Every once in a while I have a beloved client move away.  It’s bittersweet, because I know that there are great adventures awaiting them all.  But I also know that I, and all their friends, will miss them dearly.  Which is why, when one of my families informed me that they needed to plan a Going Away for Good party, I wanted to come up with something special.  Something that would help ease the separation anxiety in some small way.

So, we came up with a Keep in Touch Kit goodie bag.  The concept is actually very simple. Provide your guests a simple way to write a short note some time in the future.  There isn’t much to it.  The most difficult thing is calculating how much postage you will need to send a postcard to the family's new home - which in our case was to be in London, England.  If your friends are moving within the US, I suggest using a Forever stamp just to be safe.  

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Britian or Bust - Goodie Bags

For the kit, I bought as many different San Francisco postcards as I could find.  I created address labels with the families new address and affixed that, along with the correct amount of postage, to each postcard.  The postcard was then slipped into a bag with a pen (no excuses for not being able to write!) and sealed with a header that said: “Britain or Bust”.

As guests left the party, we asked them to be sure to send the postcard, but not necessarily right away.  We thought it would be fun if the postcards arrived over an extended period of time.  We suggested that they could wait and send their card at a time they felt appropriate: a birthday, a holiday, or the start of school, for example.  

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Americans are relocating to England ... God Save the Queen!

I did get reports from my client that the postcards did indeed make their way to London.  A good number of them were there when the family arrived, which was nice, as the kids were already missing their friends.  Others had a way of arriving just when they were needed to perk up a slow or lonely day.  The client and I keep in touch through e-mails. Of course, everyone is settling in nicely and enjoying their new home.  But there’s still something special about receiving a handwritten note from a friend that no e-mail or text will ever replace.