Kiss Under the Sea Party Planning

I’ve worked for this family for years, and they are obsessed with music, to the point where they have a full recording studio in their home.

Oh, and did I mention the repurposed step aerobics platform that now functioned as a stage?

Under the sea decor was not a problem; I’ve been doing ocean themed parties for years. I also have a miniature stage and portable curtain setup. All I needed were some KISS elements. This was easily handled with one online search: a KISS band cut out was on its way to my warehouse quicker than you could say “Detroit Rock City!” To add to the fabulousness of it all, my budding band promoters made their very own posters, which we hung everywhere.

We covering the guests’ bodies in rock and shark inspired tattoos and applied KISS-style face paints. I found really great diagrams of the difference KISS face paints on Wikipedia.

Both the mom and I felt like the guitar was quite a substantial goodie, and so I just made simple blue cellophane bags filled with gummy sharks, Swedish fish, and chocolate sea shells, and called it an “edible aquarium.”