Some sections of this book focus on folktales. 1.Oral literature is a performed art which in most cases uses words as a medium of communication. Recent trends in African studies and the revival of interest in oral literature. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. Now, almost all oral literature is available so far in written form, they are generally categorized into fictional literature. The various categories of African folktales are analyzed. 14 0 obj IMPORTANCE OF LITERATURE IN ENGLISH 4. endobj Oral Literature, also known as Orature includes folklore, joke, fable, parable, hearsay, and legend etc. oral literature and entertainment First, all human beings need o relax, to amuse themselves and get their minds off the dull struggles, worries and sorrows of life. <>>>/MediaBox[0 0 595 842]>> ... story that uses all the elements of storytelling, namely, plot, character, setting, theme, and point of view. While these genres are not necessarily always given separate designations in local languages, in scholarly practice they are … PDF | On Sep 29, 2018, G I N Emezue published ESSENTIAL STYLISTIC FEATURES OF ORAL LITERATURE | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate à la formation du lecteur : tant dans les aspects techniques (décodage, compréhension…) qu’au niveau, souvent oublié, des représentations de la lecture et sur la notion de compréhension du texte pour l’enfant à travers notamment sa relation avec l’acte de lire) ;. Oral literature, then, consists of the songs and stories, and other sayings, that people have heard and listened to, sung and told, without any intervention of writing. The perception of African oral literature 29 Nineteenth-century approaches and collections. African Oral Literature and Education. Elements of a good literature review . It simply means “literature delivered by word of mouth”. Fairy Tales: Stories that deal with mischievous spirits and of oral literature. Poetry Terms and Definitions 18 Terms. In a school, the sender is a person who has a need or desire to convey an idea or concept to others. 0000000015 00000 n 100 2.1 The literature review The publication, The A-Z of Social Research (Robinson & Reed, 1998: 58), defines a literature review as “a systematic search of published work to find out what is already known about the intended research topic.” A literature review … 0000000289 00000 n 0000000529 00000 n Oral literature is an aspect of literature preserved not in written form but in oral form. [3 0 R/XYZ 36 705 0] Like written literature, oral literature depends on imaginative use of language; the artist uses language to create an artistic impact on the listener.The importance of language to a people cannot be over-emphasized because it is a crucial element in the making of a society. 0000001946 00000 n 0000000670 00000 n endobj Recognize the basic elements that make up any literature, (i.e. It is quite xref OTHER SETS BY THIS CREATOR. 0000001135 00000 n DorianMartinez11. Here are also other quotations which “define” literature. elements of Western civilization. As a separate movement or school of literary criticism, ecocriticism started developing in the 1990s. The paragraphs below will tell you more about the elements of literature. Each focus lesson defines a literary element or group of literary elements, provides This literature defines, interprets, and elaborates on the society’s vision of reality and the dangers in the world. Oral art as literature. It may be classified according to a variety of systems, including language and genre. It is more common in patients between 10-40 years of Assigning and reviewing the focus lessons will provide students with the knowledge they need to do well on the End-of-Course Test. KINDS OF LITERATURE 5. Interactions and Intersections Edited by Daniela Merolla Leiden University, the Netherlands I ... Tinturier shows that elements of women’s initiation rituals are reactivated in the Copperbelt region of Northern Zambia within the framework created by . Ch.4 Forms of Fiction Notes 10 Terms. <> HarryRitholz. To some people, Oral literature is only but a mirage ENGLISH LITERATURE ENGLIT 0066 INTRODUCTION TO SOCIAL LITERATURE 3 cr. Be aware of the basic written elements that make up all literature b. Nordic Journal of African Studies 388 the content and context of this literature, neglecting (more appropriately de-emphasising), for the most part, the more significant elements of language in all its manifestations, particularly in orature. %%EOF. chp_cs_p5_28. intended to be read. That is to say, the text itself creates only part of its message. In the initial phase particularly, it was a meeting place of American critics dealing exclusively with American literature. Great literature is simply language charged with meaning to the utmost possible degree [3]. African literature, the body of traditional oral and written literatures in Afro-Asiatic and African languages together with works written by Africans in European languages. The paper argues that while it is easy and desirable to choose a facilitative theory in the analysis of a written work of literature, such a process poses challenges when it comes to the oral type of African literature. Oral literature is often referred to as “traditional literature”, “folk literature” or “folklore”. 6. endobj 2. The Different Elements. After speech, important elements include storytelling, plot, protagonists, antagonists, culture, morals/lessons, preservation of history and/or lore, legitimization and praise of rulers, rhetoric, etc. the elements of literature are conflict, plot, character, setting, structure, point of view, foreshawdoing, and diction. Oral literature always also contains elements of drama at the same time : the story-telling performance is a total happening, a total art form in several ways. Techniques differ between poets and according to time, place and occasion. Oral literature is an aspect of literature preserved not in written form but in oral form. between oral narrative and theatre. ENGLIT 0070 CERVANTES IN ENGLISH 3 cr. <> profoundly complex relation between media and literature. 10 0 obj Such literature recounts the work of the gods, explains how the world and human existence came about, and reveals the nature of human frailty. Lord of the Flies 50 Terms. 2) Literature is a world of fantasy, horror, feelings, visions … put into words. Oral literature makes us aware of ourselves, other human beings, our environment and our history. of Oral and Written Traditions», ... Éléments de pensée politique autochtone contemporaine 31 L’analyse présentée dans ce texte répond d’un paradigme d’in- terprétation des idées politiques qui fait intervenir trois ensembles de notions. In New Zealand, the current status of oral health is at epidemic proportions, with the most recent data available from the Ministry of Health <> Corbin (1996) sees it as an Furthermore, the Oral Literature was composed and intended to be heard by listeners who shared the Native language and culture. The writer of the work has done his or After speech, important elements include storytelling, plot, protagonists, antagonists, culture, morals/lessons, preservation of history and/or lore, legitimization and praise of rulers, rhetoric, etc. It is a body of written or oral works, such as novels, poetry, or drama that use words to stimulate the imagination and confront the reader with a unique vision of life. no longer supports Internet Explorer. the content and context of this literature, neglecting (more appropriately de-emphasising), for the most part, the more significant elements of language in all its manifestations, particularly in orature. The communication process. It is highly valued in Africa in general and in Igbo in particular mainly because of its didactic nature. Devices for rapid composition of the praises are discussed. lesions are located on the oral mucosa, but are infrequent on the gums (1,2). To some people, Oral literature is only but a mirage Princeton: Brief bullet-pointed lists on tips to prepare, presenting, visual aids, etc. Dans la partie centrale se sont établis les Akposso, les Adélé-Aklo, tandis que dans la partie septentrionale s’installèrent les Gourma, les Kotokoli, les Mossi, les Temba, les Mamproussi. endobj ventlingk. Literature could be said to be a sort of disciplined technique for arousing certain emotions [2]. 0000001256 00000 n These features relate to ... elements of Western civilization. 15 0 obj Langage oral Lectue et compéhension de l’écit Ecriture Etude de la langue (grammaire, orthographe, lexique) Culture littéraire et artistique COMPETENCES TRAVAILLEES Compétences langagières, orales et écrites - Langage oral - Ecriture - Lecture et compréhension de l’écit (et de l’image en cycle 4) Compétences linguistiques : étude de la langue (grammaire, orthographe, lexique) C endobj The disease manifests in the form of outbreaks, with a chronic and self-limiting course in most cases (3,4). Emma_Bratt_02. Folklore is a traditional story that has been generating interest since ancient times. There are certain techniques which may be used to good effect in oral literature but which may not work in written literature; on the other hand, there are certain techniques and elements in written literature which may be seen as borrowings or survivals from oral literature. The scholar examines literary issues which relate to the performance of folktales in traditional Africa. It deals with the human adventure and achievements against odds. Recent trends in African studies and the revival of interest in oral literature. ECC literature indicated that in developed countries ECC prevalence ranges between 1-12%, however, in undeveloped countries, the rate can be as high as 70% (Milnes, 1996). Examines the changing social pressures and forces in the 19th and 20th centuries through an analysis of major works by Twain, Dickens, Steinbeck, Williams, Golding, Miller, and Hemingway. uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience. endobj Literature, a body of written works. - … endobj Karín Lesnik-Oberstein is a lecturer in English, American and Children’s Literature at the University of Reading. Developing the objectives 4. Theory of Literature is a book on literary scholarship by René Wellek, of the structuralist Prague school, and Austin Warren, a self-described "old New Critic". A study by the American Institutes of Research (Baer, Cook, and Baldi, 2006) surveyed the literacy skills of college graduates of two- and four-year programs, with the results indicating that over half of the students who responded lacked basic skills, such as understanding and They are too complicated for that. Extensive Literature Review 3. 8 0 obj The social, linguistic, and literary background 51 There are also the minor genres of the proverb and the riddle. identifies the important elements of the communication process (Cheney, 2011) Message Figure 1. The two met at the University of Iowa in the late 1930s, and by 1940 had begun writing the book; they wrote collaboratively, in a single voice over a period of three years. This is a very complicated point. paragraph, sentence, speech phrase, punctuation, stanza, meter etc.) Speculations and neglect in the twentieth century. Aristotle was not primarily thinking of drama as a book to be read but as a text to be acted on the stage with people, the audience, and so he considered following elements of drama especially. An oral culture is one that is not acquainted with or does not make broad use of writing. literature of a group of people at a certain period of time. endobj 3.1. Pour préparer le DELF à l'oral et à l'écrit; Pour les débutants; Etude de la langue: grammaire / voc / conju; Littérature 2nde-1ère et Bac; Réussir dans les disciplines; Apprendre à apprendre; Orientation; Développer son potentiel; Gérer le stress; Vivre avec le Covid-19 <> endobj (b) Linguistic aspects such as tone and pitch are crucial in oral poetry in varying the meaning and the mood . RAS is the most frequent chronic disease of the oral cavity, affecting 5-25% of the population (3-6). <]/Info 18 0 R/Size 19>> ORALE ET LA LITTERATURE.....3433 VII.1 LES DEFIS ... Des éléments Fon-Mahi, Ifè arrivèrent durant la première moitié du XIXème siècle. This literature defines, interprets, and elaborates on the society’s vision of reality and the dangers in the world. ELEMENTS OF THE PLAY (DRAMA) 7. 13 0 obj The name has traditionally been applied to those imaginative works of poetry and prose distinguished by the intentions of their authors and the perceived aesthetic excellence of their execution. <> endobj endobj Recent trends in African studies and the revival of interest in oral literature. Stories, songs, proverbs, riddles and jokes in oral literature use colorful words and vivid images to describe human beings, their feelings and their behavior towards one another. 0000001293 00000 n A literary text from one literary tradition will differ in themes and features from a text ... African literature was primarily oral while European was mainly written. 0000001857 00000 n Generalisation and Interpretation 8. 0000000000 65535 f endobj [3 0 R/XYZ 36 629 0] 18 0 obj <> The underlying assumption here is that a work of literature is a creative, universal form of expression that addresses the oral literature are words which is altered by the mouth but not written down or are words spoken throw the movement of the lips and voice articulation 0000001980 00000 n 1.2 Presentation of Subject Matter 1.2.1 Definition of Drama What is drama? Quite arguably, the form of oral literature in codified African languages has widely been examined and explored Almost all elements of poetic and narra- A literate culture is one in which writing and reading is broadly disseminated. <> 2400 <> Oral literature serves to communicate ideas, emotions, beliefs and appreciation of life. Preparing the Research Design including Sample Design 5. 0 19 Literature' with very readable explanations of the elements of all the forms of writing and excellent chapters on critical thinking and writing (Meyer, 2003). 0000001449 00000 n Roger Blench Nupe oral literature genres Circulated for comment 1 1. Elements of Literature: 4th Course by Robert Anderson 4 Fine Arts Transparencies, Holt Elements of Literature, Fourth Course (Teacher's Notes, Worksheets, Answer Key) by Rinehart & Winston Holt OF LITERATURE AND ENVIRONMENT UDC 502.12 Jelica Tošić Faculty of Occupational Safety, University of Niš Abstract. 1 0 obj The creator or transmitter did not write the song or the story but sang or told it; the receiver did not read the song or story but heard it. elements in his treatise. 12 0 obj I. Oral Transmission Cultures have traditionally been divided according to whether they are primarily oral or literate. Prerequisite: None. Uses a modern English translation of Cervantes, and all readings, … Critical evaluation of the literature . -Helps the learner to improve their reading abilities as well as acquiring positive attitudes towards oral literature.-It also encourages people to appreciate people from different kinds of races or ethnic groups across the countries.-Plays a key role in building up of both the listeners and the readers in a gibe literature work. Students of literature, left with no sense of what to do orally with a text, grow mute or worse. This paper grapples with the question of choice of theory in the study of African oral literature. Literature is understood in a multiplicity of ways. There are different ways in which literature can be portrayed – a novel, drama, poetry, biography, non-fictional prose, an essay, an epic, or short stories. Oral Literature can include myths, legends, songs and chants, and even speeches. consists of oral praise poetry lauding the heroic deeds of men in battles and casual encounters. Oral literature or folk literature is a literature that is spoken or sung as opposed to that which is written, though much oral literature has been transcribed. 3. 0000001800 00000 n literature is to persuade the readers that your analysis and interpretation of the work are valid, reasonable, and logical. Tall tales are often light-hearted or humorous, and contain exaggerated, unrealistic elements. 0000001623 00000 n The sender initiates the communication. <> Lyrics, myths, legends, folktales, epics, proverbs, praise poetry and ritual dramatic forms will be studied. A valuable book in the genre of African Oral literature is Ruth Finnegan’s Oral Literature in Africa. Oral literature - Oral literature - Oral genres: Beyond the epic, the main oral genres include the folktale; song, including laments, praise songs, and work songs; folk drama; myth; and, closely related, legend and historical recitation. startxref There is no standard definition, as folklorists have varying descriptions for oral literature or folk literature. A broad conceptualization refers to it as literature characterized by oral transmission and the absence of any fixed form. Speculations and neglect in the twentieth century. Of these languages, at … ventlingk. Introduction: background to Nigeria Nigeria is by far the richest repository of oral traditions and culture in Africa, if only because some 500 languages are spoken there, i.e. Literature Review. To us Literature is any creative, factual and imaginative work about people and what they have done, believe, and have created or are willing to create. nearly 30% of all those in Africa (Lewis 2009). endobj Speculations and neglect in the twentieth century. 16 0 obj endobj %iText-5.4.5 Without a common language, a society cannot evolve.A common culture and history are dependent on language. 7 0 obj 2. 2. Emma Larocque, Lee Maracle, Patricia Monture-Angus et Gail Valaskakis (en voie de publication). Noise: This can be any sort of interference that affects the message being sent, received, or understood.It can be as literal as static over a phone line or radio or as esoteric as misinterpreting a local custom. 17 0 obj The perception of African oral literature 29 Nineteenth-century approaches and collections. endstream - definitely the most comprehensive and detailed resource on this list. 0000002055 00000 n Performance plays a vital role in oral literature. of oral literature. . By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. Oral art as literature. Oral Tradition 17 Terms.