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Here's how to throw a fabulous Lego themed party.
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Decor Description

I’ve based my Lego-inspired party on the original blocks, which come in bright, primary colors. Taking that as your cue, use lots of reds, blues, yellows, and greens to decorate your party area. It can be as simple as using paper goods in solid mix-and-match hues, or adding balloons and streamers in those same colors. There are amazing things to be found on Etsy as well, from wrappers that make your water bottles look like little Lego heads, to edible candy bricks, decorated banners, invitations, and goodie bag tags.

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Food Description

Mini pizzas with strategically-placed pepperoni!

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Cake Description

This is a simple one! There's nothing easier to make than a rectangular cake! All you need to do is bake a few extra cupcakes, cut off the tops, and use the "stems" as the "studs" on a Lego brick!

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Treasure Hunt/Pinata Description

Once your guests have had their fill of Lego activities, it’s time for the piñata. I like to make my own although I do suggest that you score your piñata ahead of time (cut tiny slit marks around the base cardboard box) to make it easier to whack open.

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Goodies Description

Send your kids home with a little sack of Legos or a small kit from Lego: that way they can continue the great fun for as long as they like!

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