1. White flour, enough to fill a small bowl or tea cup for each team
  2. 1 Lifesaver candy per team
  3. 1 knife per team (plastic or butter knife -- not sharp!)
  4. 1 plate or cookie sheet (something with a rim)
  5. Tarp or tablecloth to protect playing space
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1. Fill your bowl or cup with flour. Pack it tightly.
2. Take a plate, place it on top of the open side of the cup, hold tightly, and flip over (so the cup is now upside down in the middle of the plate).
3. Carefully remove the cup, and place an unwrapped Lifesaver candy on the top of the flour mound.
4. Place in the center of the playing area.
5. Have all the players gather around the plate.

Setup Photos: 
How to Play: 

1. Using the plastic knife, one by one, allow players to cut away a portion of the flour.
2. Players should always pass the knife carefully to their left to keep the order the same each time.
3. A player may cut as little or as much as they like, but they can only make one cut per turn.
4. The object is to keep the Lifesaver from falling. Whoever makes it fall must fish the Lifesaver out without using their hands (meaning, only using their mouth).
5. Once the Lifesaver has been retrieved and multiple photos have been taken, you can clean up and play another round!

How to Play Photos: 

1. Use any type of candy you prefer.
2. Use powdered sugar or cornstarch instead of flour.


1. Make sure the plate or base you choose has a lip. This will keep the flour from going everywhere.
2. Keep groups small; 5 or 6 people max.
3. Make sure to have a camera on hand!
4. Make sure to have towels at the ready.
5. If you play outside, only do so when it's not windy.

Activity Length: 
5 - 15 minutes
Either/or (can be played either way)
Easy peasy (fun and simple)
Mess Factor: 
Get the push brooms
Noise Level: 
Number of Players: 
3 to 4
5 to 10
Prep Time: 
5 minutes or less