How to Make Tissue Paper Corn

Simple ears of corn to fill your cornucopia.
Materials List
How to
Step 1

Take your newspaper and crumple it into an elongated shape, mimicking an ear of corn. Squeeze and twist it to make it hold its shape.

Step 2

Take the yellow piece of tissue paper and put the tip of your corn in the center of the paper. Holding the newspaper ear of corn, flip it upside-down so that the yellow tissue falls down along the sides of the ear. Smooth it down with your other hand, covering the the newspaper.

Step 3

Twist the end of the yellow tissue paper at the bottom of the ear of corn. This will seal the newspaper inside so that it keeps its ear shape, while covering it with bright yellow!

Step 4

Fold a green sheet of tissue paper in half, then wrap up up around the bottom of the corn (the end that has that finishing twist of yellow tissue). These will be the green husk of the corn!

Step 5

Twist the green paper around the yellow twist to bind them together.

Step 6

And there you have it! A beautiful ripe ear of corn in its husk, ready for display inside your Paper Bag Cornucopia, or as a piece of decor on its own!

Craft Length
5 minutes or less
Easy peasy (fun and simple)
Prep Time
5 minutes or less
1 adult per 5 children