But let's face it, being stuck on R is worse. One way to verify if someone has blocked you on Kik is to try adding the person into a group chat. I know that solid D means the message is delivered and faded D means it is delivered but the recipient did not open the app yet (esp iPhone). Cemtex means what cemtex means what i received one message for some as mention cemtex means what? It means that we have sent the push notification of your message to the recipient but they have not yet opened the app in order to receive the message on their phone. Or will I see the grey d regardless? am I not blocked?? Answers. My friend owns an iPhone that's why but if he blocked me will I still see a faded D or a solid D? Doesn't it mean I'm blocked? dogbert777 +1 y. How to Use Kik Messenger - … If your. 5 years ago. Could this mean I've been unblocked or does it do that regardless? It means the user has received a push notification of your message but hasn't opened or checked the message. Light d means message was received. Will I still see a faded D if I`m blocked on Kik messenger? Say a friend texts you on Kik and you want to read it but not show that you’ve read it. Kik faded d am i blocked. Don't confuse them. ( it should say S