you need to target some places thatn you want to see and you want to eat . The train will cease operation by then. 2. Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (IATA: CAN, ICAO: ZGGG) is the major airport of Guangzhou, Guangdong province. take a bus from Heyuan to Guangzhou , then take metro Line 1 and get off at Changshoulu Metro Station . victor Stops: Jiahewanggang, Huangbian, Jiangxia, Xiaogang, Baiyun Culture Square, Baiyun Park, Feixiang Park, Sanyuanli, Railway Station, Yuexiu Park, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Gongyuanqian, Haizhu Square, The 2nd Worker’s Cultural Palace, Jiangnan West, Changgang, Jiangtai Road, Dongxiao South, Nanzhou, Luoxi, Nanpu, Huijiang, Shibi, South Railway Station. ( How to Get to Guangzhou East Railway Station from Guangzhou … Read More » Guangzhou Airport Shuttle Bus to Downtown. the first bus at :09:30 , the last bus at  21:30 from GZ airport to Heyuan . How many minutes is it from Airport South to Canton Tower station? Line 3 of the Guangzhou Metro connects Guangzhou Airport South Station and Airport North Station to Guangzhou East Railway Station. 2 of us will be reaching Guangzhou at 12.15pm (Monday) and travelling from Guangzhou to Shenzhen. We would like to travel from Guangzhou East Railway station to shenzhen (Luohu). Schnellansicht. Last question, how much money do you recommend having for a day? Line no.2 has a single direction: Jiahewanggang – Railway Station – South Railway Station. The entire line, including all track and stations, is located in tunnels. If you want to take the Metro from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to Foshan : Take Metro Line 3, transfer to Line 2 at JiaheWanggang Station , then transfer to Line 1 at Gongyuan Qian Metro station, and then transfer to Guang-Fo Line at Xilang Metro Station. We have got 13 hours stop over in Guangzhou. My flight will arrive at Baiyun Aiport at 12:15pm on 14/03/2017. so taxi is okay . Do I need to book the ticket? The Guangzhou metro is excellent and will deliver you to pretty much anywhere you want to go across the city. We will definitely go to the park you recommend. My train schedule is at 15:47 pm from Guangzhou South Station to Chaoshan Station. I have to go from Guangzhou airport to Guangzhou East Railway station. I see the last train is at 11:00pm. Get from Guangzhou Airport to City Center: by Metro, Taxi and Shuttle Bus. Do you recommend going to the Shamian Island and Canton Tower? from airport to Canton Tower, about 40 minutes. Panyu Square – West Tiyu Road – Tianhe Coach Terminal, Panyu Square – West Tiyu Road – Airport North Station. Currency Exchange at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport… Re: Things to do near Guangzhou airport . Informational Guide to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN) - Non Official. hi there, I am not sure your hotel localiton, but I am sure you can take metro from Guangzhou Airport to Canton Tower ,just Line 3 ,get off at Canton Tower,  I know a lot hotel close to the Kecun , Modiesha Metro Station ,just let me know if you want to the hotel whether close to the metro station,I can tell you . I was able to get near or exactly to everything I If so, how long do I get? … Flights to Guangzhou I was able to get near or exactly to everything I wanted to. Unlike other metro stations in Guangzhou, it does not have dedicated entrances or exits at ground level). Baiyun International Airport Metro Homestay, Cantón ([STATE]), China: Detalles, fotos, ubicación en el mapa, comentarios de los huéspedes y reserva en línea. I will be back to Guangzhou on Thursday, so i guess i do not need to book ticket in advance too. you can eat all kind of food in Guangzhou . Baiyun International Airport is a 40-minute car journey away. I am not sure which country you from , you dont need to get visa , 72 hours free visa transit but depend on which country you from . About:Guangzhou Metro . from GZ airport to Downtown is about35-40 minutes. ... 2004 wurde der neue Flughafen Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport eröffnet. Selecciona una de las opciones debajo para ver cómo se llega paso a paso y compara precios de billetes y horarios de viajes con el planificador de viajes Rome2rio It is located 28 kilometers north of Guangzhou city center, in Baiyun and Handu District. In the future, Guangzhou Metro Line 18 has a plan to link the airport to the Guangzhou downtown. There are two terminals of Guangzhou Airport - Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. but you have to remember , from Airport to City center ,is about 35-40 minutes. Nr. CAN YOU TELL ME HOW CAN I GET FROM GUANGZHOU AIRPORT BAIYUN TO THE CANTON HOTEL GUANGZHOU BY METRO.HOTEL IS AT 374 BEIJING ROAD (BEIJING LU),YUE XIU,GUANGZOU, Please take metro from Guangzhou Baiyung Airport to Gongyaungqian Metro station , Exit F, ,Please see the map as follow, Take Metro Line 3 at Airport, then transfer Line 2 at Jiahewang Jiang Metro Station , Line 2 and Line 3 train they are at the same platform , opposit each other, then get off at line 2 GonayuanQiang Metro Station, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Metro line 3 >>Transfer Line 2 at Jiahewangjiang Metro station >>Get off at Gongyuanqiang Metro Station , Exit F, Gongyuanqiang metro station locat at the Peopl park , you will see the Guangzhou Government Building (red) then just few minutes working from GZ government Building, (chinese, in case you lost ,you just ask the people ,they will tell you how to go ). Eateries close down by about 11:00PM, so plan accordingly if you are staying overnight. every 1 hour have a bus travel to SZ from airport. you can take the shuttle bus from airport to Guangzhou Railways Station then take a taxi to your hotel (save some money ). yes,you can take metro from airport Line 3 and transfer to Line 6 at  Yantang Metro Station , About 70 minutes and price is 8 Yuan . Picture as follow (click the pic and enlarge), I will stay at Shenzhen for few days thereafter l will travel from Shenzhen to Guangzhou airport to catch mid night flight time 03:05 am. Regards, Worldbiz August 21, 2017. What are my options (cost & duration) by taxi, airport pick up service and airport bus? Take metro Line 3 at Airport, then you need to transfer at Tiyuxilu Metro Station,  still Line 3 , but different tain , they are same platform , so you just walk opposit of the train , then after one stop . Subway . Line no.3 is identified with the orange colour. The second route has the following stops: West Tiyu Road, Linhe West, East Railway Station, Yantang, Meihuayuan, Jingxi Nanfang Hospital, Tonghe, Yongtai, Baiyun Avenue North, Jiahewanggang, Longgui, Renhe, Gaozeng, Airport South and Airport North. 3 minutes every train , you dont need to wait a long time, the metro is very fast and no traffice jam like taxi . Can you please suggest things we would be able to do and get to and back in time to the airport? Line 3 of the Guangzhou Metro is a 65.43-kilometer (40.66 mi) rapid transit line connecting Panyu Square to Tianhe Coach Terminal. Sleeping in Guangzhou Baiyun Airport–Hourly Charge Passenger Lounge–Where to sleep ? if you just only for eat or just see around, you can have a try take metro to downtown . Cuenta con recepción 24 horas, servicio de habitaciones y WiFi gratuita en todas las instalaciones. Hay 5 maneras de llegar desde Aeropuerto Guangzhou Baiyun (CAN) hasta Foshán en metro, autobús, taxi, coche o en towncar. I want to go see the Canton Tower by Metro. 57 helpful votes. First you need to take metro Lin3 at Airport ,and get off at Jihewang Metro Station then transfer Line 2 , the Lin2 train just opposite of the Line 3 TRAIN , then get off at Gongyuanqiang Metro Station transfer Line 6 . On the branch to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, there are 24 stations and the branch has 6 stations.These two branches meet each other at Tiyu West Road Station. System consists of 14 stations and 257 stations. Fares will be according to the distance. I know I won't be able to see much, but is it enough time to take the metro downtown and find someplace to eat? Its mileage is the 3rd in China and the 10th in the world. Two further stations on the new section are to open later. Selecciona una de las opciones debajo para ver cómo se llega paso a paso y compara precios de billetes y horarios de viajes con el planificador de viajes Rome2rio Hi victor I hope you can answer my question because I’ll be having may stops over in guangzhou airport for 7 and half hours and I would like to go outside the nearest city how can I get there because I wan to experience the chineese culture to take some nice photos meet people and have some good memories in China in just few hours I will be very glad if you can share me some of the information thank you in advance and have a nice day. Metro Line 3, about 40 minutes. There are 5 Airport Express lines and 6 Airport Non-stop bus lines connecting the airport and downtown. So maybe you will arrive at GZ South Railway Station about 14:30 , you have enough time . Las ofertas grandes para habitaciones del apartamento Baiyun International Airport Metro Homestay. Kaixuan Branch of Kaiserdom is a 5-minute drive from Guangzhou East Railway Station, a 10-minute drive from Guangzhou Tower and a 20-minute drive from Pazhou Exhibition Hall. If you are going to Shenzhen or Hong Kong, get off at the Guangzhou East Railway Station, and take a train at Guangzhou East railway Station. 1. I will land at Baiyun Airport on 13.10.2019 at 11am coming from Shanghai. The first floor is the passenger baggage claim area, with 21 (31-51) baggage carousels for arrivals, of which 11 (31-41) are for domestic passengers and 10 (42-51) are for international passengers. Do you recommend using the train for the day or cabs? 2. if i take line 3 from airport and change at yantang stesen (change line 6) to beijing road ok rite? 07:15 am - 09:00 am, 04:00 pm - 06:45 pm: Every 4 minutes.06:10 am - 07:15 am, 09:00 am - 04:00 pm, 06:45 pm - 09:15 pm: Every 5 minutes.09:15 pm - 11:30 pm: Every 6 minutes. Sie befördert täglich 4,392 Mio. Could you tell me how to go to Baiyun Airport From Beijing Road? 54 Comments → Then follow the clear signs and arrive at East Railway Station to take the train. How often do trains leave? take a train from Shenzhen Luohu Railway Station to Guangzhou East Railway Station , after you get off at Gunaghou east railway station , you can take a taxi or metro to the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Panyu Square, Shiqiao, Hanxi Changlong, Dashi, Xiajiao, Lijiao, Datang, Kecun, Canton Tower, Zhujiang New Town, Tiyu West Road, Shipaiqiao, Gangding, South China Normal University, Wushan and Tianhe Coach Terminal. September 27, 2019. 85 reviews. Can I transit without needing a visa? It is about 30-35 minutes from Guangzhou Airport to Downtown, depending on your location. Der Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (chinesisch 廣州白雲國際機場 / 广州白云国际机场, Pinyin Guǎngzhōu Báiyún Guójì Jīchǎng Flughafen Kanton Weiße Wolke)[4] ist der Flughafen der Stadt Guangzhou (Kanton) in der chinesischen Provinz Guangdong und das Drehkreuz der China Southern Airlines. Guangzhou Metro owns 14 lines in operation with a length of 478 km (192 mi) and 297 stations. Please guide. International flight leaving at 1:40am. take the Through Train to Hung Hom (or “downtown” Hong Kong, and transfer to MTR (HK subway) is a good choice. The internal traffic operation should be more efficient: the connection time between the terminals should not exceed 10 minutes; 4. Take metro Line 3 >> transfer Line 2 at Jiahewang Metro station ,line 2 train just opposit Line 3 train , then transer Line 5 at Guangzhou Railway Station . Airport Express buses operate from just outside the arrival terminal. If some visitor need to stopover several hours or ever longer at Guangzhou Airport, you can use the time for short sightseeing in Guangzhou city. park ? how long is trip take time and how much is ticket fare? about 150-180 minutes, depend on the traffic, and you have to take a metro or taxi to Luohu after you get off at Shenzhen ,so maybe train is more convenient , no traffice jam . Thanks, Hello there It takes about 1 hour and costs 10 Yuan. From Beijing Road to Guangzhou Airport. Be prepared with some small change before you come to Guangzhou.