We just did a really fun little spy party the other day at a client’s home, and something came up which I think is important to point out for anyone throwing a party in their home. That issue is the “no man’s lands” of the party, meaning areas where you don’t want guests entering.

Some folks get worried about the notion of closing off areas, thinking it might be considered rude, but I actually encourage it. Unless the only bathroom in your house is located in the master bedroom, then there really is no reason for anyone to go in there.

My solution? Making little signs that fit the theme. These signs seem less forceful, and actually add an element of creativity and fun.

For the party in question, I printed up little signs with one of those "radiation logos" on the top and had it say: “Restricted Area - Security Level MD (Mom & Dad) necessary to enter!" We simply placed that on all the doors leading to areas we wanted untouched. It was a relief to the birthday boy, as he was concerned that kids would get into his room and play with his toys. Instead, it gave us a solid parameter in which to hold the party, and the guests were completely fine with that and followed the rules beautifully (some even asked how they could attain MD status).

Here are some themed "no entry" signs to try!

Our Jungle Keep Out Sign|sophie-world.com

For a "jungle" party, try roping off areas with imitation vines, or make little signs that say things like:
“It’s a jungle in here, please do not enter!”
“No wild animals beyond this point!”
“Wildlife sanctuary, please do not enter"

Keep oout signs for a construction themed party|sophie-world.com

For a "construction" party (or spy, SCI, policeman, fireman, or the like) use caution tape to close off areas.

Signage could say:
“This room is under construction, please do not enter!”
“Foreman’s quarters only!”
“Crime scene - do not contaminate by entering!”

A curtain theme for a dance party|sophie=world.com

For a beauty, fashion, spa, movie, theatre, or other glamorous party, you could use feather boas and signs that say:
“No pampering beyond this point”
“Changing rooms are located on the lower level”
“Backstage - no entry”
“VIPs (Very Important Parents) only!”

Themed sign from a race car party|sophie-world.com

For a race car theme, you could cross a pair of checkered flags on the door to make an “X” and have little signs that say:
“No Pit Stops”
“No Parking”

A pirate themed keep out|sophie-world.com

Pirate parties are pretty easy; put a big skull and crossbones on the door and have a sign that says:
“Captain’s Quarters”
“All ye who enter shall walk the plank!”
“Enter not, or the crocodile will get ya!”

Remember, it’s your home, and so you set the rules. Just be clear about what those rules are and stick to them. You can’t have your child racing off with his two best friends to his room -- it’s no guests, or all guests...

If worst comes to worst, just put a little sign up that says:
“The hosts have just one simple request -
This room be off limits to party guests!”

That gets the point across -- and it rhymes!