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1. One person is designated as the “Director.”
2. Two people are selected as the “Actors.”
3. Everyone else becomes the audience.

How to Play: 

1. The director comes up with a scene idea, and the two actors begin acting it out.
2. At some point the director shouts “Freeze!” The actors must then freeze at that exact moment!
3. The director will then select two audience members to take the actors' places.
4. The new actors come on the stage and mimic the exact frozen position of the previous actors.
5. After the new actors are in the frozen position and the previous actors return to the audience, the director then shouts “Action!”
6. Now the actors must begin acting out an ENTIRELY NEW SCENE based on the frozen positions they were in. Time to get creative!
7. At some point, the director will yell “Freeze!” again, new actors are selected, and the activity continues.


1. You can use more than two actors at one time if you have a large group and want to incorporate more children.