Leaf Blower Game

Kids scramble to blow tissue paper leaves across the floor and into piles
1 drinking straw per player (or if you have them, a balloon or hand pumps - 1 for each team)
1 hula hoop for each team (optional - you can use a box, laundry basket, or just tape out a box on the floor)
1 small dried leaf, or tissue paper leaf, per player (squares of Kleenex, toilet paper, or even wax paper can be used as well)

1. Cut tissue paper into leaf shapes, or gather some dried leaves. For ease's sake, you can just cut tissue paper into 3 x 3 inch squares.
2. Divide group into even teams, and hand each team member a straw and a "leaf."
3. Mark a starting line and have teams line up behind it, one after the other.
4. Set a hula hoop across from each team, about 10 to 15 yards away.

How to Play

1. On "Go!" the first person from each team gets on their hands and knees, and, using only the straw, attempts to blow their leaf into their hula hoop.
2. Once done, they may stand up, and race back to their team, tagging the next player.
3. Play continues like this until all the players have gone. Whichever team gets all their leaves into their hoop first, wins!


1. For a non-competitive version, set up a pile of leaves, and just make the goal to get all the leaves from one side of the room to the next, working as one big team.
2. Make "ghosties" (instead of leaves) for Halloween, or use little pictures of houses cut out of magazines for a "tornado" version.
3. Use a balloon or hand pump instead of a straw.


1. Remind players not to use their hands.
2. If I child has trouble blowing through their straw, give them a magazine and let them flap the magazine up and down, creating wind that will drive the piece of paper.
3. If using a balloon pump, make sure kids don't pinch their fingers. Make sure they know how to use the pump correctly.

Activity Length
5 - 15 minutes
Either/or (can be played either way)
Easy peasy (fun and simple)
Mess Factor
Clean and tidy
Noise Level
Number of Players
5 to 10
10 to 20
Prep Time
5 - 10 minutes
Space Needed
Medium (a clearable open space the size of a 2-car garage)
Team Division
Teamwork! (divide into teams)