You Will Need ...
  1. Styrofoam balls, different sizes for the head, body, and body parts

  2. Pipe cleaners, at least two

  3. Glue (any kind will work)

  4. Googly eyes

  5. Marker or pencil

  6. Decorations: construction paper, feathers, sticks, wine corks, etc.

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Step 1: 

Begin this craft by trying to come up with a general idea of the critter you would like to create. Maybe it has a tail, two heads, three feet... whatever your heart desires!

Step 2: 

To make the head bobble, you need a curly pipe cleaner. Using a marker or pencil (depends on how tight you want the curls), wrap the pipe cleaner tightly around the utensil to create the coiled effect. This works well for the tail or arms also!

Step 3: 

Once you have selected the styrofoam pieces for the various head and body parts, they are ready to be attached by the pipe cleaners. Simply stick one end of the pipe cleaner into the styrofoam ball for one body part, and the other end into another.

Step 4: 

With the base of your body intact, it's time to elaborate. Add a tail, googly eyes, wine corks for feet, or feathers; the options are endless. Glue is helpful in making sure the decorations last. If you choose a hot glue gun, just make sure the glue cools for a moment on the decorative item before applying it to the styrofoam! Check out a few of my own critter creations!

Craft Length: 
15 - 30 minutes
Easy peasy (fun and simple)
Prep Time: 
5 minutes or less
1 adult per 10 children