Sophie Maletsky is a renowned entertainer who’s always had a knack for working with kids.  Growing up, Sophie had an awesome childhood surrounded by the most incredible family of artists and educators who were inspirational influences of her life, teaching her about creativity, imagination, and thinking outside the box. 

At the age of 6 in her family’s puppet theater, Sophie became hooked making kids laugh.  Later, she worked with kids in local church’s clown ministry.  There she learned how to face paint, make costumes, play the guitar, sing, tell a really good story, and put on funny little skits.

In high school Sophie dove into theatre, and learned how to hang lights, paint a backdrop, and dress a set with props.  She pursued an acting career through college, worked Off Broadway in New York, and had roles in television and film. But it really wasn’t until her husband was offered a job in San Francisco that her true calling became evident.

Sophie was working as a nanny (since acting jobs were pretty scarce) and helped plan her little charge’s birthday party. Not entirely sure what she was doing, she gleaned what she could from books (thank you Penny Whistle Party Planner!) and created the party with the help of her little buddies. The kids told Sophie what they wanted, and together they made it come true. She turned garages into castles, back yards into train stations, and living rooms into ocean beds.  It was a blast!

Shortly thereafter the Sophie’s Stress Free Soiree business was born.   

Being a “jack of all trades, master of none” served Sophie well to bring kids and parents together and let them have fun.

According to Sophie, “My goal in life is really pretty simple: help adults and kids connect through creative art and play. I have a strong belief that the answers to all our problems as a nation and world, start with our children and the relationships we form with them. I believe that it all begins with the family, whether that family is conventional or not. Build a strong family, and from there you get a strong neighborhoods, strong communities, strong towns, state, countries and then a stronger world.  I believe we need to start small, but effect large. I believe in hugs, laughter, and working together, and I believe that it all starts with our children.”

Sophie is the prolific star of Sophie’s World, both on YouTube and on the web, a highly rated instructor on and the author of Sticky Fingers, DIY Duct Tape Projects. Sticky Fingers is a vibrant, easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to creating amazing projects with the hottest crafting material on the market today! The book includes tons of photographs alongside directions and a steady stream of ideas for personalizing and embellishing duct tape creations. Each project includes icons showing difficulty level and project time, complete with helpful hints, such as how to keep your scissors clean and even what to do with end pieces!