The unit does not receive the signal from the remote control. Back to Phone-Master Support page / PANASONIC or to home-page Phone-Master. Greetings When something happens with your Panasonic heat pump, stop worrying and know that you can do the repair on your own. Founded by a Japanese businessman Konosuke Matsushita, the plant … Resolution. I am grateful for your sharing the fix here, as I really didn't want to switch the dozens of wires onto a new receiver, not to mention the additional expense! I have had my Panny for 18 months and this is the first problem with it - the factory fuse did its job perfectly. • This is due to defrost operation happens at the heat exchanger. • Condensation or evaporation occurs on pipes. Which makes me think it's not this "fuse" issue i've read a few times while searching. Luckily I got a full schematic and spent some time to investigate the problem. I just bougnt a Playstation 3 today, while hooking it up, through my HMDI (which works fine with my current dvd player), i noticed no sound was coming in. Replace the controller (DPU) board. I stayed with the fast-blow fuse. I did exactly as suggested (replaced the 125V/2A fuse) and all was well. Sometimes 3 in one evening! It will become a nice helper when something goes wrong. There could be a connection problem between these two boards. Could someone show me WHERE this blown fuse is? If you see the h97 fault code, be ready to face an inverter board problem. That's it. Hey everyone, i am searching today for this "F70" error as well. • When the outdoor temperature is out of the operation condition range, the heatpump system enter protection control. • Make sure the receiver is not obstructed. • Certain fluorescent lights may interfere with signal transmitter. In my case I'm still looking around, which IC is causing the problem. Oven that was designed for 50Hz electricity is attempted to operate in the 60Hz environment. • Is the snow pile blocking the discharge outlet or intake inlet of outdoor unit. My Panasonic He200 had same F70 message. Panasonic is a world-famous company. The new fuse is installed and everything seems to be operating fine. If you do a thorough clean of your office or commercial space and the smell is still there, it’s time to check your vents. One suggestion, though. My 3 year old DMREX75 started giving U80 fault codes after about a year old. Has anyone had similar trouble, having the Panasonic work with TV and regular DVD, but not a game system, PS3?? If somebody would sell me his broken SA-HE90 or similar Receiver, I would like to try go build one working Amps out of two broken ones. Most likely, there is an issue in the high voltage inverter board or Magnetron DPC board. Panasonic UK Support - Search for an answer, find links to manuals and firmware or ways to get in contact with our support teams. Symptom: Airflow continues even after operation has stopped Cause: Extraction of remaining heat from the indoor unit (maximum 30 seconds). •Thank you for buying and using Panasonic AC Servo Motor and Driver, MINAS A4P Series. The actual on-screen text for this error is "F70 PWM". In my case it was a 2 amp fuse. Please consult authorized dealer. • When water outlet set temperature is low, it may be difficult to get warm. You can try this to see if that will fix it: 1) Eject the tray, and unplug the unit with the tray out 2) Remove the case 3) Locate the spindle, and spin it gently a few times 4) Put the cover back on and see if that fixes the … Outdoor unit emits steam during heating mode. I resoldered the broken joint, works fine now. Fortunately, we have a very good quality power system in my village (hydro, only 15 years old, reliable, no surges, etc.) Just send me a note to The F11 fault code signals a problem in the heating/cooling changeover valve. Symptom: Operation is delayed a few minutes after restarting Cause: The delay is a protection to the unit’s compressor. Hey all, I turn it on via the thermostat / control unit inside our home. The indoor unit power was cut off after automatic address setting was completed. (H00) – No Violations Found (H11) – There is no interaction between outdoor and plug-in unit, management boards do not work (Н12) – Violation of power characteristics parameters between external and plug-in unit Fact: Error F-70 is caused by some faulty communication between central processor on the backside of the front panel, and other processors. As a result, the unit shuts down and the power LED blinks 7 times. Can i get Circuit diagrams to assist with such repairs? Except all the stuff they make, they also sell air conditioners. • Check if the circuit breaker is tripped. The first sign many people notice is a musty, mouldy odour. For example, the unit may be producing warm air only. Wolfgang - Thanks! Additional codes include 11 blinks, indicating a problem with the fan, or 12 blinks, indicating a problem with the speaker. When you turn it on it briefly shows the previous setting ( CD / Theater mode) only to go than to F70. If you got one and see something in its work goes wrong, don’t be too worried and try to deal with it yourself. • When outdoor air temperature is low, it may be difficult to get warm. To ensure you have detected the correct error, switch the TV on and off multiple times and watch carefully for the number of blinks. No input AC is supplied to H.V.Inverter (U) CN702 terminals: Oven stops in 23 seconds after pressing start pad. Then last December could not get any Freeview channels, and thanks to this forum, found the faulty capacitor. Same as Wolfgang, I had a lightning strike about 100 feet from my home and the F70 error was the only casualty, luckily. Therfore the blown fuse isn't the only answer available. The above list presents majority of the common problems. Internal memory failure has occurred. I proceeded to visualy inspect all the fuses (they all had checked ok with a meter), but all looked good. ( i do have an electronics background and am happy to attempt such repairs) Find details for how to program your remote to work with your TV below… 4 DIGIT REMOTE CODES FOR PANASONIC TELEVISIONS – CODES FOR DVD, TV, HDTV, & AUDIO COMPONENTS. When I removed this fuse and powered it up, the F70 fuse message came up. To follow up the reported F70 messages, I didn't find a 1.25A, but the closest thing .. a 2A on the board attached to the power x-former. View and Download Panasonic WH-SDF09C3E8 service manual online. H00 No abnormality detected - Normal operation - H11 Indoor / Outdoor abnormal communication > 1 min after starting operation Indoor fan operation only • Internal / external cable connections • Indoor / Outdoor PCB H12 Connection capability rank abnormal - - - H14 Indoor intake air temperature sensor abnormality My daughters/son in law's receiver came up with the infamous 'overload' message after many years of operation without any troubles... btw - they also loved it! Recent Panasonic Heating and Cooling questions, problems & answers. Press PROGRAM STAR POUND 1234 at main phone or managers phone to enter programming mode • When heating is operated by indoor unit together with floor heating or panel heater simultaneously, there may be case where warm water temperature is getting lower and cause floor heating or panel heater heat-up is weaken. There are various other Panasonic aircon codes problems that trouble most home owners. • The delay is a protection to the unit’s compressor. Panasonic AG-HMR10 DVD Player troubleshooting Picture, yes, fine, no sound. Diagnosis display: Abnormality/ Protection control: Abnormality Judgment: Protection Operation: Problem: Check location: H00: No memory of failure — Normal operation Panasonic is a very famous brand all over the world. (Display is dim or transmission signal is weak.). I thought this might be of interest to you. Newer Panasonic Microwaves have built in fault codes.... they look like H97, H98.... Troubleshooting of Inverter Circuit (U) and Magnetron This oven is programmed with a self diagnostics failure code system which will help for troubleshooting, H97, H98 and H99 are the provided failure magnetron and inverter circuit problem areas. Power Cycle and Change Connection. Indoor standby units freezing abnormality, Wrong wiring and connecting pipe, expansion valve leakage, indoor heat exchanger sensor open circuit, • Check indoor/outdoor connection wire and pipe, • Indoor heat exchanger sensor lead wire and connector, • Expansion valve lead wire and connector, Power factor Correction (PFC) circuit protection, • Insufficient refrigerant or valve close, • Power transistor module faulty or compressor lock, Compressor discharge overshoot protection, Power transistor module overheating protection, Outdoor direct current (DC) peak detection, Power transistor module current protection. Today i had a lghtning strike hitting about 300feet away. Hi there, The bad thing is that Panasonic shouldn't be having these problems. It appears that removing the F70 fuse and powering it on, then replacing it had cleared the 'overload' error message also! this morning I spent half an hour on a quite pricy service hotline and had a very knowledgable technician at the other end. Panasonic UK Support - Search for an answer, find links to manuals and firmware or ways to get in contact with our support teams. This does happen when one or more voltages are missing (fuse blown) or because of other reasons. • If indoor unit water inlet temperature is lower than 20°C and outdoor ambient temperature lower than 10°C. F09. Copyright © 2021 Heat Pump troubleshooting, American Standard Heat Pump Troubleshooting, Abnormal back-up heater overload protector, Compressor temperature overload protection, Transistor module temperature overload protection, Abnormalities in outdoor current transformer disconnection, Abnormal evaporator outlet temperature sensor, Abnormal bypass outlet temperature sensor. 7 Blinks SOS: Pin 68 of the CPU IC9003 monitors the status of the SC, SU, SD board. If this climate device with a multisplit supply system, then it is necessary to decode the code abbreviations of faults in a separate order. On my unit I found that one of the ribbon cables (attaching the power circuit board to the transformer) had been put on so tight that over time it caused one of the power circuit board solder connections to break free.