Paper Wars

Grab your friends and go to war with a bunch of newspaper!
One newspaper per team
Cones or other markers to divide the playing field

1. Divide your playing area down the middle with some sort of division marker, like cones, a jump rope, sweatshirt...
2. Set one newspaper at the farthest end of each team’s playing area (away from the center line), like an endzone on a football field.
3. Divide your players into two teams, and place one team on each side of the playing field.

How to Play

The object of this game is actually pretty simple: crumple balls of paper and toss them into your opponents playing field.
1. On “Go!” each team member on either side races to the pile of newspaper, pulls off a sheet,
crumples it into a ball, and tosses it into the other team’s playing field.
2. Players may only take one piece of newspaper at a time. Once they have launched their paper ball into their opponents’ field, they must run back to the newspaper zone to grab one more sheet.
3. Players can pick up paper balls from the ground at any time and toss them over the line into their opponent’s playing field.
4. Play for a predetermined allotted amount of time, like between 2 and 4 minutes.
5. When time is called, everyone should freeze. No more paper balls can be thrown.
6. Count up the number of paper balls on each side.
7. The team with the least amount of paper balls on their side, wins!Additional Rules
1. Each person must crumple and throw their own paper ball; you can’t assign just one team member to sit and crumple balls.
2. At no time can a player from one team cross into their opponent’s territory. They may come as close to the division line as they like, but they can not cross over.


1. Make a rule that each team must crumple every piece of the newspaper before they can begin picking up paper balls from the ground. If you do this version, make sure that you have exactly the same number of sheets for each team. You could offer a penalty for any uncrumpled paper left at the end of the game. (This works best with a very large group, or if you give the group more time.)
2. Use soft balls instead of paper. Just make sure to give each team the same number.
3. If it’s hot, use water balloons - just count up the popped pieces (the nipple part only would count) to declare the winner.


1. Make sure you have referees watching the playing field.
2. Keep the game moving. If you’ve set a 4 minute time limit, and it seems to be dragging, just shorten up the time by announcing “30 seconds left!”

Activity Length
5 - 15 minutes
Competitive (has winners and losers)
Easy peasy (fun and simple)
Mess Factor
Dustpan, please
Noise Level
Number of Players
5 to 10
10 to 20
Prep Time
5 minutes or less
Team Division
Teamwork! (divide into teams)