You Will Need ...
  1. wine corks

  2. box cutter

  3. cutting surface

  4. 12mm screw eyes

  5. wood burning tool and letter stamps (optional)

  6. Sharpie marker

  7. ruler

  8. wine charm ring

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Step 1: 

Use your box cutter to cut circles of about 1/4" from your cork.

Step 2: 

Insert the screw eye into your cork.  Screw it in until the eye part is embedded in the top of the cork.

Step 3: 

In the video you will see that I use a wood burner and letter stamp.  However, you can simply use a Sharpie marker and draw a letter or symbol on your cork.

Step 4: 

Attach the cork to your wine charm ring, add some beads if you have them and you are all done.