And it has its own fully mobile app called BizMobile, so you don’t need to be tied to your laptop or eReader. The cool thing here is that these ones are all free. Tags: Usually, when you visit an online course on your mobile, the experience is not that great. A magazine with fourteen years of experience and thousands of articles, including plenty about instructional tech and design, Learning Solutions is totally online and totally free. The smart way to make learning engaging, fun, and inspiring is to create interactive employee training content that can be easily consumed and actively utilized by employees, hence boosting their productivity. With this, you can not only capture the screen but also your computer’s audio. iSpring Suite is an authoring toolkit that can be used for developing eLearning courses in PowerPoint. Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development Desai Rd, Off Muranga Rd, Nairobi, Kenya. In Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) programs this means a shift from face-to-face laboratory instruction to self-directed learning with e-learning tools. Let’s jump right in. To do amazing work, teachers need the best tools. Articulate Rapid eLearning Free Blog Tons of templates to be had here, some even gamified and mobile-friendly. They’re all attractive and manage to avoid the cheesy design uncanny valley most free lists seem to fall into. Finding the right instructional design software that caters to your needs can be difficult. The topic should be appropriate for the age of the students and the environment in which the curriculum will be taught. Absolutely. it has its own fully mobile app called BizMobile, so you don’t need to be tied to your laptop or eReader. We are always looking for bloggers who are in line with our interests. There is a vast number of design options available on Adobe Captivate that can cater to non-tech savvy users to advanced instructional designers. YouTube has channels and playlists you can use for professional development, and you can also use it to create your own content and share it with your learners without stressing over content compatibility. You’ve got content to develop, lessons to research, standards to implement. Check out our Privacy Policy. A library of  thousands of pre-designed courses. Researching, writing, and sharing instructional design resources has never been easier. has a nice blog post on how to make your own effectively. has created this Curriculum Design Toolkit to support the implementation of the civics requirement designed to prepare ALL Illinois students for college, career, and civic life. With this instructional design software, record the whole screen or just a part of it, record mouse movements and keystrokes, annotate, and more. Key Highlight:  When writing curriculum, it helps to remember that it's not about writing the … The main focus of such gamification is to accelerate retention of training knowledge. This instructional design tool comes with a screen template library, graphics library, and more. PowerPoint is so 2003. I promise that’s not a typo. Templates and design programs are the first things you need. Key Highlight:  Available instantly. If you want to. The cool thing here is that these ones are all free. Our 5 District Administration Readers’ Choice Top 100 Products over the past 6 years, repeat eSchool News Readers’ Choice Awards, and other “gold stars” inspire our team. Comment below. Pre-populated with fully editable and coherently sequenced early years and primary content, Curriculum Maestro supports the process of curriculum design, that begins with the articulation and creation of curriculum intent to the daily detail of individual teacher timetabling and lesson planning… YouTube has channels and, you can use for professional development, and you can also use it to. Your curriculum should have clear topic and purpose. Chances are that the course wasn’t designed to be fully responsive and mobile friendly. This online Toolkit will help you design a quality local curriculum for your ākonga. Another TechSmith tool on the list, Snagit is used for creating quick, spontaneous videos to setup instructions as eLearning lessons. • The curriculum-in-use is the actual curriculum that is … Key Highlight: And, like, I guess you could also follow us @CapterraLMS. Focus on the Students. Our experienced learning designers provide a systematic approach to mapping content to learning objectives, including how to develop a course outline and build the course. The convenient part is that it’s a free standalone program rather than a minor piece of a larger software system. Different philosophies of education - personal empowerment; cultural transmission; preparation for work or preparation for citizenship – place different emphasis on aspects of curriculum design. They’re rich with, This excellent podcast originally wrapped up in 2012, but as of 2016 it’s back with an insightful bang. ), trends and methods blog, chock full of additional resources. This link is less its own free template and more like a ton of articles offering pages full of templates. l. Curriculum Design. Our curriculum design tool integrates with our standards bank and gradebook which adds meaning and efficiency to your curriculum design. Software that integrates Curriculum Design and Professional Learning. Bit cheesy? Key Highlight: AHRQ offers several curriculum tools that health care professionals can use to make care safer and improve their communication and teamwork skills. It’s a pretty popular way to engage with Instagram from an educational standpoint already; just check out the #infographic tag. Key Highlight: BranchTrack enables you to create scenarios for your course. Some are even award winning. 2003. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Instagram is already fully mobile, familiar, and is an excellent support for microlearning and infographics. It also integrates well and records the usage of any 3rd party software applications. The interactive walkthroughs are easy to create. CourseTune is a highly visual, learner-centered instructional design tool for curriculum mapping. Curriculum Maestrois a comprehensive curriculum design, delivery and management system. The value here is less in professional development and more in you having a wealth of sources relating to your specific course at your fingertips. A Twitter account focused on curriculum design infographics. Preview. Usually, when you visit an online course on your mobile, the experience is not that great.