Global Industrial™ Boltless Steel Shelving With Laminated Shelves Provide Rugged, Reliable Steel Shelving For Solid Storage Purposes. View instructions for assembly of Action Wholesale Products shelving units. (8���f�����vȵb�M�~t-�z�Й�7�����'8`���: H����V5�1���k�0 Instructions. Store-Rite offers industrial shelving, such as the SRS System 200 Boltless product, that can meet all your warehouse requirements with a custom fit solution. Metalware is Canada’s leading industrial shelving manufacturer. Metalware Metal Shelving Units have the ultimate in strength and rigidity obtained by the wedge-type combination of shelf and brackets.. Metalware Metal Shelving Units provide ideal rugged storage for commercial or office use; No-bolt assembly eliminates money-consuming assembly time; No-bolt steel shelves are designed for maximum strength and durability H�dUK�[1��O���&�v����F���d�!M��k�]�C��3�k�>S��#�F|�U�x��ŀ$N'b2�n �o��ĭ_�fS �(����L�ִ��|�*�1���=]N#&�QcV�3v�P���)�w���6�n�|���B��w2{�0 �:���x�K��M$������H`��P�^� V��š5쀂�(�f#Q�Fb>��D����Z�3c�a�&��S��_SR��j�e2>��1LY��ـo�_@����1���u��� �T����`�Њ�. ¶. View the extensive range of metal shelving units at Shelving Direct. We provide all kind of steel shelving units for different applications. Begin by measuring your space. Our metal shelving units are suitable for office, workshop garage, and for industry storeroom and warehouse. 0 �CQ� endstream endobj 48 0 obj<>stream - Made in America We hope you will find the following Dixie Shelving information helpful for meeting your needs. 0000086698 00000 n 0000001499 00000 n Boltless Office Shelving Office from BiGDUG UK. We have over 5000 metal ware shelves in stock 36" wide x 24" deep x 7'3 tall. 0000009987 00000 n Please check your product description carefully before placing your order. With a variety of options and customization available, our wire shelving is the answer to making your home, office or garage organized and attractive. Wire shelving: when hygiene and design go together. H�tT�n[7���,��hΓ�6F @���,�,�I�6��=�k+�0`�s��9����9�t�VY�x�����6�|z(W�n����7*��Uk�t_���F.^��Y��g�:$�u��?�"U".�Yy kids wooden bookshelf This kids wooden bookshelf and storage unit lets you put your child’s favourite books or … A shelving system is made up of three basic components: shelves, standards (long vertical slotted strips fastened to the wall), and brackets that fit into grooves along the length of the standards. Metalware Inter-lok shelving assembly instructions and components All in-stock items ship same day with next day delivery to most major market centres (All in-stock orders placed before 4 p.m., will be shipped same day by our select carrier partners in and around the areas of our TENAQUIP locations. Insert the longer end fi rst on the “T” upright at the desired slot height. We are fortunate to have a large team of professionals who train and specialize in their own area of expertise such as racking, safety surveys , conveyors or mezzanines.. Self Help Information. Home > Material Handling & Storage > Storage > Shelving > Shelving Unit Colour, sizing or style depicted in some photos may not be exactly as described. trailer <]>> startxref 0 %%EOF 65 0 obj<>stream Whether you... need industrial shelving or office shelving for your stockroom or business, or reliable storage shelves for the garage, shed or workshop, this range – made to last with galvanised, painted steel, wire and resilient plastic – can be adapted to suit any storage needs, in any available space. Metalware's No-Bolt Interlok steel shelving is a snap to assemble. Skip to content. alware is the oldest shelving manufacturer in Canada. Metalware Shelving Assembly, Installation Manual. Account; Checkout; Cart. ���rdXЉ���^H�p�l�ٸ@�%�@$ Yhݾ)L��.ZB��#��Ic_8' ��F:^m�"Q"`z�u�Ab!�K *�u�)TZs��m��. Our wire storage racks are the perfect combination of safety and visually attractive structures for both professional and personal storage.. Not only are these shelves reliable when handling delicate materials, they are also sturdy and aesthetically appealing. 0000106462 00000 n R&�3�LZh�Mۆ��*�(���K��$�c�::`���97�Tc5����f�\��=��@��B�B� On this page, you have the opportunity to view the shelving instructions for industrial steel shelving. Shelving Unit. Don't hesitate to Contact Us if you don't find what you're looking for. Sometimes, some matches just seem to be made in heaven. Before installing wire rack shelving, watch How to Design a Closet to create a plan that best suits your needs. Not long after its inception, Metalware received its first patent in 1954, and became the first company to market bolt-less shelving. 0000007427 00000 n Interlock shelving is the only shelving that can be completely assembled in an upright position, eliminating the need for extra floor space for the process. 0000004084 00000 n $6 Per Side X Brace Set. Call Us Today 1-800-637-9508. A Metalware Mezzanine is designed to satisfy your need for additional storage by maximizing the use of existing areas. 0000005824 00000 n Shelving Configurations E-Z Shelving’s components have been likened to a shelving “erector set”. Buy online our metal shelving units at Shelving Direct. Start with the height from the floor to the ceiling. Because the shelf sits on top of these brackets, you can adjust the height of shelving for a variety of configurations. Shelving Unit. There are five easy steps: Installing a shelf clip on a "T" upright (one-side locking for starter or single units) Take a shelf clip and hold the longer end up. %PDF-1.4 %���� 0000002427 00000 n Find a Metalware RK307 Boltless Shelving Unit, 7-Shelves, 48" x 24" x 88", Light Grey at By simply installing our boltless floor channel & flooring, you can increase your usable floor space without the expense of moving into a larger facility. 0000005011 00000 n 0000003119 00000 n STEP 1 *If you are not using footplates, please go directly to STEP 2. Wire Shelving from The Shelving Store is sturdy, stylish and offers a solution for all of your storage needs. PDF Assembly Instructions Series Installation Diagrams Modern Shelving Quad Compression Pole Installation Guide.pdf Semi-Wall Mounted Pole Assembly & Installation.pdf Wall Mounted Installation Instructions.pdf Links FAQ's Modern Shelving Color � .! Planning and measuring are integral parts of any dream closet project. To download our pallet racking installation guidelines English French. 0000089442 00000 n 0000009390 00000 n ÍÌÈ,[ÁÄsKRµG Æ­mùòמËX¨6'Nù*¾"#Óð‘tŸ§ya)ãx—¢Êb$±°™À3øeÇzö‡¢nœ.ÚûG¨‹¥Fëò”ªk¦©ì––ë$ˆQ*Gߝ‹‹;™®G Find step by step instructions for your wire shelving, metal shelving, lockers, or other products here. 0000089717 00000 n 0000001197 00000 n Metalware Interlok shelving eliminates obsolete methods of assembly. 02:32 Shelving & Storage D.I.Y. Metalware Interlock Shelving ... re-arranged, and all component parts can be installed without dismantling. 5 Shelf Wire Shelving. Metalware’s No-Bolt Interlok steel shelving is a snap to assemble. Check loading to assure it is not being overloaded. Shop METALWARE Shelving Unit at TENAQUIP. We also deal in used industrial Metalware shelving products, for … 0000001277 00000 n 0000003046 00000 n Sizes. Manufacturer of: Steel Shelving, Industrial Cabinets, Awesome Workbenches, Safety Equipment, Quickship Lockers, KD and Welded - Largest Inventory in the industry - Fastest Shipping - is your shelving Hallowell Tough? Wire Shelving. Insert the longer end first on the "T" upright at the desired slot height. $11 Per Shelf. As the first company to patent and market No-Bolt shelving, we pride ourselves in always being one step ahead of our competition through innovative technologies, adaptive solutions, competitive prices and unparalleled customer service. In fact, all it takes is learning these fi ve easy steps: • Installing a shelf clip on a “T” upright (one-way locking) — Take a shelf clip and hold the longer end up. This guide will help you install wire shelving and get your closet under control once and for all. 0000004936 00000 n Tip: If you need to shorten the length of your wire shelves, cut the ends with either a bolt cutter or a hacksaw, rounding the desired length down to the next lower full inch. Read reviews to learn about the top-rated Metalware RK307 Boltless Shelving Unit, 7-Shelves, 48" x 24" x 88", Light Grey. [�1y�lLb�����) �Q;���0�#�ڞ�����b- 8INX]jk*7T��'� �A�Z[w��ɐ-F_�OťU�s�|��iM�䭇U�;t_[�_��εM�ry�c��O�|�c�z��t�R�h �4���v��Y ��K:�Y�㩴��ǧ�qw�綻ݷ�?������忧=�:v�����ۻ�o_�����o���\��/27���{4�E���w���џټf�x��rV>�r;8��v�q�_�s��xp� I{U:H�**t��pɀ _/��=����$�V)$�mh���U���B� �*\�����G ��\��r.�ei��L��1���}Yzċex�e�pE^p��Wfm�Va�-�4���A��u��ku�T-mQ`� �M� gq}�1]mq���$�ŒP��Q)2�X�C�T�=㡒�`���f�����d 3���INf.��@�Y0ֻZ(� �|�� �� q�jPKZ���[��@8/K��jAP*��K�T\� �ў�s�ԃ�u�,�6�6 w[[&U�\l8�O'�4"�c��xX�>�2`#����fjv�& Z= �0�j Please check your product description carefully before placing your order. Boltless Steel Shelving From Global Industrial, Available In 5 To 8 Foot Heights In Various Widths & Depths. $20 Per Back Panel. Assemble metal shelving easily and with little fuss by following a few simple tricks.