Fisheye 16mm, Shift Tilt 35mm, 50mm 1.2, various zoom lenses and more. I used to be a die-hard Canon guy that bought all the best glass that just so happened to be really heavy. Lenses for Travel Photography and Destination Video. Manfrotto Compact Tripod. Compact camera’s. The Canon 80d is a very good product. ☑️ Just a note, this video and description Camera Bodies. All of the camera gear and equipment in this blog post are items that I have in my backpack as I travel around the world as a professional travel blogger. Lumix 10-25 F1.7 (The Lens that Does it All). Get instant access to all the tools you need to travel more. Another invaluable item that has been part of my standard travel kit is a travel safe. Canon 6D – After doing travel photography and street photography in over 25 countries, the Canon 6D is the best camera … 5050 Travelog is a travel, photography, and camera review blog. I found this much useful information on your blog. Shooting on Location. We use this equipment to create quality content and showcase the globe. You can learn more about us here. We use Skyscanner to compare prices and book flights. Phillip Reeve Blog. Welcome to the ultimate resource on budget travel – Filled to bursting with tips, tricks, and hacks for exploring this magical world on just $10 a day! I handle the majority of the photography and David handles the majority of the video filming, creation, and production. Camera Tripods and Sticks . A rolling duffel as my main bag, a backpack for mountain trekking or wilderness trips, and a carry-on camera backpack. Travel photography is not just about being in the right place at the time. It doesn’t take a lot of gear to make a great travel video. In my opinion, it is the best camera for travel blogging. It holds EVERYTHING. Excellent tips for travel photography. I usually buy my camera gear from Amazon as it is cheaper than the stores but also has a high level of reliability. What software do you use to edit your videos? You don’t need a ton of accessories just a memory card with a lightweight tripod and you’re done. Best Intermediate-Advanced Camera Gear For Travel Photography: One year after travel blogging I felt that I had learned all the ins and outs of my first camera and lenses and I wanted a new challenge. ... About Blog Shop Camera Gear Travel Essentials Work With Me FAQ. So this is an up-to-date list of what I carry during my travels. After a long while shooting with a crop sensor Canon digital SLR (the 400D, an amazing bit of kit for it’s time), I figured it was time for an upgrade, and I went down the full frame sensor route with the Canon 6D. My main camera is a Sony A7R3 (price on B&H – view on Amazon) My second camera for video (price on Amazon – price on B&H) Action Camera: GoPro Hero 7 (but get the 8) (price on B&H – price on Amazon) Lenses. I used the small sized, 5L PacSafe for several years while backpacking around the world. Travel Photography Blog Always Wanderlust | Travel, Photography, and Adventure Gear We aim to inspire, inform, and offer adventure gear advice so you can focus on the thrill of adventure and the discovery of new cultures wherever you roam. Lighting. I use it for all of my photographs and cinematic video. These items are the ones we prefer to use based on our styles, needs and wants when in the field. We use the same types of filters for a video that we do for photography but since the lens sizes are different, I will list them out for you. Thanks for your website, it is really great My full travel camera gear list for 2020: Camera. Other bags I use for travel photography and find incredibly useful, depending on the job and destination, include: Over the years I have tried so, so many camera gear bags. For more advice on choosing filters, be sure to check out these articles too: For advice on choosing the best camera accessories, be sure to read the following articles: Now that you’ve seen inside my photography gear bag, we’re going to take a look into David’s camera gear bag. Camera Disclosure: In accordance with FTC guidelines, we disclose that we may be compensated if consumers choose to utilize links located throughout the content on this site. This one is big enough for a passport, camera and wallet. What’s In My Camera Bag | Essential Travel Photography Gear. Flying with camera gear doesn’t have to be hard. The challenge here was to fit all of these upgrades into a 25L backpack from Herschel Supply . by Andy | Nov 19, 2018 | Camera Gear, Photography. They’re carry on compatible. Gear and Accessories for Travel Photography and Destination Video. “The problem with cameras is that they’re expensive. I still think that the Sony a6000 is a fantastic travel camera and if you’re not ready to shell out the big bucks for the Sony A7 S, I highly recommend the a6000. When it comes to travel vlogging on YouTube, tripods are the most important elements to hold the camera.However, I use very simple and easy to carry tripods which I can use for any camera. Travel, Photography, Camera gear, Thoughts, Technology, ... year 2009 I started blogging and posted my first post/article on “SQL Programming” on First I switched for small compact camera, which of course doesn’t make good photos. I also have used some very nice camera sticks for GoPro and mobile which I … Whether you are a newbie or an experienced photographer, having the right camera accessories with you … Everyday bags, travel bags, camera accessories: as leaders in carry, we design gear that helps you transport and manage your stuff. What Cameras Do We Use for Sailing and Scuba Diving? Divergent Travelers is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Sailing around the world is tough on cameras, so we’ve gone through our fair share. So there you have it, this is all of our gear that we carry and travel with us all around the world. I also have used some very nice camera sticks for GoPro and mobile which I … Grab Your Travel Bag & Hit The Open Road With Eagle Creek! Honestly, all you really need is your smartphone. Vanguard Alta Sky 51D Backpack – this bag has proved priceless for us.