Everybody knows the best fish is fresh fish and it doesn’t get any fresher than walleye and perch caught from the cool waters of Lake Erie on Ohio’s north coast. The Erie Dearie or Original Erie Dearie walleye lure should be tipped with a live worm I have had my best luck catching walleye this way. Most captains keep them under lock-and-key. They are easy to tune and stay in tune well. After you have set up the right tackle and found the fish, you can catch them by … With a name like Wally diver you know this thing will catch some. So if you are headed out after walleye ,on Lake Erie ,and plan to use crankbaits , these are the go to lures. The best speeds for running Deep Down Husky Jerks is from .8 to 1.4 Mph (around 1 mph was our best this past year). ... the best color for any water is the color and lure that catches the most fish. Spoon feeding Lake Erie walleyes has become the topic most often discussed among Great Lakes anglers. I’m going to focus on crankbait colors for walleye, as that’s where most of my personal experience comes from, but many of the principles will apply to all freshwater species. Being a troller, I generally have four to six lures in the water which gives me the flexibility to play around with different colors and patterns. The Best Equipment for Walleye Fishing in Lake Erie. Lindy's Shadling comes in a Natural Perch and Shiner, but here's where you'd tie on a … Tuning these lures is critical as they get out of whack easily .Best speeds are usually from 1 to 1.7 MPH. Charter companies know the water very well. just trying to get a feel for what other people have used up there that also produced well,,my ulitmate favorite is a size 1 dipsy diver in the watermelon color with any michigan stinger spoon behind it. The walleye or Stizostedion vitreum, as it is also known, can be found in many lakes throughout the mid-west. Red colors on lures can lead to lots of debates. They work well in the mid to fast speeds of 1.5 to 2.5 MPH. Find the right water color with the right sonar marks and you’ll catch walleye. What are the best blade and bead colors for harnesses.? There is plenty of information available online relative to color penetration in water, and Google will find plenty of reading material if you want to read more about the science behind it. I have a 75 horse and a bow mount trolling motor what speed should I be at? It’s surprising how many fish have purple on the underside of their head. There are other walleye scents out there that can be applied to lures and plastics but Gulp is the best! This is the new hot bait for pounding cold water Lake Erie walleye. Think about your favorite lure colors and how deep you fish them, and now think about how different they might look if clarity or light limit color penetration. The # 11 ‘s sometimes get pulled slowly (1.5 and under) in the fall for large fish. It has a subtle action that will work even at ultra slow speeds down to 1 mph. “To a walleye, smelt is like filet mignon,” Jobes explained, “so when you see a ball of smelt on sonar, you’ll often mark walleyes, too.” Purple, white and especially pink are the best colors to … Long lined behind a planer board it dives to about 10 feet. They are easy to keep tuned. Clear water means natural colors, like shiner colors, and whatever the color of the forage base at your lake. A bottom bouncer is the best weight for a worm harness. A feast or famine lure it seems. Smelt are a predominate forage species in Lake Erie, and deserve special attention wherever you find them. In dirty water, match the forage base, but break out the brighter versions. ... Best gentlemen to fish with. You still need to locate the most and biggest fish, regardless of what you are fishing for, and then determine how deep they are in the water column and what they want to eat. Be sure to buy them in assorted colors so you will not miss out if the lure color combination for the day changes. There are so many colors! When you combine these factors with a little bit of knowledge about local baitfish, you can start putting together a good plan to figure out what color the fish want. Wiggle Warts are some of my favorite baits. Although I have done well with the large Flicker shad also . That’s rarely the case. I tried to put these in order from the slowest ( cooler water) to fastest (warmer water). Platinum Plus Lake Erie and Lake St Clair Marine. Old Thundersticks are worth their weight in gold because they remain, without a doubt, the best plugs on Lake Erie. These lures are hot ! Speed has been 1.5 -2.0 mph.