifier R1700BT a user-favorite is the amount of control that it offers. Cyber Monday deals: see all the best offers right now! We’re rather fond of the Edifiers’ design.