How to Play our Pupae Escape Game

Get ready to pretend you are a pupae
one large sheet

1. Select one person to be the pupae.
2. Spread the rest of the group out, making a big circle.
3. Open up a large sheet and lay it inside the circle
3. Ask each person in the circle to grab an end of the sheet and lift the sheet up as high as possible.

How to Play

1. The person selected as the pupae runs underneath the lifted sheet, to the center of the circle.
2. The pupae scrunches down to the floor as the group begins to let the sheet enclose him/her.
3. Then the pupae does its best to wiggle out of the sheet just like a pupae coming out of a cocoon.
4. Once the pupae emerges, and new pupae is selected and the activity continues!


This a great way to make science fun! Teach your children about the different stages of a moth or butterfly and use this game to reiterate what you they have learned. You can even have the children act out the various stages of moth life before and after this game to incorporate the entire life cycle.