Thanks to Katy Perry’s “Candyland”-inspired video, we’ve received a fair number of requests for sugar-laden dance parties of late. “Candyland” is one of those really fun themes that lends itself to amazing, oversized decor. There’s just something about giant wrapped candies that makes me smile!
Candyland party decor|
One of our parties

OUr staff in costume at the candyland party|
Our assistant Gabby, all dressed up!

The best part is that making giant candies is really, really easy, and actually not that expensive. Here are several simple ways to make giant candies. You will need some basic supplies, which you should be able to find at your local crafting store.  

All of the above candies can be secured to the walls with earthquake or poster mounting putty or you can use monofilament or thin string to tie a loop around the base of one end of the candy wrapper’s base and simply hang.

Have fun with your super-sweet decorations!