This includes car registrations which are increasing by more than 15% each year, contrasting with road space being increased by 3% annually. Fares in the Beijing Subway are distance based. Operating hours: 5: 00 to 23: 00. English EN; 中文(简体) 中文; Line 12. The old plan of Line 12 is cancelled now. It is fully underground. Beijing Subway Line 8 is a rapid transit line in Beijing, which sits on the central axis of Beijing. For more details view the ExploreShanghai interactive Metro map or click on one of the station names below. Convenient for those commuting to Xizhimen/Dongzhimen, this Beijing metro line lies in the North of the city and connects North West with North East. With more than 7.5 million people in the city proper and estimates of at least 17 million present in the conurbation, Beijing is undergoing rapid growth. According to Beijing News, Beijing Subway Line 12 is set to open to the public in 2020. Travel 10:36, 12-Sep-2020 Beijing approves feasibility report for new subway line 28 through CBD. Recommended Scenic Spots along Beijing Subway Line 10 Jinsong Station 劲松站. Other Information: Beijing Subway Line 12 is an oblique line which links the southeast and northwest areas of Beijing. Beijing Subway Line 12 (N/A) : Under construction. I am really sorry for that. Subway Line 16 is under planning and will start from Huilongguan Station in the north to the Jijiamiao Station in the south of Beijing. [4] In June 2012, there were several media reports listing the planned stations of the line. The new line will cut through the North Third Ring Road from Sijiqing Qiao to Guanzhuang, covering a total length of 29.3km. DKZ4内的路线图.jpg 4,160 × 3,120; 3.79 MB. opened 37 new miles of track. Beijing subway is the fastest transportation in downtown and it is a good way to avoid frequent traffic jams. Competent, friendly and up to date with the latest technology, Only if you are stuck in China and have no options, Catherine de France Hair and Beauty Salon, Beijing Subway Line 12 to Open in 2020, Promises Transfers of Under 100 Meters, Sanyuan Qiao (to Line 10 and the Airport Express). Line 13 of the Beijing Subway is a metro line that serves the northern suburbs of Beijing. Connecting on Beijing Metro Line 4; Stops on Beijing Metro Line 4; Beijing Metro Line 4 北京地铁四号线. Since the trains will pass through 34 flyovers, adding a certain element of complication to the construction, its estimated that the entire line won't be completed and operational until 2020. READ: Ride the Beijing Metro by Swiping Your Phone ... As Long as It's Not an iPhone. The new stations (from west to east) include the following: The trains on the new line will travel at a speed of 80km per hour, and construction at Suzhou Qiao has already started. The new line will cut through the North Third Ring Road from Sijiqing Qiao to Guanzhuang, covering a total length of 29.3km. Information: Line 15 is a rapid transit rail line in northern Beijing with one portion in operation and the remainder under construction. No certificate or license is needed for buying the card, and 20 yuan deposit shall be paid for the card. A passenger scans a QR code to enter Beijing subway Line 5 in April, 2019. Beijing subway line … Beijing metro line 16 now has its north section between Bei'anhe and Xiyuan in service, passing by Summer Palace. (There is a 20 RMB deposit, and a 20 RMB minimum for your first charge. It began operation in October 1969. Re: Beijing subway . The Beijing Subway Culture Park, located near Xihongmen in Daxing District, opened in 2010 to commemorate the 40-year history of the Beijing Subway. In 1969, the Beijing Subway opened as the first subway system in China.