London Bridges

A perfect game to play indoors or out, at anytime of day.

1. Teach the children the words to the nursery rhyme "London Bridges"
"London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down..
London Bridge is falling down, My Fair Lady
Take a key and lock her up, lock her up, Lock her up.
Take a key and lock her up, My fair lady."
2. When all players know the words, select two adults to form the "Bridge."
3. The Bridge is formed when the two player face each other, place their arms over their hands, and link their fingers together.
4. Players line up, in a semi circle, ready to walk under the bridge. As the first player goes under they will walk under and join the end of the semi-circle. As they, and all the other players do so, a circle of continuous bodies should form. You want to end up with a moving circle of players.

How to Play

1. The children start singing the rhyme and walking under the bridge.
2. They follow each other one after the other.
3. When "My fair lady" is said, the bridge lowers their arms around one of the players and traps them is inside the bridge!
4. They rock the child back and forth for the next verse "Lock her up."
5. When that verse ends, the child that was locked up has to sit in the mush pot (in the middle of the circle) until the next child is caught by the bridge.
6. When two people have been caught, they create a new bridge, which also tries to trap people! Now the group walks through both bridges during the song, doubling their chances of getting trapped!
7. Eventually you will have a room full of bridges and one child left trying to make it through safely!


1. Make sure that the children keep moving in a continuous stopping for fear of being caught.
2. By making adults the lead bridge you can assure that someone will be caught each time. The bridge leads the singing, so they can speed up, draw out, or slow down according to need.
3. Some children may be fearful of being caught or walking under the bridge, encourage them, but don't ever force them. If it's too scary, have them sit out.

Activity Length
5 - 15 minutes
Easy peasy (fun and simple)
Noise Level
Number of Players
5 to 10
10 to 20
Prep Time
5 minutes or less
Space Needed
Medium (a clearable open space the size of a 2-car garage)
Team Division
Every man for himself (individual players)
Buddy up (pairs of two)