We’ll discuss the benefits of this approach, the best way to pack it into the woods, how to hang a tree stand, other essential hunting gear, and how to adjust your hunting tactics based on different areas. You can easily bring it with you into remote locations, set up your stand, and hunt it without ever being noticed. Killing a mature whitetail on public land is one of the most challenging yet gratifying experiences a deer hunter can hope to achieve. Buy products related to muddy tree stand products and see what customers say about muddy tree stand products on Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. This approach makes no noise when you shake it, and you definitely won’t lose a climbing stick while walking in – plus, it leaves your hands free to carry your bow or rifle as you go just in case you get the chance to shoot a deer. In the video below, two members of the Hunting Public show you exactly how they use the hang and hunt setup to consistently kill mature deer each season, even sneaking in close to bedding areas. Muddy The Odyssey XTL Ladder Stand ... Hunt from Above with Treestands and Accessories. The one and only downfall is they only come in sets of four. Of course, if you’re not comfortable using a ratchet strap because you think it will be too loud to operate, you could also use bungee cords or even rope to strap everything together. Below is a step by step guide on how to stay as efficient as possible from leaving the truck to hanging your stand and back out again. Muddy offers one of the most portable systems on the market. And again, you’re not limited by the kinds of trees present either. A good way to do that is to set your tree stands about 15 to 20 yards away from major deer trails, especially if the trails come out of good bedding areas. Muddy hang on tree stand with set of four climbing sticks. This system is lightweight and made for the mobile treestand hunter. On the other hand, if you’re hunting on private land, you could set up several hang on stands throughout your property and just bounce around between them depending on the weather conditions and wind. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers Some examples from Muddy® include the Pro Climbing Sticks or Ascender sticks. But if you’re hiking miles back on new public land, you should plan on packing food, water, and navigational help just in case you get lost. First, attach your climbing sticks to your harness except two. and comes with backpack straps for easier transportation. Paracord: Take some paracord and make a cobra weave around the platform of the stand. Save $40 by purchasing the Hunt Ready system over purchasing all items separately! After taking your time to set it up quietly, wait for the deer to file out of the bedding area along one of the trails. For this specific situation, we’re also defining it as using a hang on stand versus other types of tree stands (you don’t really “hang” ladder stands or climbers, do you?). The downside to that approach, of course, is that you then can’t carry your weapon as easily. Photo credit: Chris Berens. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Use the platform to climb up into it, making sure you stay connected to the tree via your safety harness at all times. Some examples from Muddy® include the Pro Climbing Sticks or Ascender sticks. $150 St. Peter’s show contact info. Millenium, Muddy, Hawk stands. Tips on how to be deadly quiet when setting up stands while hunting, https://www.gomuddy.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/feature-v2.png, https://www.gomuddy.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Muddy_Logo_shadow-Low.png. These hunters are fine-tuning their setups year-round to minimize their impact on the area they intend to hunt. Another option they mention in the video above is a product called Stick Talons, which allows you to connect your climbing sticks to your stand platform in a few different configurations. With the climbing sticks I remove the bottom 2 and lock others to the tree with a Master Lock Python cable lock. But first, what exactly are we talking about when we say hang and hunt setup? 34"L x 24"W extra-large nonslip foot platform leaves plenty of room to maneuver for a better shot. The last part of this hang and hunt setup is being in the right area so you can actually kill a deer – that is one of the goals, right? 5 Ground and Box Blind Hunts You Have to Watch! Once you have your sticks and stand hung, tie off with a tether above your head before stepping in the stand. https://www.gomuddy.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/what-is-the-best-hang-and-hunt-setup-for-deer-hunting-feature.jpg, https://www.gomuddy.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Muddy_Logo_shadow-Low.png. If you’re bow hunting, you will need to be closer to the deer action than when hunting with a rifle or shotgun. Importantly, a lot of this does come down to your own hunting preferences. Saddle hunters generally setup facing the direction in which the deer are expected to travel. Stealth Strips: This is an adhesive backing tape that you can add to your stand and sticks, that will again help with the cold and sound dampening. Quiet, Light And Incognito. It fits a large selection of trees measuring between 4- … Hunt in comfort with The Boss XL Hang-On Treestand from Muddy Outdoors. That means you not only have to pack your tree stand and climbing sticks in – you also have to carry everything else you might need for a deer hunt. Nailing down your system ahead of time is crucial to understanding how your stand goes up, and how to minimize the amount of time and noise that it takes to get it safely and securely in the tree. That way, you can just pull up additional pieces as you go instead of climbing up and down each time. I've never had one. It just might not be as quiet and secure. Magnum Pro Harness by Muddy®. Before climbing the tree, tie off using a lineman’s belt to your safety harness. To get up into them, you need to attach several ladder sections (also called “climbing sticks”) to the tree – also using ratchet straps or rope. As long as you are high enough or in a tree with good branch structure and cover, the deer shouldn’t notice you. Their BloodSport hang-on stand and Muddy Climbing Sticks are made for hunters who hang and take down their set up every hunt. Before climbing the tree, tie off using a lineman’s belt to your safety harness. It’s the ultimate setup for hang and hunt treestand sets. First, make sure you are wearing a safety harness throughout the process of hanging your tree stand and hunting – it is an essential piece of your hang and hunt setup. If you’ve been reading recent magazine articles or listening to Podcasts from the nation’s top hunters, you’ll soon discover that most of these bucks are killed on the first sit of the year. Hang-on - These are more permanent fixtures, ones that you would apply to remote areas, or on private land that you own and hunt on. The number one key to success, are you putting in the practice. As mentioned, you could hang several tree stands ahead of time in this situation. They’ve used it for many years with great success, and you can too. Whatever hang and hunt method you choose, or if you consider going with a climber, getting to know your equipment through practice will make it that much easier, safer and quieter. Adjustable backpack straps offer easy transport. And if you take your time setting things up, you shouldn’t spook many deer in the process either. The more you hunt with this setup, the more you’ll consider fine-tuning your gear. The Muddy Outdoors?ÇÖ Adjustable Trail Camera Support screw in can easily screw in to any tree or wooden post and be adjusted to get the perfect direction and angle for your trail camera setup. Muddy set up … Hello, I would like to get a hang on/ lock on stand. Some of the stands were loud, some bulky, some heavy, most were uncomfortable; not to mention you couldn’t even climb but a fraction of them because you needed a straight tree. Some examples from Muddy® include the Pro Climbing Sticks or Ascender sticks. Accidentally banging it against a tree or letting the climbing sticks clang together will not help your chances of seeing a mature buck. Also, make sure and have your bow or gun on a separate rope and attached to your harness or belt — Once you go up the tree, you do not want to come back down. I’ve also looked at Muddy hang ons and Rivers Edge Bigfoot, just so many choices idk really how invested I should go. The Bloodsport stand weighs in at a total of 13 lbs. For example, public lands will likely require you to move your stand with you wherever you go. if i want to go higher i carry some screw in steps and put them at the bottom then use the muddy's the rest of the way. Its ingenious design nests together and mounts straight onto the tree stand such as an ALPHA Hang on Tree Stand or an Assault Tree Stand. CONSTRUCTION: Steel Public land walk in access would be needed as I dont have a boat. Place your treestand bracket in a pocket or fanny pack so that you can access it quickly once you are at the point of hanging your stand. Aaron Warbritton killed his biggest buck to date using hang and hunt tactics while hunting public land in southern Iowa. To ascend the tree, I used the same strap-on climbing sticks I used in the past for my hang-on hunts, either the Lone Wolf or the Muddy Pro climbing sticks. To get up into them, you need to attach several ladder sections (also called “climbing sticks”) to the tree – also using ratchet straps or rope. This system, with a few … Here’s the general process you should follow when doing a hang and hunt setup on your own. For heavily wooded public properties, you usually can’t effectively hunt feeding areas (since deer can browse throughout a broad area), so you need to depend on bedding areas or travel routes. Enjoy the hunt in comfort and convenience with Muddy's Magnum Pro Harness. There are multiple ways you can modify your setup to meet your needs, but there are a few tried and true methods that will work for every system. ... sturdy, comfortable. This year I’ll be testing several more … As you make your way up the tree, attach additional climbing sticks to whatever height you want to hang your stand at, making sure you thoroughly seat them on the tree by pushing down on them. Both worked great and are relatively lightweight and quiet to set up. Muddy Outdoors is recognized across the hunting industry as a leader in outdoor lifestyle products.The premier manufacturer of hang-on, climber, and ladder stands, Muddy Outdoors is also the preeminent manufacturer of portable tripod and quadpod elevated platform stands for hunting, as well as the most feature-rich and rugged elevated box blinds on the market today. Your email address will not be published. Keep it neat and tight: Make sure the sticks and ropes are neatly stacked against the stand, and ratchet the sticks to the stand so they will not make noise when walking. The Muddy Pro Climbing Sticks are hands down the best sticks I have ever used. Once you get everything back into your hunting area, you need to keep your guard up more than ever. © Copyright - Muddy Outdoors - Powered by, Last, although you can quickly and quietly move, Backpack (quiet material with lots of gear loops), Clothing layers to suit the weather conditions, Various deer calls (grunt call, doe can call, etc. With its removable, waterproof, flip-up 11"L x 15"W seat that has 3"-thick Triplex Foam padding, Muddy Outdoors' The Outfitter Hang-On Treestand keeps you comfortable in the stand all day long. Here’s the process they discussed broken down into several smaller steps. When you’re hunting on private land, especially those with agricultural fields or food plots in the region, your tactics and hang and hunt setup will change a bit. What is the Best Hang and Hunt Setup for Deer Hunting? It has V-brackets that pivot adjusts to fit the tree’s natural contour. Not only that, you can climb more trees than you ever considered while using a climber. The sturdiest and probably quietest option is to use the first method demonstrated in the video above. It’s not too late to use this hang and hunt setup and strategy this year. Some climbers simply do not have the right design as far as teeth and foot straps to actually create a good climbing stand. Any recommendations are appreciated. Next, you’ll need to know how to hang a tree stand by yourself. Alternatively, you could stack all the climbing sticks together and ratchet strap them together to carry them separately. Required fields are marked *. This video is an overview of my mobile hang and hunt hunting system that is centered around the Aero Hunter Kestrel tree saddle. Features. Your last and highest climbing stick should be located directly underneath your tree stand platform. Using a ratchet strap, you can stack 2 or 3 climbing sticks together on each side of the tree stand platform (or 4 or 5 all in one stack), and then secure them all together. But any time you leave the ground, you are taking a risk. Maybe you’re intimidated by them or don’t think they could be used in a true hang and hunt setup. I’ll hunt out of it during bow season but I’ll probably spend majority of my rifle season on the ground moving, I’m wanting a hang and hunt mobility stand. Has to be public land, and I really prefer hunting from a tree so I'd need to be able to use my hang n hunt setup (XOP Vanish Elite and Muddy Pro sticks). Stay dry with this easy to install portable camouflage hunting umbrella! I cant afford a guided hunt, plus prefer to do it on my own anyway. So if the approach above sounds like it would work for you, grab your tree stand, climbing sticks, and bow or rifle, and head out to the woods. They are light weight, they pack nicely and they are a breeze to install. Once you have your sticks and stand hung, tie off with a tether above your head before stepping in the stand. When you’re done for the day, you can pack it all back with you, since some public lands don’t allow you to keep stands on them. As Aaron and Zach said in the video above, you can silently hang a tree stand yourself – it just takes a little more time and patience. i own the muddy sticks, i like the steps on both sides, and i figure it gets me about 16 feet up the tree. ... ladder stands, and hang-on treestands for versatile setup options. If you want to replicate this type of success, you’ll need a mobile system from the time you leave your truck, until you are hanging your stand. Muddy® has several hang on stand options, including the Boss Elite AL or Original Muddy Boss XL. So before you hang your first climbing stick on the tree, attach your safety harness to the trunk and periodically move it up with you as you climb. Muddy® has several hang on stand options, including the Boss Elite AL or Original Muddy Boss XL. Or you may want to have multiple stand locations set up, so you can hunt a particular stand based on current wind direction or deer movement. the muddy sticks go up quick and easy, you just need 5 compared to the gorilla or lw's 4 to get to the same height. Muddy The Odyssey XTL Ladder Stand. At one time, there were very few options when it came to a mobile system for the average hunter — and most weren’t very good. Lock on tree stands (or hang-on stands) are typically able to be set up quickly. The Stalker Climbing Tree Stand from Muddy weighs only 15lbs. I know there are the major brands, Lone Wolf, Muddy, Hawk, XOP, Millennium, along with smaller companies. Muddy® has several hang on stand options, including the Boss Elite AL or Original Muddy Boss XL. After you hang your tree stand, the idea is that you can start hunting immediately. The Boss Hang-on Stand is a sturdy, comfortable hang-on stand that features Silencer Technology and FiberGuard coating on all steel components. Better can often be translated as”faster” or “quieter” for a of things, especially when it comes to moving and hanging treestands. All straps/ropes are in good condition. To heavy for hang and hunt but great treestand. No other setup allows you the mobility and nearly limitless options as the hang-on treestand paired with a good set of climbing sticks. Again Muddy, with the hunter in mind, designed and created a climbing tree stand for public land hunting. It is easy to set up and quick too. In that case, you can quietly bring a hang on stand to your desired area, quickly set it up, and hunt the deer as they come to feed. But here’s how a few members of the Hunting Public use this strategy to consistently sneak in close to bedded deer and kill mature bucks. You have a few options for carrying a tree stand and climbing sticks for a hang and hunt setup. You’ll be screwing these ones directly into the tree, which allow for more stability, and also allows you to make modifications such as a small canopy, storage, etc. I pair these sticks with the Muddy Vantage Point and the hang and hunt combination is deadly. With variations of climbing sticks. To get up into them, you need to attach several ladder sections (also called “climbing sticks”) to the tree – also using ratchet straps or rope. I prefer this over a ladder stand due to easy of set up and the ability to be 20-25ft up at the base of my stand. This feature, with the hybrid climbing chains and with well … Molle Straps: These military-grade shoulder straps will make carrying your stand long distances a breeze. Finding this type of success doesn’t come easy, nor is it by chance. Another option is to use ropes, but having them as close to your body as possible when climbing is the safest option. After the video, we’ll break it down further for you. There are a few different modifications that can make your stand even more quiet and efficient. So what makes this hang and hunt setup better or more appropriate than other tree stands or options? Everything you need to hang and hunt from the most versatile, strongest, lightest and most quiet setup in the world. Treestand: The ALPHA™ Hang On treestand is the benchmark by which all other hang … Next, attach the two pieces closest to the ground. Below are some of the critical elements to making your hang and hunt experience a success. Of course, you also then need to know how to get in a hang on tree stand. This allows the hunter to keep the tree trunk in-between the deer’s line of sight; thus hiding the hunter from the deer’s view and eliminating the hunter’s outline completely. It may take five times to get it down, and it may take twenty, but it’s essential that you know exactly how each piece of gear gets up the tree and on the tree. I want something light to carry but strong enough to hold a 250 pound man. This is a scenario where you want to quietly sneak in on the day of your hunt to hang a tree stand and then immediately climb up and start deer hunting. Aaron and Zach discuss the tree stand setup they use for hang and hunts on public land. The deer hunting tactics you use will depend greatly on the area you are hunting in. This portable universal hunting umbrella features straps and a design that can be used for any hunting setup. The plush Flex-Tek Zero-Gravity seat delivers the comfort you need as you wait for the perfect trophy to pass by your stand with the ability to flip the seat back for full platform use when needed. After talking with them and seeing their set up, I like mine most. This will dampen any contact with metal that might occur, and will also with the cold from your stand. Here are a few ideas for you as you prepare to go hunting. Make sure and check the owners manual, or call the manufacturer before doing anything extreme, but here a few basic add-ons’s: Jeremy Flinn of Stone Road Media used his Muddy Vantage Tree Stand and Aerolite Climbing Sticks in a hang and hunt situation and arrowed this beautiful Pennsylvania buck on his first sit. If you have a spare hook in your harness, you can attach them to this. Hang on stands are great for public land hunting because you can easily bring everything back with you, quickly set it up, and start hunting in short order.