Having the total area of over 9.9 million square kilometers, Canada comes the second as the biggest country in the world by land mass. India's is the seventh largest country in the world. The countries’ forests contain some known species of amphibians, birds, mammals and reptiles according to the figures of the World Conservation Monitoring Centre. Canada has a total area of more than 9,984,670 km² and makes up about half of the area of North America. km (10 Biggest Cities in the World by Land Area) Beijing is one of the largest cities in the world by square miles. This is a list of countries by total area. Covering an expanse of over 6.6 million square miles, Russia is the world’s largest country by landmass, beating out runner-up Canada by around 2.8 million square miles. This area accounts for the 56.10% of the total area of the country, … It is urbanized, but has retained much of its ancient grandeur, taking its place among the biggest city in the world by land area. Key economic and social indicators ... it isn't the world's largest urban region by area. Beijing, China, 16,807.8 sq. Area: 17 098 246 km 2 (6,601,670 mi 2) The largest country in the world, by far, is Russia. Canada-9,984,670 km². Country Outlook . The 9th edition of the National Geographic Atlas of the World, published in 2011, estimated the urban area population of the world's largest cities, those with a population above 10 million people, which they termed "megacities. miles) (2,175,600 sq. It is a known fact that Islam religion is the vast spread of religion all over the world. So big in size is the Russian Federation that it borders a total of 14 countries, spanning from Europe down to entire northern Asia and across 9 different times zones. The total area is the sum of all land and Inland water bodies (lakes, reservoirs, rivers). Question: Which is the largest country in the world by area? Sudan has the 13th most forested area in the world with 687,420 square kilometers is covered with forest that constitutes about 29.4% of the total land area of the country. "The population estimates for the world's largest cities below are based on population estimates from 2007. Two other geographic giants share the longest international border in the world… Get the list of the top 10 largest countries in the world by area. Brazilian Amazon Forest is famous for its larger size and diversity of its wildlife. Population statistics for all the world countries, and major cities, including administrative divisions of each country. At last we have reached the biggest country of the world. Without any iota of doubts, the Russian Federation is the world’s largest country by land area. This lead to the emergence of a greater number of Muslim countries in the world. The largest lake (by area) that is located entirely in one country. Mexico City is one of the most populated cities in the world, and the country itself is also quite large with more than 3000 km long border to the USA, and a total area of 1 964 375 km 2.. Mexico is especially famous for its vibrant Mexican food culture and the national celebration known as Day of the Dead and its numerous ancient historic sites, such as Chichen Itza and Palenque. All Countries of the World by Area, with map and hints as you go along First country begins with R! The total area of the Brazilian forest is about the 4776980-kilometer square, making it the second largest in the world. They are world’s 32nd most populated country having world’s largest Spanish speaking population residing there. Eight of the world's ten biggest cities by land area in the United States. Despite its name, it’s not very green considering that it’s covered in snow and ice most of the year. As Chrissib said, New York is the largest urbanized area in the world with 12,000 km² where about 20 million people live in. Currently Russia is world’s biggest country by its area size, moreover it is considered the strongest and powerful nuclear country in the world.The Following map it clearly showing that Russia is the Largest Country in the world by its area size. Well, the Earth's total land area is 57,510,000 square miles or 148,940,000 square kilometers. The size of metro area, urban area, municipality? The biggest country in the world area wise is Russia and it covers a total area of 6,592,800 square miles (17,075,400 square kilometers)! World Population Reports and Trends: WORLD POPULATION PROSPECTS - 2019 The figure up on the list there is an inflated one that includes not only the coastal waters, but also sea waters (that the CIA factbook uses, but no other country does). Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world. World Country List Alphabetical list of world countries, including population figures, Internet users, land size and other useful data. Source: The World Factbook and the U.S. Census Bureau, International Database. Largest in power? Choose the largest country (in area) for each letter. I didn't understand what this thread is about. In Brazil, Altamira, Pará state, with 105,030 inhabitants it's the largest municipality in the country with 159,696 km². The second-largest country in the world is Russia's neighbor, but it's just two-thirds as big. Please subscribe to our channel. The country spans across all of northern Asia and parts of Europe. 1. Russia stretches across Europe and Asia, spanning nine time zones and covering about an eighth of the inhabited land area on Earth. Source: Gettyimages It sees frequent crackdowns by the police as prostitution here is illegal. Most of this big country … Greenland is the largest island in the world with an area of (840,004 sq. This video is unavailable. They are known to possess varied geographical and climatic conditions. So, Kazakhstan is the largest Muslim country by area coverage in the world. While its total sum of land plus water territories makes it number two, the country has more water area than Russia. They occupy huge areas and stretch across the continents. km). 2,780,400 square kilometre is the total area of landmass they have. Not only is it the second largest country, but it also has the longest coastline in the world and the border it shares with the United States is the longest international border in the world. It’s an arctic island, which is part of the Kingdom of Denmark, which technically makes Denmark one of the biggest countries in the world if you include the size of Greenland.. The first post is confusing. USA land + inland lakes area is: 9,526,468 sq km. Source: CIA World Fact book. 2. It is located in the Middle East. This ranks it as the second most expensive home in the world after Buckingham Palace. NOTE: Country rankings aren't definitive; instead they provide an approximate comparison. The Earth's surface is covered with water by 71 % and remaining 29% is land mass that consisting of continents and islands. Risky Map Clicking: Biggest States A-Z 2,307; US States 2,052; Countries of the World 1,847; Find the US States 1,748; First Letter Europe Blitz 1,339; Flag Map Minefield: Europe 1,129; First Letter North America Blitz 1,074; Countries of Europe 890 The statistic shows the 30 largest countries in the world by area. At 17,125,200 square kilometers Russia is the largest country in the world by area, and the ninth most populous country, with over 144 million people (2017). Mexico. Largest in area? Watch Queue Queue Data is taken from the United Nations Statistics Division. About 77% of the population live in the western, European part of the country. Greenland covers more than 836,000 square miles. Largest in economy? What percent is the land area of Russia when compared to the Earth's area? Australia Flag. Top 100 largest countries by area The Earth's surface is divided into many countries, and some of them are real giants like Russia, Canada, USA, China, Brazil, and Australia. When you guess a country, at the end of its name you will be shown the inital letter of the following one; dots after the initial mean the country's name is made up of more than 1 word top 10 biggest country in the world #top10biggestcountryintheworld #BiggestCountries #Top10 Learn the geography of the top 10 largest countries in the world … The home of business tycoon Mukesh Ambani and his family, Antilia is estimated to be around 2 billion USD in value. The world’s ten biggest countries by size are ranked based on the information sourced from the CIA World Factbook. 14. Russia has a population of 144 million people (2013), which makes it the ninth most populous country in the world. Largest in population? It has historic monuments and beautiful beaches. In other words the China land + inland lakes area is: 9,596,961 sq km (excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan). Russia is the largest country by far, with a total area of about 17 million square kilometers. Brazil is both the 5th most populous and 5th biggest country by land area at 209 million and 8.5 million sq. Sometimes the most obvious choice is not the correct one ;-) Average score for this quiz is 16 / 25.Difficulty: Average.Played 12,840 times. Russia is the largest country in the world by a wide margin, covering 6,601,668 square miles. As … Country data vary enormously depending on the sources, and there is an absence of reliable data on some countries.. However, this country is … The word ‘large’ is very broad that can be interpreted in many ways. Let’s just go down the list. km The single country of Russia takes up 11.7% of the entire land area of the Earth 3 of the top 5 biggest countries by land area are in the Americas 6 – Australia (Total Land Area in SQ Miles: 2,969,907) Wiki Info: Australia has the world’s 13th-largest economy and ninth highest per capita income.With the second-highest human development index globally, the country ranks highly in quality of life, health, education, economic freedom, and civil liberties and political rights. Located in the Wolgok-dong area at Gireum Station, this is the largest red light district in South Korea. Greenland. With a land area of more than 8.5 million square kilometers, Brazil is the fifth biggest country in the globe. Antilia is the largest house in the world by area. Be careful! 6: ... Aral Sea, formerly the fourth largest lake in the world, with an area of 68,000 km 2 (26,300 sq mi) Lake Chad, formerly the eleventh largest lake in the world, with an area of 26,000 km 2 (10,000 sq mi)