You Will Need ...
  1. Clothespins

  2. X-Acto Knife

  3. Work Surface

  4. Scissors

  5. Washi Tape

  6. Magnetic Tape

  7. Hot glue gun

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Step 1: 

Lay a piece of washi tape on your work surface. Carefully trim the end using your X-Acto knife, so that it is square.

Step 2: 

Lay your clothespin next to the tape and line it up so it's the exact same length. Trim to that length with scissors or your X-Acto.

Step 3: 

Using your X-Acto knife, pick up the tape from the work surface and place it on the clothespin. Center it, starting at one end, and attach.

Step 4: 

The great thing about washi tape is you can pick it up and reposition it if needed. Once centered, rub down the edges really hard so it stays put.

Step 5: 

Measure a piece of magnetic tape to the same length as your clip and trim with scissors.

Step 6: 

Often the magnetic tape does not adhere very well.  To be safe, I like to use some hot glue and secure the magnet to the clothespin.

Step 7: 

Press down on the magnetic tape to seal.  You can use the tip of a pen or sharpie to avoid touching the hot glue.

Step 8: 

All done! Give them away as presents, put them all in your locker or notes for the fridge. Whatever you use them for ... these clips are stylish!

Duct Tape: 
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