Download your favorite BFG image from the web, print it up on a small card that can be placed in a mason jar and sealed with a piece of fabric and string.  On one side of the jar place a little label that says “(child’s name)’s birthday dream”.  If you prefer paper invites you can always write on a background image of a bottle:

 It’s the witching hour,

when all are asleep.

And dreams of adventure,

replace counting sheep.

We’re planning a party.

That’s such fun you see.

As (name) turns (age),

With Roald Dahl’s BFG.

Come to (name’s) BFG party.

Location, date, beginning and end time, any additional information


Any sort of British themed décor will work:  Union Jack,  Big Ben, Tower of London, cut outs of the Queen.  The BFG is a giant, so anything big that can make one feel small: oversized paper flowers or clusters of big paper lanterns, maybe an oversized happy birthday banner. The BFG collects bottles of dreams. If you’ve got them, a shelf full of assorted bottles with little labels would be adorable.  The BFG uses a horn and suitcase. Those could be cute on the entry or food table.



Relaying a message isn't always as easy as it seems! In the game of telephone, a simplest of phrases can turn into something wild and crazy. This classic game can be played in almost any setting.

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Mummy Wrap Game

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How to Make a Simple Dreamcatcher

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A Copy of the book

Tickets to the movie with popcorn and treat

For a slumber party, have everyone get nightees

Real dreamcatchers

Glow in the dark stars

Jelly beans – as human beans - use funny terms from the book to make a fun label for the jellybeans -

Warning - contains human beans for giant consumption.  Each box may contain some of the following:

Esquimo – when you want and ice-cream lolly

Chili – when you want to cool off and are tired of Esquimos

Hottentots – when you want something to warm you up

Japanese – for a light snack

Yankee-Doodles – if you are much hungrier


English School Children – for a nice inky book taste