Want to access all graphics? In mainland China, there are also various informal races organized by local villages and communities. Dragon Boat Festival in Chinese is 端午节(Duānwǔ jié).It is on the fifth of May of lunar calendar. The Dragon Boat Festival (Duanwu Festival) is a traditional holiday that commemorates the life and death of the famous Chinese scholar Qu Yuan (340-278 B.C.). One of China's major traditional festivals, the Dragon Boat Festival has been celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese lunar calendar for millennia. This year (2020) the festival falls on June 25th. We specialise in serving quality, authentic Cantonese and Peking cuisine. About Dragon Boat. As noted above, the Dragon Boat Festival is also called the Double Fifth Festival because it falls on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month. If you want to try zòngzi at most times of the year, you will likely be hard-pressed to find any. Qi Baishi used this simple composition and festival elements to express the thoughts and feelings close to daily life, also encourages the expression of imagination and creativity, contributing to a vivid sense of cultural identity. Reviews. No download limit . Divorced from most of its cultural associations with the traditional folk holiday, this sport has recently gained popularity with people around the world, including in the United States. Unable to find him and worried that fish would eat his body, they threw balls of sticky rice into the river in hopes that the fish would choose the rice over Qu Yuan. To express his distaste for the war plan, the King e… This minister’s name was Qu Yuan.At first the people of Chu and other Chinese states supported Qu Yuan, but as time passed, the King of Chu disapproved. New graphics added daily . This 1953 ingenious painting from Qi Baishi's later days displays a succulent feast of cherries, strawberries, realgar wine and Zongzi, to celebrate the Festival. The Dragon Boat Festival (Duanwu Festival) is a traditional holiday that commemorates the life and death of the famous Chinese scholar Qu Yuan (340-278 B.C.). Learn more. The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional holiday originated in China during the Warring States Period (476 - 221 BC). Chinese Festivals – The Dragon Boat Festival On the 5th day of the 5th month of the lunar calendar, Chinese people celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival 端午节 (Duānwǔ jié). Qu Yuan’s suicide is only one of the explanations that have been advanced, however. Near the summer solstice, communities across China gather to race boats, many adorned with painted carvings of dragons. China’s Lantern Festival: What it is and how it’s celebrated. $19 /mo Buy Unlimited. Booking for weddings, parties and private functions available. In addition to the drummer, there is also a steerer who sits in the back of the boat and helps to steer it using a long steering oar. Common fillings for sweet zòngzi include sweet red bean paste or jujube (Chinese dates). Dragon boat racing is the most important activity during the Dragon Boat Festival. In the Chinese culture, this is one of three important holidays to celebrate. Dragon Boat Festival is one of the four major cultural holidays in Chinese culture. Thanks to attempts by the Chinese government to promote traditional Chinese culture, the Dragon Boat Festival reemerged as an official public holiday in 2008. For any commercial project . Chinese Dragon Boat Festival falls on the 5th day of the 5th month on the Chinese lunar calendar. There are many legends about this traditional festival and the most popular one is “屈原 (Qū Yuán)QuYuan,” who was a Chinese scholar and minister to the King of State of Chu during the Warring States period.He was famous for his loyalty to the state. The story of Qu Yuan’s suicide is often used to explain the dragon boat racing tradition. Beijing ICP prepared NO.16065310-3, Dragon Boat Festival in Chinese paintings. Although the Dragon Boat Festival has a long history, it has not always found favor with the Chinese authorities. Chinese people call the Dragon Boat Festival – Duān Wǔ Jié 端午節|端午节. People living in small communities where local races are held usually know most or all of the members of the dragon boat teams. “Summer is here!” “It is going to get hot.” That is what I heard from my grandmother, my parents, and the neighbors years ago when the Dragon Boat Festival was approaching. Great question! Official races organized by organizations like the International Dragon Boat Federation are held in many parts of the world. Master chefs from Hong Kong and China create time-honoured Cantonese and Peking cuisine. The painting features the wine bottle and cups. The English name - "Dragon Boat Festival" comes from its alternative Chinese name 龙舟节 … This traditional holiday, also called the Double Fifth festival, is celebrated on the 5th day of the 5th month of the Chinese lunar calendar (called 农历 or nónglì in Chinese). Dragon boat racing has a history of over 2,000 years and some scholars believe the practice most likely began as a way to worship the Dragon God. Traditionally, the animals referred to as wǔdú included centipedes, poisonous snakes, scorpions, lizards and toads. Even before the modern era, dragon boat racing was popular among ethnic Chinese people living throughout Asia. The Dragon Boat Festival falls every year on the 5th day of the 5th month of the lunar calendar, which is a different day every year. This traditional holiday, also called the Double Fifth festival, is celebrated on the 5th day of the 5th month of the Chinese lunar calendar (called 农历 or nónglì in Chinese). Many Chinese families make their own, and pre-made versions also suddenly become available at most corner convenience stores. The festival falls on the 5th day of the fifth month on lunar Chinese calendar. To safeguard themselves during this time, ancient people practiced rituals such as poking pictures of the five poisonous animals with pins, which was believed to render their real-life counterparts harmless. It remains the same even today. Delivery services start at 5:00 pm. Chinese & English Meals: MENU HOME FRONT PAGE PAGE 2 PAGE 3 PAGE 4 PAGE 5 PAGE 6 HOME Dragon Boat 606 Mumbles Rd, Mumbles SWANSEA. Traditionally, the fifth lunar month was considered to be an unlucky time. /Photo courtesy of Sohu.com, Copyright © 2018 CGTN. dragon boat definition: 1. a boat used for racing, designed and decorated in a traditional Chinese way to look like a…. The ancient people knew May as a disastrous month, during which hundreds of poisonous creatures like snakes, centipedes, scorpions, lizards, and toads were active. Despite the various ups and downs it has faced over the years, anyone who has the chance to experience the fun and infectious excitement of the Dragon Boat Festival in China will quickly understand why its popularity has endured for many millennia. During the Festival, people would hang up calamus and Chinese mugwort over their gates to “exorcise evil spirits.” In fact, these aromatic plants were used to ward off rising number of insects as the weather becomes warm. /Photo courtesy of China Daily, The loquats and flowers, Tang Yun. Dragon Boat Racing in Chinese Festival Graphic. The Poems of Qu Yuan. The State of Chu was not doing well politically, and news of its various defeats at the hands of competing states sent Qu Yuan into a deep depression. Dragon boats are long and thin. This year, the Dragon Boat … This is because zòngzi are thought to resemble the rice dumplings thrown into the water by villagers to stop the fish from eating his body after his suicide. Qu Yuan spent his exile in a productive manner, writing many works of poetry, but his mind was troubled. During the 1960’s, when China was embroiled in the Cultural Revolution, campaigns against traditional culture and customs caused the popularity of traditional festivals, including the Dragon Boat Festival, to decrease dramatically. Its current iteration is an amalgamation of multiple different festivals and traditions. According to the old stories, there was a Minister of the state of Chu who supported the decision to wage war against the oppressive state of Qin. Unlimited access to 929223 graphics . The use of dragon boats for racing and dragons are believed by scholars, sinologists, and anthropologists to have originated in southern central China more than 2500 years ago, in Dongting Lake and along the banks of the Chang Jiang (now called the Yangtze) … A golden three-headed dragon also appears in the comic book series God Is Dead. Add to cart. 端午节 / 端午節 (Duānwǔ Jié / Dragon Boat Festival) is a traditional Chinese holiday that commemorates the life and death of the famous scholar 屈原 (Qūyuán). Another possible explanation for the origins of the festival is linked to superstitions surrounding the date on which it falls. Time for Dragon Boat Race Duānwǔ Jié (端午节,Dragon Boat Festival) has long been a traditional holiday associated with many customs and superstitions in China.This year’s holiday falls on June 7 to June 9. The dragon boat festival is a fun, boisterous holiday. Races have even been held in big cities such as New York and Chicago. All these practices represent a common theme of expelling negative forces and maintaining good health. After being slandered by another official, however, he was sent into exile. Many believe that the Dragon Boat Festival originated in ancient China based on the suicide of the poet and statesman of the Chu kingdom, Qu Yuan in 278 BCE.The festival commemorates the life and death of the famous Chinese scholar Qu Yuan, who was a loyal minister of the King of Chu in the third century BCE. It is summer time when the Dragon Boat Festival comes. The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese holiday that has been around in various forms for thousands of years. It is believed that the Dragon Boat Festival day is when the herbal medicines effect the best. Dragon Boat, St. Ives (CB), Cambridgeshire. One such tradition that has survived to this day and is still incorporated into modern Dragon Boat Festival celebrations is the custom of hanging mugwort and calamus branches on one’s door to ward off evil spirits. The distance covered by racers can vary from 100 to 2,000 meters (328 to 6,562 feet). The festival falls on the 5th day of the fifth month on lunar Chinese calendar. Without question, one of the most enthusiastic presentations of Chinese culture is this activity known as dragon boat racing. Qu Yuan’s wisdom and intellectual ways antagonized other court officials, thus they accused him of false charges of conspiracy and was exiled by the king. While many know this Chinese festival for its exciting dragon boat races, it actually came about to honor a poet named Qu Yuan (屈原 … Today, however, most dragon boats are made of modern materials such as fiberglass. Eventually, his dispair in the face of the political situation drove him to commit suicide by drowning himself in Hunan Province’s Miluo River. cartoon flat illustration vector isolated in white background. Dragon Boat Festival falls on June 7 in 2019. Two prevailing stories are often cited to explain the origin of this age-old holiday. Since ancient times, many artists, including Zhang Daqian and Qi Baishi, have been inspired by the Festival to express their feelings. Manda is a large Chinese dragon that appears in the Godzilla storyline. In these settings, instead of watching from the bank, villagers sometimes row their family boats out into the river so that they can get a closer look at the dragon boats during the race. Read on to find out more about how Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated. The use of the lunar calendar to set the festival’s date means that it is celebrated at a different time every year. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Chinese traditional Dictionary. Chinese take away at st.ives ,huntingdon What is the history of the Dragon Boat Festival? Boiling the herbs, especially calamus and wormwood, with water, people would take an herbs water bath to prevent diseases. The Dragon Boat Festival (端午节 or Duānwǔjié in pīnyīn) is an official public holiday in Mainland China. The boat size varies by region. During a race, the drummer leads the paddlers by beating rhythmically on a drum. How do people celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival? As shared above, legend has it that people eat zòngzi on the Dragon Boat Festival as a way to remember the poet Qu Yuan. The dumplings themselves are wrapped in bamboo leaves, tied with a string, and either steamed or boiled. We only use farm fresh vegetables and fresh vegetable oil. The Dragon Boat Festival (端午节 or Duānwǔjié in pīnyīn) is an official public holiday in Mainland China. At the time, it was common for Chinese literati to work in government, and Qu Yuan was no different. /Photo courtesy of China Daily, The auspicious Duanwu, Qi Baishi, 1943. A Chinese Water-Dragon is used as the main antagonist in Season 3 of the Australian television series Mako Mermaids. Minimum order is £15.00. Let’s take a look at the Dragon Boat Festival celebration. Add to favorites dragon boat racing in chinese festival icon set. The following four paintings represent the festival’s folk customs and elements. Food Delivery from Dragon Boat Chinese Restaurant, best Asian, Chinese, Sushi Delivery in Aurora, CO The season of loquat fruit is around the festival. The Dragon is heavily based on Chinese mythology to … The legend says that in 278 BC a famous Chinese poet and minister Qu Yuan drowned himself in the river protesting against the occupation of his country by the State of Qin. That is the reason that it is also called the Double Fifth Festival. Another Dragon Boat Festival tradition is bathing in herbs water. Let’s start with what NOT to say: “Happy Dragon Boat Festival,” or, “端午节快乐 (duānwǔjié kuàilè)” Confused? In line with this explanation, racing dragon boats mimics the actions of the villagers who rowed out into the river to try to save their beloved poet. It usually falls sometime around June. To deal with them, they found Acorus Calamus, mugwort leaves, pomegranate flowers, garlic and Chinese Ixora flower known as "the five auspicious signs in Duanwu.". Welcome to the Menu Website of Dragon Boat, Mumbles. Over the years, dragon boat racing has developed into a sport with a variety of rules and regulations. However, in the weeks leading up to the Dragon Boat Festival, zòngzi suddenly become available everywhere. Similar to the use of outrigger canoes or Polynesian va'a, dragon boat racing has a rich background of ancient ceremonial, ritualistic and religious traditions, and thus, the modern competitive aspect is but one small part of this complex dragon boat culture. Legend has it that when they realized he was attempting to drown himself, the citizenry rushed in boats to the middle of the river in an attempt to save him or at least retrieve his body. Some people thought drinking realgar wine (a kind of alcoholic drink known as xionghuang wine in China) can protect themselves from illness. Generally it is about 20–35 meters in length and needs 30–60 people to paddle it. 604 likes. Red dragon is a symbol of China which appears in many Mahjong games. Many of these informal races are held in communities where people have a close relationship with nearby bodies of water and most families own their own boats. There is also a drummer who sits at the bow of the boat facing the paddlers. Originally more celebrated in the South of China than in the North, 端午节 became an official Chinese holiday in 2008 (the Chinese therefore now get three days off for this holiday – which they need to make up for on the weekends prior and after the holiday). Because of the close relationships between audience members and participants, the atmosphere during these local races can be particularly exuberant. During the Dragon Boat Festival, ancient people gathered medicinal herbs, drank wine and suspended the artemisia and acorus calamus. The most common length for a race, however, is 500 meters (1,640 feet). Dragon boat Chinese Restaurant offers an exciting Cantonese-style atmosphere and excellent food. It’s a day to commemorate the life and death in 278 BCE of the famous Chinese poet … Eating bamboo-wrapped rice dumplings is also popular at this time of year. According to this explanation, the custom is thought to have originated in southern China’s Guangdong Province along the Pearl River Delta. Savory zòngzi might be stuffed with salted egg yolks, pork or mushrooms. During this holiday people commemorate the life and the death of the famous Chinese poet … Zòngzi are a type of pyramid-shaped dumpling made of glutinous rice and stuffed with various sweet or savory fillings. The dragon boat festival ( 端午节 duānwǔ jié) falls on the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar. Generally, the holiday falls anywhere from the end of May to the end of June according to the Gregorian calendar (阳历, yánglì). Dragon Boat Festival, also called Duanwu Festival, is one of the four grandest traditional festivals in China, falling on 5th day of the 5th month in Chinese lunar calendar. This early painting by Zhang Daqian in 1923 shows mugwort, garlic, and pomegranate flowers, which can repel five poisonous creatures. In addition to the threat posed by the reemergence of poisonous animals, it was also believed that people were more prone to falling ill around this time. Meal Delivery Information . Although the size of the boats and their crews can vary, in most cases, the crew consists of 20 paddlers who sit side-by-side in pairs facing the bow. The wooden boats are shaped and decorated in the form of a Chinese dragon. Read on to discover the origins of the Dragon Boat Festival and learn more about the customs associated with this traditional celebration. The Dragon Boat Festival originated from the events of China’s Warring States Period. In most parts of China, the weather is quite good at this time of year, and people congregate outside on the banks of rivers and lakes to enjoy the fine weather while watching traditional dragon boat races. Dragon Boat Festival 端午节 The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese festival that occurs on the 5th day of the 5th month of the traditional Chinese calendar. To learn more about the holiday, I watched a few 端午节 / 端午節 YouTube videos in Mandarin Chinese and English. In recent years, however, Dragon Boat Festival has regained its traditional place as an important holiday in Mainland China. Write a review $ 4.99. Five auspicious signs in Duanwu, Zhang Daqian, 1923. This Friday is the Dragon Boat Festival (端午节 – duān wǔ jié), a traditional holiday that’s celebrated on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month. The Dragon Boat Festival is the first Chinese festival to be included in the list of the world's intangible cultural heritage by the UNESCO. This piece painted by Tang Yun, a prestigious modern artist, signals the coming of the Dragon Boat Festival. Dragon Boat Festival (Longzhou Jie in Chinese pinyin), also known as Duanwu Festival, is one of the most important traditional festivals in China. Teams of twenty athletes gather in colorful, forty-foot long boats with dragon masks decorating the ends, and then proceed to paddle as quickly … These days, the most well-known aspect of the Dragon Boat Festival is the tradition of racing dragon boats (赛龙舟, sàilóngzhōu). During races, the boats are fitted out with a colorful dragon head and tail. People in certain regions of China believed that during this month, the dreaded five poisonous animals (五毒, wǔdú), started to come out of their winter hiding places. The other three are Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival and Qingming Festival. /Photo courtesy of China Daily, Duanwu’s delicacy, Qi Baishi, 1953. 475 to 221 BC). You can now browse our website to see our wide range of authentic and traditional Chinese dishes that are available. Often, they are related to many of the crew members by birth or marriage. Our chefs are well known for their excellent Chinese cuisine, when it comes to food we are experts in choosing the colour, aroma, flavour and taste. They would also soak glutinous rice, wash reed leaves and wrap up zongzi. Among the famous paintings from ancient China, there are many others themed the Dragon Boat Festival. He served faithfully as a government official in the State of Chu for some time. Almost every Chinese holiday has a specific food or foods associated with it, and Dragon Boat Festival is no different. DRAGON BOAT Chinese Restaurant And Takeaway is located in New Bradwell, and are proud to serve the surrounding areas. A painting of a tranquil courtyard with Zongzi and wine cups sitting under the shadow of mugworts, a natural repellent of mosquitoes, was painted by renowned Chinese artist Qi Baishi in 1943 to reflect the idyllic life of the Dragon Boat Festival. In modern times, the most popular story explaining the origins of the Dragon Boat Festival concerns the death of Qu Yuan (屈原, Qū Yuán), a poet of the Warring States period (approx. The Dragon Boat Festival, otherwise known as the Duanwu or Tuen Ng Festival, is a traditional Chinese holiday whose origins date back to the Warring States era (475 - 221 BC). dragon boat translate: 龍舟. It was made as a national holiday in 2008. On this holiday, the food of choice is zòngzi (粽子). People celebrate this holiday by racing dragon boats and eating traditional foods. Over the years, various traditions emerged to help ensure that people were protected from illness and bad luck during the dreaded Double Fifth. During his time in exile, Qu Yuan had become quite popular with the local people. A semi-final of men's 100-meter dragon boat race was held in east China's Fujian Province on Monday. What is Singles’ Day and how is it celebrated? Originally, dragon boats were made of teak. To learn more about the history and traditions, my kids and I have been reading Dragon Boat Festival books in Chinese and English! People were in mourning and searched for his body sailing their boats down the river. A Brief Guide to the Chinese New Year (春节 Chūnjié), A Brief Guide to the Seven Major Chinese Holidays, An Introduction to China’s National Day Holiday, Participating in or Attending Dragon Boat Races, Chinese poet and government official during Warring States period. What is Chinese Valentine’s Day and how is it celebrated? Dragon Boat Festival 端午节 / 端午節 (Duānwǔ Jié) is an important Chinese holiday that occurs near the summer solstice in June.