Bubbling Bottle of Fun

Bubbling Bottle of Fun is an amazing science-oriented game that combines oil, water, and carbonation, creating an effervescent good time.
12 or 16 ounce empty plastic bottle
Any inexpensive vegetable oil
Food coloring
Alka-Seltzer tablet

1. Begin by filling up your bottle a third of the way with water.
2. Then add a TON of food coloring so the water becomes nice and dark in color.
3. Fill up the remainder of the bottle with vegetable oil.
4. Finally, break your Alka-Seltzer into little pieces (into four parts works well).

How to Play

Now for the fun!
1. Drop one piece of Alka-Seltzer at a time into the bottle. Do you see all the bubbly action?
2. Wait to drop the next one until the bubbles from the first one have subsided.