That doesn’t look too difficult… right? If your website is not usable by the intended audience, why continue develop it? Pre-test questions (2min) to understand them and get them comfortable talking and let them know you’re actually listening. I read Steve Krug’s Rocket Surgery Made Easy way back in 2010. You will use these goals as success criteria. Steve Krug is the author of Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability and Rocket Surgery Made Easy: The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Finding and Fixing Usability Problems. This article outlines why five users are needed for most usability tests, and flags when you need to test more. Left to our own devices. Usability testing can be as simple as listening to people as they use a prototype of your app for a few minutes in a … A usability test can be as basic as approaching strangers at Starbucks and asking them to use an app. Steve Krug's Usability Testing Guide Published on April 13, 2016. A Usability Test Notes spreadsheet for recording observations during testing. Many companies are reluctant to do a usability test. Usability tests check if people can use a product. Duh. Test the screen recorder: do a short recording (including audio) and play it back Test screen sharing (video and audio) with the observation room Turn off or disable anything on the test computer that might interrupt the test (e.g., email or instant messaging, calendar event reminders, scheduled virus scans) This was a really useful three-day workshop, jam-packed with practical advice. The Krug Method. Step 1: Choose goal-based tasks What should a user be able to do on this site? A Usability Test Checklist, including universal tasks to complete before, during, and after testing. Or it can be as involved as an online study with participants responding on a mobile phone. The best way to understand if it is usable is by asking people to try and use it, observe what happens and identify problems to address. Learn how to conduct a usability test in 5 steps. (Why are they here?) They overestimate how much it will cost and the amount of users they need, missing a huge opportunity to learn about their customers’ needs and behaviours. 5 Steps to Usability Testing If you want a usable site, you have to test. ... explaining how the test work. But what does “usable” mean? See how to determine user goals (link to user goals on new Steve Krug usability test for NIH. Last week I attended the Etre Get Together with Anders Ramsay (on Agile Design) Louis Rosenfeld (on Adaptable Information Architecture) and Steve Krug (on DIY Usability Testing). A customizable Usability Test Script that you can adapt for use during your moderated tests. Write down the top five user goals on your site. A Usability Test Consent Form to obtain permission for recording. We do this for a few reasons. So, what were Steve Krug’s 5 tips for usability testing? At 18F, we strongly prefer remote moderated usability testing (as demonstrated in the video above), in which moderators, observers, and participants join a video call from the comfort of their computers. Central to the usability test method developed by Steve Krug (2006, 2010; referred to here as the Krug method) are the notions that some usability testing is better than none and that “testing one user early in the project is better than testing 50 near the end” (Krug, 2006, p.134).