Available on Prime Video Sculptor Franco Serpieri (Lazenby) welcomes Roberta (Nicoletta Elmi, 'Deep Red') - his young daughter from a failed marriage - to Venice, unaware that a disturbed child-killer is stalking the city's canals. I Saw Anne Frank Die. SEE HER DIE by Melinda Leigh is the second book in the Bree Taggert romantic suspense/police procedural series and the second book that I have read by this author. Later, in Venice, the young daughter of Franco (George Lazenby), a popular sculptor, is stalked by a woman in a black veil.Finally, after several near-chances, the girl is grabbed, only to be found later floating in a canal. Who Saw Her Die? “Do you see dad?” (My dad had died when I was 10.) pin. "I Saw Her Die" (56:55) is an interview with director Lado who reveals that he was to assistant direct LAST TANGO IN PARIS for Bertolucci only for the shoot to be pushed back a few months when Marlon Brando landed a role as THE GODFATHER; whereupon he was asked to direct WHO SAW HER DIE? I have a dim memory of Anne Frank speaking of her father. Who Saw Her Die? I Saw Her Die is a new video interview with director Aldo Lado that runs fifty-seven-minutes in length. Hosted by Retro Film Series. Her response was quite different this time. The children died anyway. Get Directions. A couple of trained nurses were among the inmates, and they reported to me. The Carolina Theatre of Durham. Do you see your dad?” She shook her head to indicate “No.” “Do you see your mom,” she shook her head. Horror 1971 1 hr 34 min. Interested. Her … directed by Aldo Lado for $9.99. Who Saw Her Die? The painful truth: A wife gets answers from a nurse who saw her husband die. Wednesday, January 29, 2020 at 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM EST. “Do you see any of our dead relatives in the room? (US/CA) [Blu-ray] 17th September 2019 The Prey (US/CA) [Blu-ray] 17th September 2019 The Hills Have Eyes 2 (US/CA) [Blu-ray] 17th September 2019 Cruising (US/ CA) [Blu-ray] 20th August 2019 Alice, Sweet Alice (US/CA) [Blu-ray] 6th August 2019 The Grand Duel (US) [Blu-ray] 7th May 2019 Trapped Alive (US) [Blu-ray] 4th June 2019 HORROR The life of a Venice sculptor (former James Bond George Lazenby of ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE) is torn apart when his visiting young daughter (Nicoletta Elmi of DEEP RED and TWITCH OF THE DEATH NERVE) is found murdered. Invite. ... As the Nazis closed in, we sent one daughter abroad with relatives and the other into hiding with my sister and her children in The Hague. clock. Hide Map. 309 W Morgan St, Durham, North Carolina 27701. In the morning, it was part of my job to tell the soldiers how many had died the night before. Performance Art Theatre (919) 560-3030. efan@carolinatheatre.org. ... the nurse who treated her husband at Sinai-Grace on the day he died. Then they would throw the bodies on the fire. ‎Watch trailers, read customer and critic reviews, and buy Who Saw Her Die? When the story begins a young girl who has wandered away from her nanny at a French ski resort is abducted, killed, and buried in the snow. This is largely a police procedural / crime thriller with the hint of a romance to come. She began nodding her head to indicate “Yes.” Photo: iStock In the evening, we tried to help the sickest. Show Map.