A "Frozen" Themed Party Planning

Everyone loves that Olaf the snowman, so find imagery that you like and modify one of the cute catch phrases from the movie.  I have used:

Some Parties are Worth Melting For, followed by the party specifics.

This is the time to pull out those dusty boxes of christmas ornaments!  Anything with a snowy village motif is usable; snowmen, snowflakes or anything with a crystal/ice look.  Make your own snowfall, with paper, glitter and glue and enlist the kid's help. Before you know it, your walls and windows will be looking like a blizzard.

If you have any princess decor (castle pieces, banners, etc.) throw those into the mix as well.

One of the decor elements that I added to one of my larger parties, was to take twinkle lights and string them in front of a mirrored wall.  I then hung a curtain of very thin, shimmery, white fabric in front.  The effect was pretty spectacular...but be warned, it took hours to achieve.


How to Make Beaded Snowflakes

Capture their beauty of snowflakes all season long with our Beaded Snowflakes!

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A bag of powdered donuts with a little tag that says,  Edible Snowman!  Warm hugs not included. Those come from you!

Photo snow globes

Warm Mittens filled with treats.


Ever wonder what a dessert table made by a former rocket scientist would look like? Like this. Cake table created by our friend Bethann and her company Studio Cake, absolutely incredible work!