You Will Need ...
  1. toe socks

  2. thread

  3. needle

  4. ploy fill stuffing

  5. scissors

  6. buttons and embellishments

  7. hot glue gun

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Step 1: 

We begin by stuffing the socks.  Start by pushing the stuffing down into the toes of each sock.

Step 2: 

Once you have filled the toes, add some stuffing to the rest of the sock to create the body.  You do not need to overstuff.  Remember there will be two socks creating the body.

Step 3: 

Lay your stuffed socks on top of each other with the big toes lined up with each other.

Step 4: 

Now it is time to sew the pieces together.  Begin by threading your needle.

Step 5: 

Turn your gloves on the side and line up the pieces.  Begin by sewing the side pieces together near the toe end of the sock.  Run your needle through one side, pass over the gap between the two bodies and into the second side.  I like to start with three or four stitches in the same place for strength.

Step 6: 

Continue sewing in this manner until you reach the top of your sock, where the stuffing ends.

Step 7: 

At the end of the stuffing you will need to sew the sock shut.  You do this by sewing across the top of the two socks.  Push your needle up through the two socks 

Step 8: 

Flip the sock over and bring your needle through the opposite side.

Step 9: 

Once you reach the other side begin sewing down the opposite side of the sock until you reach the end nearest the toes.

Step 10: 

Finish off your sewing by looping your thread and creating a knot.

Step 11: 

When you have sewn both sides and the top you can trim any excess sock.  You are now ready for Part 2.

Craft Length: 
30 - 60 minutes
Use your noodle! (challenging; focus required)
Prep Time: 
5 - 10 minutes
1 adult per 5 children