You Will Need ...

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Step 1: 

Paper - Works great, but must be given time to dry.  Note the drying times in the photo.  Be sure to allow it to dry for at least one minute.

Step 2: 

Cardboard - Excellent.

Step 3: 

Lacquered Wood - Excellent.  Went on beautifully does not wipe off.

Step 4: 

Terracotta - Excellent. By far the best marker for Terracotta.

Step 5: 

Glass - Good, but definitely comes off when wet.  Do not use on drinking glasses.

Step 6: 

Black Paper - Fair.  It adheres well, but the colors get absorbed and lose their vibrancy.  In this instance you would be better using a marker designed to write on black.

Step 7: 

Duct Tape - Excellent, although it can sometimes smudge when applying.

Step 8: 

Cork - Good.  It will rub off with a wet towel.

Step 9: 

Fabric - Excellent.  Goes on easily, does not come off, and stretches with the fabric.

Step 10: 

Tarp - Excellent.  Does not wipe off.

Step 11: 

Felt - Excellent.  Does not wipe off.

Step 12: 

Rocks - Excellent.  This is what I used them for originally.

Step 13: 

Wax - Good.  Goes on surprisingly welll but will come off if rubbed.

Step 14: 

Metal - Fair.  It beads up on application and needs time to dry.  It will also rub or scrape off.

Plastic - Good.  Slightly streaky when applying.  But does not wipe off.

Step 15: 

Glazed Ceramic - Good, but definitely comes off when wet.  You would not want to use these pens on ceramic dishes or mugs that come in contact with your mouth or the dishwasher.  It would work well on ceramic ornaments and things of that nature.