What inspires you to want to work with Sophie on Sophie’s World?

I loving working with Sophie because, as you can tell from the videos, her positive energy is amazing and totally contagious. I love being around her and the rest of the Sophie’s World crew. I also love to make things.  Helping people learn how to play a new game or make a new craft is super fun.

Sophie and Hanna in Mexico|

I was lucky enough to be on vacation at the same time as Sophie!  And yes, we played games there as well.

On a perfect day in Sophie’s World I get to ….

Do three things:

1.     Hang out with Sophie, Scott, Freda, and Umi and catch up about life in general because we don’t see each other enough!

2.     Learn a new skill

3.     Have fun (which I always do!)

Hanna and Umi|

One of my favorite Sophie’s World projects is ….

The duct tape locker organizer. Two reasons: It was the first time I worked with duct tape on camera (major milestone, I think yes!!!!) and more importantly, it is super useful. I used one that Freda made for two years! I put everything in it.  All my friends wanted them and so I made one for each of them! They are a great way to keep organized and manage your stuff!

Hanna and locker|

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

I would just like to start by saying I am a woman of mysteries. There are many things you don't know about me (insert evil laugh).  I love music! My taste is a very weird mix of show tunes, happy and upbeat music, alternative, and folk. I play ukulele and guitar. My goal in life is to be one of the following: a) A kick-butt lawyer who yells "YOU'RE OUT OF ORDER!" b) Chef de Cuisine at my restaurant GEORGE R. (George is my brother and he said he wouldn't eat at my restaurant unless it was named after him)  c) An actor for the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival (nerd alert!!) d) ukuleleist for my band HSM (Hanna/Spencer/Mia a.ka. High School Musical). I love lists!!!!! One last thing you should know about is that I think I am funny. I AM NOT.

Hanna funny|

An example of my "humor"

If you could make one craft what would that be?

As some of you probably know, I look to cook and bake. If i could do anything with cake or cupcake decorating that would be awesome! I'm also really into interior design.  I love having handmade accessories in my room. Having things that you or your friends made gives your room a super cool, homespun feel that I love! I have this amazing birdhouse that all my best friends made for me (Sophie helped too!) on the night of my Bat Mitzvah. It's hanging from the chandelier in my room. It makes me smile every time I see it because it just so accurately describes my personality: mismatched, funny, weird, and sparkly. I want to make more crafts like that birdhouse that make people happy.

I just realized I went totally of track there, sorry!

Hanna cooking|

I love cooking with my mentor Gabi.