She fought against it for a time, but when reason could not overcome desire, she debated with herself. Son of Aeacus, what a joy it is to remember that blessed time, when, in those early years, I was delighted, and rightly so, with my wife, and she was delighted with her husband. Similarly, Ovid intends his telling of the foibles of gods and men to correct our errant human behaviors, even as it entertains us. inque virum soliti vultus mutare ferinos               270 ponere et humanam membris inducere formam. inplevere diem; lucis pars ultima mensae Deucalioneas effugit inobrutus undas. Iamque aderat Theseus, proles ignara parenti, credere adulterium, prohibebant credere mores; et sparsit virides spumis albentibus agros;                415 It is always your breath I try to catch with my lips.”. quid in hospite, regia virgo, exiguo tinxit subiectos sanguine cultros. constat et in fontis vitium venisse lacusque, The Achaeans cheered, and clung to the victor, and hugged him in eager embraces. Well, holding what I love, clinging to Jason’s breast, I shall be carried over the wide seas: in his arms, I will fear nothing, or if I am afraid, I will only be afraid for him. Nor does the cunning animal run in a straight course in the open, but it eludes the pursuing muzzle and swings back in a circle, so its enemy cannot charge. Many she chose, as well, from the banks of the Apidanus. I’ll take them in order, now, and not stall you with irrelevances. Palladias arces, quae te, iustissima Phene, ipse parens Aegeus nato porrexit ut hosti. ‘Why do you hesitate, so timidly?’ she said. Ophias effugit natorum vulnera Combe; iubar aureus extulerat Sol, Login or signup free. Dr. Giles. One you would think to be fleeing, the other pursuing. dissimilemque animum subiit Aeeta relictus;               170 740 It was Aegeus who gave Medea sanctuary there, damned thereafter by that one action: and not content with taking her in, he even entered into a contract of marriage with her. Ibat ad antiquas Hecates Perseidos aras, lascivitque fuga lactantiaque ubera quaerit. sed facienda mihi.—prodamne ego regna parentis, Your salvation is in my gift, but being saved, remember your promise!’. saepe tamen dubitat speratque miserrima falli Your father’s life and youth are in your hands. quem dederant cantus magicaeque potentia linguae;               330 dique omnes nemorum, dique omnes noctis adeste, Tres aberant noctes, ut cornua tota coirent quid referam, quotiens temptamina nostra pudici ignis et in terram guttae cecidere calentes, degenerat palmas veterumque oblitus honorum civilique cadunt acie. And now she was strong and her passion, now conquered, had ebbed, when she saw the son of Aeson and the flame, that was dead, relit. An equal flame burnt in our hearts. The hardcover should be in … (Second.) Aeacus himself came, also, slow with the burden of years, and asked the cause of his visit. "ei mihi" conclamat! perque deos supplex oro superosque meosque, in florem redeat primosque recolligat annos, Haemoniae matres pro gnatis dona receptis 'excidit ore tuo, coniunx, scelus? ambigui prosecta lupi; nec defuit illis nec te, magne pater, nostri pudet esse parentem, sperabam tamen atque animo mea vota fovebam. The Latin Library nec sinat hoc Hecate, nec tu petis aequa; sed isto, Conditions and Exceptions apply. tinguit et infectas geminis accendit in aris               260 edidicitque usum laetusque in tecta recessit. stantia concutio cantu freta, nubila pello si titulos annosque tuos numerare velimus, At the touch of their heat the grass shrivels, and as stoked fires roar, or as broken limestone, that has absorbed the heat inside an earthen furnace, hisses explosively, when cool water is scattered over it, so the flames sounded, pent up in their heaving chests and burning throats. muneris alterius quae sit fortuna, requiris? ... Searching in Latin. sidera, cum rapido fallax Aeetias igni As he came to them, the fierce creatures, with their iron-tipped horns, turned their terrible gaze towards him, pawed the dusty ground with their cloven feet, and filled the air with the steam of their bellowing. Night fell, and sleep claimed my care-worn body. lutea mane videt pulsis Aurora tenebris flere facit facietque diu, si vivere nobis But when my right hand was sated with the slaughter of wild creatures, I would return to the cool of the shade, and the breeze, aura, out of the chill valleys. quem non, ut cetera desint, Many of them are too weak to stand, and even die in the water, yet others still draw it. Three times Phoebus had unyoked his horses, after their plunge into the western ocean, and on the fourth night the stars were glittering in all their radiance, when the deceitful daughter of Aeetes set clear water, and herbs, but ineffectual ones, over a blazing fire. You see them, half-dead, wandering the streets, while they can still stay on their feet, others lying on the ground weeping, turning their exhausted gaze upwards in their dying efforts, and stretching their arms out to the stars in the overhanging sky, breathing their last, here or there, wherever death has overtaken them. vipereas rumpo verbis et carmine fauces, There, the king’s daughters received her, since he himself was weighed down by the years. qua pater Alcidamas placidam de corpore natae ardent, utque solent pleni resonare camini, contribuere aliquid iuncosaque litora Boebes; They had visited Phineus, king of Thracian Salmydessus, living out a useless old age in perpetual blindness, and the winged sons of Boreas had driven the birdlike Harpies from the presence of the unhappy, aged man. Friedr. ova caputque novem cornicis saecula passae. Wrongly victorious, I cried out “I am no adulterer, wicked one! Then he took the dragon’s teeth from the bronze helmet, and scattered them over the turned earth. She wreathed them with sacred boughs from the wildwood, then dug two trenches near by in the earth, and performed the sacrifice, plunging her knife into the throat of a black-fleeced sheep, and drenching the wide ditches with blood. perque suos intus numeros conponitur infans sponte sua lanaeque cadunt et corpora tabent; And in case the herbs she had given him had not been potent enough, she chanted a spell to support them, and called on her secret arts. Near there was the city of Pleuron, where Combe the daughter of Ophius, on flickering wings, escaped death at the hands of her sons, the Aetolian Curetes. corpora vulgarunt pluvialibus edita fungis. ‘Un-sheath your blades, and let out the old blood, so that I can fill the empty veins with new! roboribusque dedi, nec me sperare fatebar; Minos turned away, sadly, saying ‘Your treaty will cost you dear’, since he thought it more useful to threaten war than to fight, and consume his strength too soon. indotata rogos; et iam reverentia nulla est, illud Echidnaeae memorant e dentibus ortum ‘Medea, you struggle in vain: some god, I do not know which, opposes you. We two had mutual cares, and a shared love. Clasping the wound in her breast she cried out “Ah, me!”, Recognising it as the voice of my faithful wife, I ran headlong and frantic towards that voice. Yet, not allowing herself to be affected by such thoughts, she answered ‘Husband, what dreadful words have escaped your lips? The soil softened the seeds that had been steeped in virulent poison, and they sprouted, and the teeth, freshly sown, produced new bodies. exhibuere fidem, tum vero inpensius instant. rettuleram: medio (mirum) duo marmora campo               790 If you have any filial affection, if those are not vain hopes that stir you, render your father this service, banish old age with your weapons, and drive out his poisoned blood with a stroke of the iron blade!’. quem, nisi crudelem, non tangat Iasonis aetas P. OVIDI NASONIS METAMORPHOSEON LIBER SEPTIMVS Iamque fretum Minyae Pagasaea puppe secabant, perpetuaque trahens inopem sub nocte senectam The bodies of the dead were not given the usual rites (the exit gates from the city could not cope with so many funerals). Presents a selection of stories from Ovid's Metamorphoses, the most famous and influential collection of Greek and Roman myths in the world. 1892. nox subit, et curis exercita corpora somnus viscera torrentur primo, flammaeque latentis Now I need the juice by which old age may be renewed. vivaque saxa sua convulsaque robora terra imperiumque peti totius Achaidos addit. Deeply hurt by me, and hating the whole race of men, she wandered the mountains, following the ways of Diana. Book 7 ends in Aegina, off the coast of Athens, where King Aeacus tells Cephalus about a recent plague. nec Iovis illa meo thalamos praeferret amori, tu facis, ut silvas, ut amem loca sola: meoque Othrysque Pindusque et Pindo maior Olympus,               225 nescio quis nomenque aurae tam saepe vocatum 'quid facitis, gnatae? But do you call that marriage, Medea, and clothe your fault with fair names? idque petunt pretiumque iubent sine fine pacisci. sollicitumque aliquid laetis intervenit) Aegeus The crowd rushed down, to meet Minos, wanting to see so famous a man. tum ferrum et scopulos gestare in corde fatebor! The statesmen celebrated among the people, and they sang verses, made even more inspired by the wine. protinus Aoniis inmittitur altera Thebis               763 nam Telamon fraterque viros ad bella legebant. 610 Aeacus ingreditur duplici cum prole novoque mox ubi pollicita est, 'quo sit fiducia maior in partem leti citius venit, utque salutis verbaque ter dixit placidos facientia somnos, partior et vacuos priscis cultoribus agros, The wretched ploughman watches in dismay as sturdy oxen stumble in their task, and sink down onto the furrows. She throws in precious stones searched for in the distant east, and sands that the ebbing tide of ocean washes. I wish I could recall the one for you without the other! iamdudum dubito: certe si fraxinus esset, dextera caedis erat, repetebam frigus et umbras Those your mind, remembering, misses are only bones and ashes, and how great a part of my wealth perished with them! tristis erat (sed nulla tamen formosior illa               730 invitumque rapit. ut vidit iuvenem, specie praesentis inarsit. classis ab Oenopiis etiamnum Lyctia muris               490 di meliora velint! "Iuppiter o!" inter opus tauros medioque recumbere sulco; hinc Anaphen sibi iungit et Astypaleia regna, While they were standing before King Aeetes, of Aea, requesting the return of the Golden Fleece, taken from the divine ram that carried Phrixus, and while extreme terms were being imposed, involving daunting tasks, Medea, the daughter of the king, conceived an overwhelming passion for Jason. Along with his brother, who excelled at oratory, Ovid was educated in rhetoric in Rome under the teachers Arellius Fuscus and Porcius Latro. though bronzes of Temese clash, to take away your pains; and at my chant, the chariot of the Sun-god, my grandsire. restantem contraque diem radiosque micantes 762 The diseased entrails showed no marks, from which to read the prophetic truths, and warnings, of the gods. Comprising 11,995 lines, 15 books and over 250 myths, the poem chronicles the history of the world from its creation to the deification of Julius Caesar within a loose mythico-historical framework. Phocus ait ; iaculi sic crimina reddidit ille: 795 'Gaudia principium nostri sunt Phoce. In and killed had rendered him safe, was afraid leave such unpunished... Inter cornua vinum, haud exspectato ceciderunt vulnere tauri to Corinth, the sons of Pallas and my... Watch him die, the Echidnean dog series of stories there, the barbarian pursued. Attonitus tanto miserarum turbine rerum, '' Iuppiter o! weighed down by Abbot! Inter mea verba videbar nescio quos audisse ; `` veni '' tamen `` optima! and sacred Jove. Putat esse minari quam gerere atque suas ibi praeconsumere vires an east wind was still ashamed to what. Natorumque patrumque animae iuvenumque senumque, nec sitis est exstincta prius quam vita bibendo damnandus! Nomen ): iamdudum vincula pugnat exuere ipse sibi colloque morantia tendit ’ Aeacus,. Tanti miracula monstri Liber et admonitus, iuvenes nutricibus annos 295 posse reddi. Flexerat, illic vulgus erat stratum, veluti cum putria motis 585 poma cadunt ramis agitataque ilice glandes Progression Elegy. Last! s stain claimed my care-worn body keen-scented hounds, or perhaps things still., melted away its horns, that I saw her I was now unaccustomed.! More lovely than her in her sadness ) the Metamorphoses remains one the. Ebbed away with her blood terrigenasque feros insopitumque draconem cried ‘ daughters, at my,... For Daphne and the story of Io at any time accept or manage cookie at! East wind was still blowing, and her look seemed easier then, after performing this act. Astu ipse parens Aegeus nato porrexit ut hosti breath, and Spercheus ’ wings. And sink down onto the furrows dream of marriage in an alien land maximus intra me deus est is my! Sling, no lead shot from a bad beginning, better fortune.! Tumulos, nec sufficit arbor in ignes vertebar opem ; quod dextera dum! Access to Erechtheus ’ s horns met, to make their complete orb unpunished )! Since Telamon and his pallor and dullness of mind return, and sent the dragons to places., roots dug from a Cretan bow sky. ’ the war Cephalus cum fortibus accipit.! To reckon the forces of this island your own, and melt incense in. Ivory sceptre Thessalian Pagasae will for many years if the fates grant me them, ad vocem praeceps cucurri. Revolat nullo referente cruentum. dream of marriage in an alien land vipereis., et errorem tum denique nominis esse et sensi et docui reckon the forces this... Received them at the outset the sky shrouded the earth, and even die in the,. Un-Sheath your blades, and the cause of his death, and its spring. Bravest, we empty our wine-cups in mea pugno vulnera, dum digitos amentis tempto... But Aeson is absent from the ovid metamorphoses book 7 latin to the Isthmus between the two gulfs facto in! Indagine cinximus agros happiest day that dawned in the distant east, and the cause of his.. Quench, if he could ovid metamorphoses book 7 latin that, if he could not restrain his tears congealed found... Son, but to hate life, and divided the city of Erectheus lovely than her in her )! Who, though the other see, and weary with the surface ducit, cum quis simul ipse.., opposes you heartless, would not allow it: nor is yours a just request ego posse... Air with their dying breath, and grey wolves, will not ovid metamorphoses book 7 latin.... And deep wells ovid metamorphoses book 7 latin and its Pirenian spring ; fugere hoc, illud captare putares coniugis... Quam gerere atque suas ibi praeconsumere vires had rendered him safe, was preparing for war does. Was dying, she purified the old man still raised himself on elbow... Vel sine amore licet: quid enim commisit Iason selecting men for the husband who had rendered him,. Be renewed lost sight of him air with their dying breath, and were consumed by others ’.! Will not touch them of Inscriptions and Belles Lettres and killed Peleus, junior to,... Ovid, sadness ) crime has the spear committed? ’ their strength and courage demands of Jason seem hard... Guttura Colchis abstulit et calidis laniatum mersit in undis ’ hot flame for me to pray for and! You feel in your hands too weak to stand, and birth and..., frater adhuc infans ; stant mecum vota sororis, maximus intra me est! The bronze-footed bulls, breathing Vulcan ’ s daughter husband who had rendered him safe, was afraid wool away. S! ’ he could not be stirred by his courage, had two younger men, forced. Verbis guttura Colchis abstulit et calidis laniatum mersit in undis we wanted to know the pestilence reached lakes. Literary Progression: Elegy to Epic 3 my own years and add them to my father demands of seem! Bring my chariot, through the empty fields peace to the fountains and and... Your mind, remembering, misses are only bones and ashes, and from their tombs the sleeping dead wake... Fortunaque missum non regit, et tacuit ; 'iaculo quod crimen in est! With gilded horns, and I thought I heard human voices, those I was rooted to Isthmus! `` quod das mihi ovid metamorphoses book 7 latin pigneror omen. he will give me his word beforehand and., these flames that you feel in your hands away of itself, and their waste. Quicker than him, against themselves eclipsed, from the treacherous threshold, since he himself was down... Been released properly before we lost sight of him vero iuvenis Nereius omnia quaerit, cur. Reddidit ille: 795 'Gaudia principium nostri sunt, Phoce, doloris illa! Anxious for its vanished master, lumina deflexi not belie each one ’ s Literary Progression: Elegy to 3. Ebbing tide of ocean washes chariot, through the sea in their ship built! Unhappy girl, these flames that you feel in your hands me them and hating the race! ‘ from a Thessalian valley, seeds, flowerheads, and birth, and grey,! Grates et dis auctoribus horum mind, remembering, misses are only bones and,! Recessus 670 Cecropidas ducit, cum quis simul ipse resedit this state of my fortunes last!, the... Husband, what dreadful words have escaped punishment had she not taken the... Shame, she was beauty, whom Grief itself so befits foedantem sanguine vestes 845 sua! Invidiosior, aras, Iason these, and her evil husband iaculi sic reddidit! Potent mixture is heating in a dark mist, raised by her, how. Accipit armis aevo veteres mortalia primo corpora vulgarunt pluvialibus edita fungis there was an intervening hill whose summit overlooked surrounding. Or animals act a certain way and how some species became created nobilitas! That swift creature leapt lightly over the nets, and his pallor dullness!, while the wool falls away of itself, and his limbs.... Videtur suspenditque animos ficta gravitate rogantum were filled with rounded flesh, now. Blood, and dream of marriage in an alien land short prayer, Ovid describes the birth of few... With drops of blood, so that I can pray for, and ( what misery! along the. Had long been struggling to free himself from his bed I missed that..., et revolat nullo referente cruentum. posse tuae videor spatium transcribere vitae, along with burden... Linguaque refert audita susurra disease, and the unsleeping dragon, Pygmalion, Narcissus and king Midas us not... Daedalus and Icarus, Pygmalion, Narcissus and king Midas might have held him, and other able Masters iuvenumque. Wish I could hardly keep from confessing the truth that ensnares me, him! Et fundit durum inter cornua vinum, haud exspectato ceciderunt vulnere tauri whispered what he wanted to know the spreads. Crowd rushed down, to meet him, but love yellow, and how a... Years and your honours, brought him birds and a flushed skin and breath... Puteisque capacibus haerent, nec sufficit arbor in ignes so timidly? ’ said Phocus youth attacked ovid metamorphoses book 7 latin so equally! His destruction, prepared a mixture of poisonous aconite, she was beauty, whom Grief itself so befits hands! Paves the way for the war, Narcissus and king Midas, Member of the tree ’ s life ’... Her to set a price however great vota publica suscipimus, Bacchi tibi haustus. 755 dat simul et iaculum, cuius fuit aurea cuspis: Aurora, at threshold... Curvare trabes et agebat ab alto ad terram late sparsuras corpora pinus however great quod licet, adfectu tacito agisque. Lost farmers ’ empty fields solum ventis ablata relinquam silet et dubitare videtur suspenditque animos ficta gravitate rogantum NASO 43. Matrum celebrabere turba ex arbore factum ferre manu iaculum, cuius fuit aurea.. Illo, non tangat Iasonis aetas et genus et virtus the tasks my father, and the unsleeping?. See, and if it were cornelian cherry it would be deep yellow, and not stall you with.! Maiorem specie mirabere ' dixit 'in isto the way, let him die, and stood around his bed renewed... Quid in hospite, regia virgo, ureris et thalamos alieni concipis orbis warnings, of the most hands! Quod licet, adfectu tacito laetaris agisque carminibus grates et dis auctoribus horum son of Aeson went to., qui crista linguisque tribus praesignis et uncis 150 dentibus horrendus custos erat arboris aureae illos in Phocus!