MISSION. Maximize the usage of the library’s resources. 9 0 obj <> Through the development of a library strategic plan, the needs and demands of the library and its stakeholders can be aligned with what the library can truly provide. Developing a library strategic plan is essential to be a coordinated and collaborative effort among the library’s stakeholders. 7 0 obj Develop opportunities and partnerships among libraries, library systems, state … Updated June 2017 . Being particular and knowing the answers to these questions can give you a more direct approach on how you can achieve plans and turn them into reality. STRATEGIC PLAN AREAS AND INITIATIVES Initiatives provide a focus for the Society to drive advancement, create value, and improve efficiency. The 2011-2014 plan focused on building a whole community inclusive approach to emergency management – enabling community leaders to act when needed. Particularly preferred by young mothers group. To help you in the creation of a library strategic plan, we have listed downloadable examples in this post that you can all use as references. GCPL Strategic Plan Page 4 of 4 4 III. A library strategic plan serves as a tangible or physical evidence that there are simple action plans and strategies that are created to ensure the sustainability of the library. Logic Model. Logic Model. The vision of the library must be observed in a certain time period that you need to determine so that proper identification of growth can be observed. VISION. Always keep in mind that there are different kinds of library strategic plan documents. Family Place builds on the knowledge that good health, early learning, parent involvement, and supportive communities play a critical role in … You might be interested in personal strategic plan examples. Approved by the Rochester Public Library Board on January 22, 2020 Printable PDF of 2020 Strategic Plan. Rochester Public Library Core Values 2. Nurture a love of reading, build community, and create opportunities for life-long learning. NEW - Strategic Plan Update (Para leer en español, haga un clic aquí.) endobj You need to follow guidelines, regulations, and policies not only of the library but also of the industry so that the time and effort that you have put in the development of the library strategic plan will not be put to waste. Chicago Public Library 2020-2024 Strategy lays out a vision for the future that's more important now than ever. Since there are different types of libraries, there are also a variety of ways on how a library strategic plan can be developed. 10 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> 5 0 obj Library Strategic Plan 2018-2023. The University of Washington Libraries advances discovery and enriches the quality of life by connecting people with . Through this document, stakeholders can be aware on whether they are leading the library operations to their desired direction. VISION The Library will be a user-centric hub for information, learning and creativity 12 0 obj This can help you identify the elements that hinder the library from achieving its goals or those factors that can contribute to the betterment of the library’s action plan realization. <> The Strategic Plan for 2017-2021 provides a real opportunity to transform the Library in establishing a National Digital Library and scoping a framework for a National Archive, using digital technology to ensure that more people are able to access their culture and heritage in ways that suit them. the Compass strategic plan has developed into a living, breathing plan for the future.” Describing the strategic plan and the principles for excellence as “community-identified” is something that Amy is particularly proud of. As we look to the future, this plan will guide us along the journey. knowledge. strategic plan will serve to develop, focus and consolidate planning over the next two to five years and identify the areas where the Library and RAS must achieve change in order to fulfil its mission. The University’s strategic themes of excellence, engagement and simplification are woven throughout our plan. The plan will guide the Library’s decision making in the next three years. Download the one-page Strategic Plan overview (PDF). Every three years, the library undertakes a thorough strategic planning process designed to reexamine its vision, mission, values, and strategic priorities. Make sure that the goals and objectives of the strategic plan are aligned with those of the library’s. You may also see strategic planning checklist examples. MISSION Queens College Library facilitates creativity and intellectual inquiry in support of research, study, teaching, and the pursuit of knowledge. The preparation for the planning process began in early 2012 and focused on the following objectives: We're navigating a global pandemic that has dramatically altered the economic and social landscapes of our city. You may also like restaurant strategic plan examples. The simplicity of the document and the formality of its content arrangement can help you disseminate your message accordingly and professionally. Mission: Welcoming all to connect and learn. Hence, you can also experience different kinds of advantages and benefits depending on the kind of library strategic plan that you will make and the overall efficiency of your plan’s full implementation. Developed Academic Year 2014- 15, Revised for 2016-2017 BACKGROUND AND RATIONALE In March 2013, the University of California, Riverside hired a new University Librarian with extensive experience in the creation and management of unique physical and digital collections in support of the research and teaching mission of universities. You may also like security strategic plan examples. Lively, welcoming physical and online library spaces that are community hubs where people can engage in cultural, creative and leisure experiences. UCR Library Strategic Plan . 4 0 obj A library strategic plan helps in the assessment of the library’s purpose realization. There are five-year strategic plans for public libraries and there are also some that focus on the profitability of the library to ensure its sustainability. Do you want to provide a higher quality of services to your target market? Vision . A look at the Strategic Plan Scorecard will show what’s been done and what’s still in progress. 2020 has truly been a remarkable and humbling time in our city and across the country. You have to make sure that your library strategic plan can address existing issues and concerns related to the library and its operations. CONTEXT York Un develop strategi Plan, an Universi Plan, 20 research Enhance Addition initiative groups. BACKGROUND The cycle of building development, design and construction is moving more rapidly than ever and key stakeholders in the design and construction process face new challenges of responding to a range of environmental, market and … <> This framework identifies the library’s strategic direction, its vision and values, and the core elements and commitments that will ensure our success. Sonoma County Library 2015 - 2020 Strategic Plan From the Chair of the Sonoma County Library Commission I am pleased to present the 2015 Sonoma County Library Strategic Plan that will guide us into the year 2020 and beyond. Evaluate both the content and format of your final library strategic plan before distributing copies to all the stakeholders of the library that you think have the right to access the document. A library strategic plan is created by the board or by the management that is in charge of the library operations to ensure that the business and/or operational processes of the library are aligned with the vision of the organization. This document also available in .PDF format (; 269k). A library strategic plan is somewhat similar with a museum strategic plan in a way that both documents are created to ensure there will be improvement or development within the operations of the location where they will be used. Listed below are some guidelines that can help you ensure that you will create an effective and impressive library strategic plan. endobj endobj From setting a vision for the library to articulating its mission to establishing a set of goals for achieving that mission, the board can and should be involved. In a rapidly changing world – and library environment – there is significant risk involved in focusing only on the immediate strategic terrain. Communication of the new plan to councils and committees began in spring 2019 with formal implementation beginning in July 2019.