Sticker Tag

Can you secretly place stickers on your friends without their knowledge?
One strip of stickers per player (having different kinds of stickers per player is best; make sure players start with the same number of stickers)
Sharpie marker (for complex version)
Paper and pens for everyone (for complex version)

1. Hand out stickers to everyone.
2. If you are playing the complex version, designate one person to be the sticker keeper (their job will be to keep track of the emptied sticker strips).
3. Set a timer for 30 or more minutes. (The time limit on this game is endless, as long as players don't change their clothes. You could make it an all day challenge if you like.)

How to Play

The object of this game is simple: try to get rid of your stickers by applying them to other players.
There are two general ways to play this game: the simple way, and the complex way.
Simplified version:
1. Any player may apply any number of stickers to one person. It’s up to each person how they dispose of their stickers.
2. If a player who has been stuck spies a sticker on their body, they may remove it. They can not ask anyone else to remove it; unreachable stickers must stay.
3. Players must get rid of all of their stickers on their sticker sheet within the allotted time limit.
4. When the timer sounds, have players pair up and count the number of stickers they see (remember to check the bottoms of shoes). The player with the least amount of stickers is given a big round of applause.
Complex version (this is better for older kids):
Rules 1 & 2 are exactly the same.
3. Players must get rid of all but one of their stickers on their sticker sheet within the allotted time limit.
4. When a player finishes their sheet (leaving only one sticker on the sheet) they quietly take their sheet to the sticker keeper who will write the time on the sheet, along with the person’s name.
5. When the timer sounds, have everyone stop what they are doing, grab a partner, a piece of paper and a pen, and count up the number of stickers on each player. Players should note the type of sticker (i.e., 2 blue dot stickers, 1 dog sticker, 1 cat sticker, 3 orange dot stickers, etc.)
6. Have the players hand in their sheets of paper, then remove all stickers from one another. Have them return to another activity.
7. The sticker keeper will then calculate who was able to stick the most stickers (this is the reason for leaving 1 sticker per sheet, so the sticker keeper can see whose sticker belongs to whom). There are two levels to the scoring...
A. The player who was able to stick the most secretive stickers (meaning the highest rate of stickers left on players) not dependent upon length of time. Each sticker is worth 5 points.
B. The player with the best overall time and number of stealth stickers. This is scored like so: Take the time the sticker sheet was turned in and subtract it from the overall time (i.e., if the sheet was turned in 10 minutes into the game, that player would subtract 10 from 30 to get 20 points). Add this number to the number of stickers to get their total (i.e., 20 points for time and say 25 points for stickers, equaling a total score of 45).


1. Speed round: hand out stickers and have everyone go to it! This is great for a slightly larger area and a much younger crowd. Kids will duck and weave trying to avoid each other. In this version, all the stickers can be the same style, since the object is to be the first person to use up all of their stickers.
2. Call the game “Love Bites” for Valentine’s Day. You can also do “Chicken Pox” or “Raindrops” for a farm or rainbow/fairy theme.
3. Instead of removing the stickers if found, have everyone just keep them on. See who can end up with the most, the fewest, etc. This version can be played just for fun, as it doesn’t really matter how many stickers a person receives, it’s just fun to try and avoid them and to stick them on other players!


1. Remind players that stealth is more important than time.
2. Think outside the box, how can you get a sticker onto someone without them knowing. What if you are sitting at a table, and bend down to “tie” your shoe, but all the while you are sticking stickers on your neighbors?
3. Try sticking stickers in hard-to-see places, like the bottom of a shoe, on top of a headband... just don't stick them intentionally in someone's hair!
4. When playing speed rounds, remind players to be gentle. No slapping or hitting for sticker application, please.

Activity Length
15 - 30 minutes
Either/or (can be played either way)
Easy peasy (fun and simple)
Mess Factor
Dustpan, please
Noise Level
Number of Players
3 to 4
5 to 10
10 to 20
Prep Time
5 minutes or less
Team Division
Every man for himself (individual players)