You Will Need ...
  1. sunglasses

  2. thin wire

  3. letter beads

  4. needle nose pliers

  5. stick-on jewels

  6. tiny charms, pearls, beads, or whatever you have on hand

  7. hot glue gun

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Step 1: 

Determine what you would like your sunglasses to say.  Choose and arrange your beads.  Begin with about 4 inches of thin wire.

Step 2: 

Fold over one end of the wire with your needle nose pliers.

Step 3: 

Thread your small letter beads onto the wire to spell your message.

Step 4: 

Trim the wire and fold over the other end so it locks the beads into place.

Step 5: 

Glue your statements onto your sunglasses.

Step 6: 

Next, you can add whatever jewels and beads you might have.  I am starting by glueing some plastic jewels onto the middle or my glasses.  This also helps to cover any exposed wire from the letters.

Step 7: 

I also have some small charms which I am using and some fabulous stick on jewels.  Again, use whatever you like or have to create a fabulous fashion statement.

Craft Length: 
5 - 15 minutes
Attention, please! (a few rules to follow)
1 adult per 10 children