Not to be flip, but my favorite party is always the one I have yet to create. The best part of my business is the challenge of coming up with new decor, games, and crafts that fit into a child’s unique party theme!

With that in mind, some of my most successful and fulfilling parties have come from beloved books. Books are filled with descriptive images, characters, and events that I can use as jumping-off points for different party elements. Book-themed parties are always a joy because I not only get to enjoy reading the book (how can I complain when my “homework” is one of my favorite pastimes?), but I then get to turn it into a party! Movies can instill this sort of joy as well, especially the visual and musical elements that they bring to the table.


Little Hands at a Party|

Some of my other favorite parties are those that have come directly from the imaginations of children. Kids come up with such amazing and creative themes, all on their own! There was a “natural disaster” party that was to die for -- it was so fun and unique! There was a very sweet “big sister” party, a “crazy day” birthday party that was, of course, crazy, and the awesome “anything is possible party” -- we did things like nail Jell-O to the wall and peel oranges with our feet!


Sophie at a party|

In the end, every party has something special about it, so in a way they’re all my favorites. I count myself as one of the luckiest people in the world to do what I do! But of course, despite everything I’ve said, if I’m running an event and I hear a huge belly laugh or the words “This is the best party ever!”... Well, that makes that event score high on the list for my favorite party!