Here’s a very sweet idea for seating cards. Collect photos that represent the event -- meaning if it’s a 50th birthday party, find photos of the honoree at various stages of his/her life, if it’s an anniversary, find photos of the couple at various stages of their lives together, if it’s a family gathering, find fun photos of the various family members.

With computers being as fabulous as they are, you can just download the images and drop them into a little template, print them on cardstock, cut them out, fold them, and place them. We do ours double-sided, so folks sitting across from one another can see the images as well. It’s a great conversation starter and a pretty simple touch that can really personalize an event. If you don’t feel like you have the capability to create the cards on the computer, then just take the photos to a place like Kinko’s and have them shrink them down and print them on full sheet lable sticker sheets. You can then cut out the photo stickers and place them on standard table cards.

For larger events, each table can be represented by a certain photo, or “time frame.” If it’s a 50th wedding anniversary, and you’ve got 10 tables, make each table a period of five years. The centerpiece could reflect the time frame; the years might be 1945-1950, and the photos would then reflect photos taken from those years.

Everyone loves looking at photos, the older the better. Admit it, don’t you love seeing Grandpa Joe in those coke bottle glasses with the skinny tie, or Aunt Jean in her bouffant hairdo and prom dress, Uncle Tussy standing next to the tractor (yes, we really did have an Uncle Tussy!)?

Technology has made personalizing items so incredibly simple that it’s worth giving it a try at your next event. And listen, if you’re not tech savvy, don’t despair, have your nine-year-old do it for you.