If you are a vintage fella and do still remember the sound of the original Fender Princeton Reverb, you have to read this article carefully. 15% Off Death By Audio. The sale of my Jeff Hanneman Signature was blocked because the inlays (eagle) would violate their rules. If you're looking to rip people off as a seller, you might like it, but I can't imagine why a customer would shop here. The JF-317 Space reverb is the first reverb pedal from Joyo and by all accounts, Joyo are off to a good start. With Reverb, Ive been able to buy and sell pedals to folks across the country. Right now it's just not fitting in my budget. Can I Delete My Reverb Messages? Apparently not.. and that is why Reverb will never get my money again. ok so reverb is extremely quick with their responses to bad reviews, in order to save face. I appreciate the honest reviews posted by product users, as well as the product spotlight videos produced by Reverb. WTH?? Selling gear is quick, and simple. 20% Off Walrus Audio . Zoom MS-70CDR MultiStomp Guitar Effects Pedal, Chorus, Delay, and Reverb Effects, Single Stompbox Size, 86 Built-in effects, Tuner 4.6 out of 5 stars 180 $129.99 $ 129 . I Am Having Issues Confirming the Email Address For My Reverb Account; How Do I Delete My Reverb Account? 99 They now, do not even response to my emails for an update. Room Reverb – a subtle, intimate reverb – great for blues; Hall Reverb – Expansive reverb for big sounds; Church Reverb – Big and bright with huge long reverb tails for that spacey rock sound. Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. The Slayer Eagle is allowed even in Germany, with the strictest laws against Nazi symbolism. Then he showed me how to sync my discogs with reverblp so that inventory would be easy. Isn't music all about free expression? Where sites like eBay often differs sometimes too much to the buyer Reverb doesn't respect buyers at all! This isn't a high volume seller by any means I have more feedback than they do. When I exhausted the road with the seller I escalated to Reverb support. From rock stars to local music shops, buyers & sellers from all over the world call Reverb home. UPS lost the bass drum and hardware. I promise I’m getting my property back legally and you can’t rip off musicians without being called out and not being held legally accountable for my property. Why Is My Account Suspended? See all 6 articles Email Address & Password Oh one more thing...Reverb has a ton of great videos and content to learn from with gear demos, etc. Reverb has stopped allowing vendors to sell Fulltone Pedals (in new/mint/b-stock condition) to punish Michael Fuller (owner) for posting: “What is this like night 4 of looting with 100% impunity,” during the George Floyd protests (which included rioting). Email and chat only and all you get is someone will get back to you.After this is done I’m closing my account and you should to just for your protection as a buyer and seller.They don’t care and I am fighting them to get my guitar back and all my fees and expenses. Terrible middle man company that tries to be professional but usually hires agents who don't even read what you say when escalating something. Before making offers, sending messages and buying and selling awesome gear, get started by signing into your Reverb account. 24 hours later, my sale is cancelled by reverb, my account is under review, and I cant buy or sell anything at all. No customer phone support to help with my issue. Then Reverb had the guitar relabeled. You can get great deals on shipping rates as a seller, which makes it very easy to sell things, especially larger or heavier items. Reverb is the absolute worst when it comes to service as a seller unless you buy the expensive insurance from them they won't help with shipping issues. So probably looking at another month or two but I could file a police report since reverb said it was a unsafe buyer to protect me and I can go after reverb and the buyer for loss of use any damage that may be in this unusual shipping situation I guess. To date, the protests have been officially designated a "catastrophe disaster" which happens when insurance carriers pay out more than $1,000,000,000 in claims, and current projections are expected to end up around $2 billion in damages, making them the most expensive protests in history.So why exactly, is Reverb getting political? The online platform is easy to use and has the ability to save time when looking for an instrument. Recent recommendations regarding this business are as follows: "Find a better way to allow us to speak with … I've had to ask ebay and reverb each to do that before, and both times I was made whole (save for my time in dealing with the return). Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Outlaw Effects 24K Reverb Pedal at Amazon.com. See all 10 articles Account Status. Try Prime. Why Is My Account Under Review? Yesterday I attempted to close my Reverb account and couldn't find a user option that allowed me to do so. FB Marketplace and C-List just dont have the national reach. Consumers complaining about ReverbNation most frequently mention credit card, free trial and bank account problems. Why Is My Account Under Review? After they were too lazy to reply to my e-mail for a month, I requested that my account should be deleted. Why Is My Account Suspended? I Am Having Issues Confirming the Email Address For My Reverb Account; How Do I Delete My Reverb Account? The seller and the freight forwarder were both willing to work with me. Why would reverb take the buyers money and I ship the guitar, get paid, and if they had nothing to do with the unsafe buyer why did they approve the transaction in the first place unless someone in their organization is allowing this to happen?I knew I get a Unprofessional and rude and bogus Response from them. They now, do not even response to my emails for an update. If there are discrepancies in your prescreening or verification please update them or contact us.". How do you refund a fraudulent buyer who’s payment has still cleared weeks ago? I would highly recommend Reverb to anyone who is looking to buy or sell gear, and wants to feel safe and appreciated doing so. Now I'm considering opening up another account … Ive bought/sold numerous pedals and at least one guitar over the past several years. I called and emailed them multiple times with hopes for instructions, but all that they told me was that I needed to email paypal and ask them to confirm my reverb payments. Reverberation has done nothing wrong here at all. For your big open sounds, you have the hall and church modes. I actually made an account here specifically to review the amp, since I've noticed there's basically zero reviews/info out there about it. Try getting someone to talk to you and fix the situation?Good luck on that with these clowns. Generally ok for small items and more expensive items from well known stores ... DO NOT trust small time sellers for high ticket items... after 7 days when you find out something is fake there is NOTHING you can do. Suddenly they could react quickly.Furthermore, they still offer guitars with names like "Kamikaze", "Iron Cross" or with Pentagram inlays on their website. I can appreciate if you don't agree with Fuller's post... but to destroy him and his business because you disagree ... that's fascist. It will be a hassle but I won’t stop until they make it right period, otherwise they will keep doing this to buyers and sellers. HP Reverb G2 Summary. He must be related to somebody at Chicago Music Exchange/Reverb or something. Seller fees are reasonable. I think Reverb can do a little better than that other popular resale website everyone knows by having a default list of descriptive terms that sellers can annotate. I recently deleted my Reverb account because it had been "under review" for over two months thanks to some shenanigans outside of my control.