Available for order. String gauges .045 .065 .085 .105 .125. Squier is Fender’s entry-level guitar … They combine winding techniques developed for DR’s long-lasting HI-BEAM™ bass strings and DR’s rich, full-sustaining RARE™ phosphor bronze acoustic guitar strings. ... DR Strings Bass Strings Black Beauties Extra Life Medium Gauge Black Coated. VIOLIN; VIOLA; CELLO; BASS; ACCESSORIES. Black Beauties™ bass guitar strings with K3™ Technology The K3 coating is the first coating that players report, "sound as good or better than uncoated strings." DR Sunbeam Nickel Plated Steel Electric Bass Strings Short Scale Set - 4-String 45-105 Medium SNMR-45. DR’s Hi Beam strings are fifteen sets of stainless steel, round wound on a round core and are their most popular bass guitar sets. Subscribe Now. Mar 14, 2017 #4. Thomastik-Infeld Jazz Flat Wound Bass Strings - 4-String 32" Short Scale .043-.106 .043-.106 4-string Nickel-wound Flatwound Electric Bass String Set $83.95. FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon . Our selection of DR single bass strings includes their Hi-Beam and Sunbeams series, which are stainless steel or nickel plated wound on round cores; and their Lo-Rider, stainless steel wound on hexagonal cores. DBFS40100S. Our D'Addario bass strings include their coated nickel wound, half round, phosphor bronze and double ball varieties. $38.95. They don’t eat your frets, are durable and have an unusually long life. Great consistency and superior string-to-string balance are hallmarks of all DR strings, but LO-RIDER™ strings provides more depth of tone and are a bit stiffer than HI-BEAMS™. DR ARTIST VIDEOS # DR STRINGS. With a stainless-steel wrap wire on a hexagonal core, they deliver a combination of high end, depth and a bit of stiffness that makes harmonics very accurate. SILVER STARS™ - SILVER PLATED & Clear Coated Bass Guitar Strings. This extra effort makes Hi-Beams a bass string that is highly flexible and musically but not harshly bright. JOIN OUR … DR’s Hi Beam strings are fifteen sets of stainless steel, round wound on a round core and are their most popular bass guitar sets. SILVER STARS™ Bass Strings are made with a silver-plated nickel-plated steel wrap wire with DR’s proprietary K3™ clear coating wound on round core. Handmade in USA with all American Material, Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | © 2017 DR Handmade Strings. ! While the 34″ scale is now considered the standard, it wasn’t always so. Available for order. ... Sunbeams are the next generation of nickel-plated bass strings as they are wound on round cores. Hi-Beam bass strings require much more time, care and extra steps to make than other bass strings. DR Strings Flatwound Legend 5-String Bass Medium. Included in this series are 4, 5, and 6-string sets and long, extra-long and short scale sets. 6 String Guitars; 7 String Guitars; 8 String Guitars; 9 String Guitars; 10 String Guitars; 12 String Guitars; Left Handed Guitars; Multi-Scale (Fan Fret) Guitars; Hollow and Semi Hollow Guitars; Baritone Guitars; Beginner Packages; Bass Guitars. DBFS40120S. Short Scale: 33 3/4" ... # DR STRINGS. Hi-Beams require much more time, care and extra steps to make than other bass strings. Electronics Rotosound RS66S Swing Bass 66 Stainless Steel Short-Scale Bass Guitar Strings (40 50 75 90) 3.8 out of 5 stars 51. Since 1989, DR has been committed to crafting hand made, superb-quality instrument strings. These medium gauge bass guitar strings are unique in that they are handmade which produced a crisp tone and superior volume and clarity. HI-BEAMS are the string to choose for brightness, punch and ease of playing. Product Price $40.95. BOOTZILLAS™ Bass Strings, the signature strings of the legendary Bootsy Collins, use a unique stainless-steel wrap wire clear coated with DR’s proprietary K3™ coating that extends life by protecting against damaging substances like perspiration, dirt, humidity and hand acids. Dec 1, 2016 #17. Wherever you are on your artistic journey, there’s a groundbreaking string ready to clear a path towards elevating your performance. Videos for related products. 800-782-1901. Or $3/month § for 36 months i. The -S on the end of the model name means short scale. What we call “long-scale” basses have become more or less the standard scale length for basses, thanks to Leo Fender and the Precision Bass he introduced in 1951. Our Ernie Ball bass guitar strings come in 4-string, 5-string, and 6-string models, including standard, 5/8 scale, and long scale configurations to match any bass guitar rig you might have.